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Right angle bevel gear reducer,90 degree gear drive,90 degree reduction gear box,right angle gear drives pump,right angle gear reduction box,right angle gear drives,3:1 right angle gearbox Input power from 0.1 Kw to 335 Kw. Transmission torque from 10 Nm to 5713 Nm. 1:1 ratio, 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 gear reduction ratios, custom speed increaser 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5 gear increasing ratio. Input and output speed from 10 rpm to 1500 rpm, custom higher speed 2000 rpm, 3000 rpm. High efficiency from 95% to 98%. Input and output shaft diameter from 15 mm to 85 mm. 42 types input and output shaft arrangements and rotation directions, shafts can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise rotation directions. Solid shaft, hollow shaft and flange adapter are suitable, custom multiple spine keys. Horizontal mounting, overhung mounting or wall mounting are suitable. Two way gear box, three way gear box, four way gear box and five way gear box are suitable. Low backlash, quiet running, low temperature, high torque features. Application in printing press, rollforming machines, plastic extruder, sewage auger, bonding equipment, metering auger, sewage agitator, newspaper conveyor, bottling equipment, material handling, web finishing, paper conveying, conveyor, cardboard box equipment, packaging, vertical pump drive, sand spreader, residential mower, snow blower, mining equipment, crane, agricultural, grain wagon, harvester, forage harvester, manure spreader, fertilizer spreader and sewage conveyor etc.

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  • 1.JT Series Miter GearboxJacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd1http://www.screw-jack.com

2. Contents General information ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Configurations ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 X-Shaft & Y-Shaft, Factors * Direction of Rotation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 * Speed Reducer and Increaser --------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 * Driven Machine Factor------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 Specifications * JT15, JT19, JT25, JT32 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 * JT40, JT45, JT50, JT60 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 * JT72, JT85------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8Selection Guide 1. Gearbox Series ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 2. Model ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 3. Gear Ratio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 4. Input & Output RPM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 5. Shaft Arrangements And Direction Of Shaft Rotating ------------------------------------------- 10-11 6. Mounting Position -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------11Selection Examples ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Dimensions * Model JT15 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 * Model JT19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 * Model JT25 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 * Model JT32 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 * Model JT40 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 * Model JT45 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18 * Model JT50 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19 * Model JT60 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20 * Model JT72 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 * Model JT85 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 Reversible Miter gearbox * General Information--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23 * Shaft Arrangement Mode and Mounting Positions ----------------------------------------------- 23-24 * Dimensions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24 Hollow Shaft and Flange Adapter ---------------------------------------------------------- 25 Application Examples -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26 Operation Manual -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27-28 Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------- 29 Company History --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 Contact Us ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 31Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd2http://www.screw-jack.com 3. General InformationUsed in pairs spiral bevel gear unit to transmit rotary motion, mechanical power and torque where the drive shafts are at 90 degree right angle to each other, transmission efficiency up to 98%. Design life is 10000 hours.Gearbox Features * 10 gearboxes models JT15, JT19, JT25, JT32, JT40, JT45, JT50, JT60, JT72, JT85 * 6 reversible gearbox models JTT25, JTT32, JTT40, JTT45, JTT50, JTT60 * 42 types shaft arrangement mode & 6 types mounting positions * Gear ratio 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 * Power rating from 0.01Kw to 335kW * Torque rating from 11.6 to 5713NmShaft Configurations * 2 way, 3 way and 4 way * Solid shaft or hollow shaft * Motor adapter to bolt an IEC motor * 10,000 hours lifespan for all gearbox sizes * Input speed up to 1500Rpm, customized maximum 3000Rpm * Breather/vents available for high speed requiredAdvantages * Gearbox with low backlash. * Quiet running, when 1500Rpm, at 1meter distance, noise level less than 80dB * Normal temperature, when 1500Rpm, temperature less than 50 deg. C * Lubricants prior to shipment with oil * All miter gearboxes are factory tested prior to shipment * Detailed 2D CAD autocad drawing final confirmed before placing an order to us * Small order quantities is acceptable * Fast delivery time of standard models gearboxes, OEM & ODM are acceptableJacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd3http://www.screw-jack.com 4. ConfigurationsJT series miter gearbox configuration includes precision spiral bevel gear, input shaft, output shaft, covers, housing, oil seal, bearing, hex. Screw, key, snag ring and paper shim. Precision Spiral Bevel Gear 1. High purity rugged alloy steel 20CrMnTiH material 2. Carburizing process, case hardened and lapped in pairs for intersecting shafts 3. Low noise with grinded spiral teeth 4. High torque with milled teeth 5. High rigidity and wear risistance Input and Output Shaft 1. Hardened and tempered alloy steel 40Cr or C45 material 2. Hanging heavy load capacity 3. With key and keyway 4. Customized stainless steel, chromium coated or other corrosion resistance painting 5. Customized spline shaft, shaft without key and keyway Housing 1. High rigidity cast iron 2. Customized stainless steel, galvanic coating or other corrosion resistance painting Bearing 1. Heavy duty tapered roller bearing 2. Customized reinforced bearings for higher radial and axial load Oil Seal 1. Double lip oil seal, prevent gear oil leak and dustproofJacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd4http://www.screw-jack.com 5. X-Shaft & Y-Shaft, Factors Direction of RotationSpeed Reducer and IncreaserDriven Machine FactorFactors of driven machines Uniform Load: generators, conveyor belts, apron conveyor, screw conveyors, ventilators, agitators and mixers for uniform densities, filling and packing stations, gear wheel pumps, feed servos of machine tools. Moderate Load: Lifts, swing gear on cranes, pit ventilators, agitators and mixers for un-equal densities, piston pumps, timber processing machines, paper processing machines, winches, auxiliary drives in ships, textile machines. Heavy Load: Punches, shears, rolling and smelting machines, heavy-duty centrifuges, heavy-duty supply pumps, edge runners, vibrating machines, cutting machines, brickworks machines, heavy-duty lifts. Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd5http://www.screw-jack.com 6. Specifications JT15 SpecificationsJT19 SpecificationsJT25 SpecificationsJT32 SpecificationsJacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd6http://www.screw-jack.com 7. JT40 SpecificationsJT45 SpecificationsJT50 SpecificationsJT60 SpecificationsJacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd7http://www.screw-jack.com 8. JT72 SpecificationsJT85 SpecificationsJacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd8http://www.screw-jack.com 9. Selection Guide JT 15 1:1 121500R3 1500R4 I-LR-O B35671. Gearbox Series JT: Jacton brand JT series miter gearbox2. Model Model1519253240Drive Shaft Diameter15 mm19 mm25 mm32 mm40 mmModel4550607285Drive Shaft Diamete45 mm50 mm60 mm72 mm85 mmBefore selecting gearbox Model, please check above corresponding models specifications3. Gear Ratio Frame No.151925324045506072851:11:11:11:11:11:11:11:11:11:12:12:11.5:11.5:11.5:11.5:11.5:12:12:12:12:12:12:12:12:13:13:13:12.5:12.5:12.5:12.5:12.5:14:14:14:13:13:13:13:13:15:15:15:14:14:14:14:14:15:15:15:15:15:1Gear Ratio4 & 5. Input & Output RPM Ratios1:11.5:12:12.5:13:14:15:1inputoutputoutputoutputoutputoutputoutputoutputRpmRpmRpmRpmRpmRpmRpmRpm1450145096772558048336329011501150767575460383288230870870580435348290218174580580387290232193145145400400267200160133100803003002001501201007560200200133100806750401001006750403325201010754332Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd9http://www.screw-jack.com 10. 6. Shaft Arrangements And Direction Of Shaft Rotating There are 42 type shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating for customers selection, please check below I-LR(O) series, I-UD(O) series, U-LR(O) series, D-LR(O) series, I-I-LR(O) series, I-I-UD(O) series, U-D-LR(O) series shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating. Note: Drive shafts can be rotated in both forward and reverse direction. I-LR(O) Series: I-LR, I-LR-O, I-L, I-L-O, I-R, I-R-O shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating. I-UD(O) Series: I-UD, I-UD-O, I-U, I-U-O, I-D, I-D-O shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating. U-LR(O) Series: U-LR, U-LR-O, U-L, U-L-O, U-R, U-R-O shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating. D-LR(O) Series: D-LR, D-LR-O, D-L, D-L-O, D-R, D-R-O shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating. I-I-LR(O) Series: I-I-LR, I-I-LR-O, I-I-L, I-I-L-O, I-I-R, I-I-R-O shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating. I-I-UD(O) Series: I-I-UD, I-I-UD-O, I-I-U, I-I-U-O, I-I-D, I-I-D-O shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating. U-D-LR(O) Series: U-D-LR, U-D-LR-O, U-D-R, U-D-R-O, U-D-L, U-D-L-O shaft arrangements and direction of shaft rotating.Jacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd10http://www.screw-jack.com 11. 7. Mounting Position B3: Horizontal Mounting Position B4: Over Hung Mounting Position B5: Side Wall Mounting PostionJacton Electromechanical Co.,Ltd11http://www.screw-jack.com 12. Selection ExamplesLoad characteristics of each gearb