Rick Fant Novedades Firefox OS en Firefox Update 2.0

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Presentación de Rick Fant Novedades Firefox OS en Firefox Update 2.0. Nos cuenta todas las novedades y lanzamientos de Firefox OS en 2014/2015

Transcript of Rick Fant Novedades Firefox OS en Firefox Update 2.0

  • 1. Our mission is to promoteopenness, innovation & opportunityon the Web.Mozilla Manifesto:www.mozilla.org/about/manifesto/

2. Why the Web Matters: Low Barrier to EntryThe Web: A platform that no entity controls - neither technologically nor publicly World's largest technology market and there are no barriers to entry Aligned well with mobile Enabler for emerging markets 3. Wave 3Market Segment Evolution3UltraLow-CostEntry LevelSmartphoneMid-RangeSmartphoneWave 1Wave 2Price 4. PROGRESS TO DATE:Global CommitmentsOPERATORSLAUNCHEDTelefonica, T-Mobile, Telenor,America Movil, TIM5DEVICEMANUFACTURERSLAUNCHEDAlcatel, LG, ZTEGLOBAL OPERATORS ASPARTNERS TO FIREFOX OSSILICON VENDORSQualcomm, Spreadtrum3182 5. FIREFOX MarketplaceCross platform: the Web is the platformYour app available on Firefox OS, Android, Desktop and more100% HTML5 apps with native-like experience using open APIsBetter monetization through Operator Billing 6. Firefox Marketplace -Our app catalogue is growing fastOur app catalog is growing fastCurrent trajectory: 5500 apps by EOYCurrent trajectory: 5500 apps by EOY 7. Strong momentum withTier 1 Global & Local Apps 8. Our Marketplace KPIs demonstrate strong user engagement(July 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014) 1.6+ million unique visitors across allmarkets 8+ million total visits 10+ million apps installed (on averageusers install 1.23 apps per visit) 77.49% of all users stay in marketplaceto find apps 9. UNLEASHTHE FUTURE 10. FUTURE CATEGORIESSmart PhonesTabletsSmart TVWearablesSmart DisplayFirefox OSAutomotiveConnected Home 11. FUTURE CATEGORIESFirefox OS Beyond SmartphonesAlcatel, FoxconnTabletsPanasonicTVABitCoolHDMI Streaming Device 12. FIREFOX OS: FuturesRoadmap Highlights 13. FIREFOX OSROADMAP SUMMARYV1.3Q2, 2014*V1.4Q3, 2014*V2.0Q4, 2014*Made for theMoments of your Life Cameraenhancements Dual-SIM dual-standbysupport(DSDS) Direct access to yourmusic Adaptive App Searchenhancements -Made for the Moments ofyour Life improving the overallquality and stability ofthe platform Dual SIM (DSDS)enhancements Platform LTE Support Camera Enhancements Download ManagerSimple Home ScreenExperience User Interface andExperienceEnhancements Introduction ofFlow/Gestures New Way toDiscover Apps WebRTC platform& CommunicationApplicationV2.1Q1, 2015*More fluid, faster andeasier experience. User InterfaceFluidity and UXmaturity A better typingexperience Browserintegration intosystem Backup andRestoreV2.2Q2, 2015*Improve ability tomanage their phoneand integrate it intotheir life more fully. Find my Device(multi-devicesupport) - A bettertyping experience Phone Number asIDBackup andRestore Smart DataConsumption*Device in Market 14. REAL-TIME COMMUNICATIONS: AUDIO, VIDEO, DATA,MULTI-PARTYWebRTC platform & CommunicationApplicationEnabling real time plug-in free, crossplatform video, audio, and p2p datasharing using the webEasy to use application enabling userto take advantage of real-timecommunications to keep in touch withtheir friends and family.Firefox OS Q2 2014 14 15. NFC PAYMENTS, DATA SHARING & MOREDevice pairing using NFCShare your contacts, images,videos or your favorite URLswith friendsRead NFC tags to interactwith the world around youMobile WalletFirefox OS Q2 2014 15 16. A NEW HOMESCREEN EXPERIENCEA reimagined, simpler HomeScreen experience.Simpler and beautifuliconography.Easy to use & navigateEasy for Operators topersonalizeFirefox OS Q2 2014 16 17. NEW AND IMPROVED FIREFOX SERVICESFind My Device: Locationtracking, remote wipe andremote lock capabilities.Firefox Accounts: useraccount to access all of thecurrent and future Mozillaservices.Open to 3rd parties.Firefox OS Q2 2014 17 18. CONTROL OVER YOUR PHONEData Saving ModeApp sync/polling only over WiFiOverride for specific apps 19. CONTROL OVER YOUR DATASet a daily data budgetShow usage per appShow usage by timeTrack how your doingSet alerts 20. FURTHER IMPROVEMENTSFIREFOX OS FOR 2015 User Interface Fluidity and dramatic UX improvements (notifications, smartcollections , smart search) Better typing experience (best virtual keyboard makes typing easier and faster. Total System Browser integration (Browser functionality deeply integrated intouniversal search and navigation) Improved Media Platform (encrypted content , streaming, etc.) Smart Data Consumption (smart data management and usage) NFC Payments (tap-to-go, tap-to-play, payments) (pay for tickets, groceries andmore with a simple tap of your phone to the payment terminal)Firefox OS Q2 2014 20 21. Opportunities for you