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This is the Rhubarb Republik featured eBook where an introduction to all the brands the firm has to offer can be found. Also the eBook points out service related aspects from the customer service as well as order information.

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    www.rhubarbrepublik.com info@rhubarbrepublik.com

    2013 Rhubarb Republik


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    RHUBARB REPUBLIK is a Brand Agency that cre-ates social platforms between conceptual chil-dren brands and conceptual retailers all over the world. RHUBARB REPUBLIK partners with open minded organizations and brands looking to cre-ate remarkable communication and creative pro-jects that are edgy, original and create emotional connections between people, movements and brands.

    RHUBARB REPUBLIKs mission is to improve the quality of peoples lives through timely introduc-tion of meaningful and conceptual innovations. RHUBARB REPUBLIK strives to bring sense and simplicity to people and by doing so, RHUBARB REPUBLIK aims to represent ecological, organic and ethical brands that increasingly embrace eve-ry aspect of our daily lives. RHUBARB REPUBLIK searches for products worldwide and wants to be known for style, taste, discernment, strict editing, and product mix..


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    OUT TO PLAYFor SS14 Boys&Girls present their latest collection of vibrant clothes for lively kids. Based around a core range of bright yet simple sweat shapes, Boys&Girls clothes are colourful, comfortable, modern & fun.

    Catering for kids from 0-10 years, the col-lection includes refreshingly easy styles for boys and girls with an emphasis on great unisex pieces that are perfect for all types of play and todays urban lifestyle.

    Bright colours & bold prints come togeth-er to create a range of vibrant clothes that will brighten up any day.

    Key styles include: Printed sweat hoodies and crew tops, slouchy harem pants, skin-ny rainbow star print tees & vests, skinny sporty trackpants & the Padded Wrap Ki-mono Jacket.

    New for SS14: Introducing an exclusive range of tees and sweat tops with urban beach themed prints designed by the Lon-don Street Artist Malarky. Also, a range of 70s inspired lightweight denim with em-broidered star & bright stitch details in cool yet practical styles Shirt Dress, Bal-loon Jean, Boiler Suit and Pull-On Kagool.

    Boys&Girls Baby Range: For SS14 there are more super-cute mini versions of the main range, including the popular Out To Play crew top, printed harem pants & leg-gings, sweat dresses, print & denim jump-suits and star print tees. Available in sizes 0-6 and 6-12 months.

    Key colours for SS14 are: Lime, Watermel-on & Denim Blue

    Each garment is made using GOTS certi-fied organic cotton for garments that are soft yet strong and have extra feel-good factor. Part of the range is also made with fully certified Fairtrade cotton and carries the Fairtrade Cotton Mark.


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    APPETITE FOR VINTAGE TREASURESHucklebones was formed by two young creatives who wanted to combine their talents and interest in good design. With an appetite for vintage treasures and an admiration of times gone by, they decided to develop a brand which offers both fan-tastic quality and design. Each garment is meticulously considered, with close at-tention to tailoring and details to ensure each item has its own charming style.

    Each season offers new, specially created prints which are designed in-house from their London based studio. Hucklebones printed fabrics use dyestuffs which are EU made and have a low environmental im-pact. Fabrics are carefully sourced, many from British and European mills who were established as far back as the 1700s and still use trade secrets today that have been passed from generation to gen-eration. Natural fibers are paramount in every collection and usually include pure wool, cashmere, fine silks, crisp cottons & linen.

    A typical Hucklebones collection encom-passes beautifully considered outerwear, delicious dresses, fine jersey and charm-ing knitwear. Gathered soft silk garments sit against clean, crisp tailored items, an air of understated chic, and a refined take on childrens day-wear. The colour palette of each collection enjoys the celebration of sumptuous hues, rich tones and jewel brights selected in an almost sophisticat-ed fashion, yet still with enough charm to remain suited to the delicate frames of children.

    Hucklebones collections are aimed to in-spire the design conscious. Their clothes are made with long-lasting quality fabrics and well invested design to create beauti-ful heirloom clothing which at the same time maintains the integrity and inno-cence of childhood.


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    THE SECRET GARDENIn a land way up North there is a secret garden where children play free through the endless arctic summers. Through rainy days and nights filled with amber sunshine. Its a garden inhabited by chil-dren and their imaginary animal friends. gl&Inds garden is vast, with a flower covered hill we call Flowery Hill what else?

    We welcome you to the gl&Ind se-cret garden where youngsters from birth to early adolescence flock hand in hand wearing their best playing with their im-aginary friends.

    In the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, we stay true to gl&Inds classics and decorate with bows, ruffles and strips where our classic pieces, T-shirts, pants & hoodies are decorated with unique prints from gl&Inds secret garden. The color palette includes bright green and yellow, vibrant magenta, tangerine and water blue colors complemented with floral prints, pearl white and nostalgic lace.

    The collection has a number of comfort-able, natural soft cotton styles mixed with flowing cotton and viscose dresses and boys shirts with a twist. There is a lot for every child and every occasion coming from gl&Ind in the spring of 2014.

    The collection is divided into three stories by colour themes and based on our world of gl &Inds characters. Parents will find it easy and joyful to mix and match items within inside each story.


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    100% ORGANIC MERINO WOOLLilli & Leopold is a Norwegian organic wool underwear brand, with products for babies, children, girls and boys, aged be-tween 0-10 years. All products are made from 100% organic Marino wool.

    Merino wool has extremely soft and deli-cate fibers, and is exceptionally durable, making it suitable for use in underwear. It does not itch and is machine washable.

    Designed in a classic style, with sweet functional details, the underwear is styl-ish, comfortable and easy to wear.

    Manufactured by environmentally friend-ly companies in Europe.

    Lilli & Leopold is a clothing concept aimed at those who seek quality in natu-ral materials, colors and designs. Inspired by vintage childrens clothing, something of which I have always had a fascination. The details are intricate and reflect a time when quality handcrafted goods were the norm.

    The special feeling of owning and wearing a garment made with this care and atten-tion to detail, is something we strive to recreate with all Lilli & Leopold products.



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    FOR YOUR TEETHING BABYMarlMarl is a japanese brand designed by the talented Michiyo Takahashi, fashion stylist who has worked with magazines such as Akasugu, Mono Kids and other fashion catalogues. While working with various representatives of baby products and listening to mothers all around she got the idea of MarlMarl.

    When your baby is teething things can get messy! As your baby can go through many bibs in one day, you may need to take a couple of bibs when you go out. This is not needed any more as MARLMARL bibs rounded shape is the perfect accessory for a teething baby and it is stylish, ele-gant and tidy.

    When the bib gets wet, it only needs to be turned. Your baby will have a dry and comfortable bib again, without you hav-ing to put in a new one. The three layered bib is highly absorbent. Even if your baby moves a lot, it catches spills from any an-gle, and keeps your babys clothes dry and clean.


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    FOR BABIES WITH PERSONALITYMicu micu is the experience and the illu-sion of Carles Piernas, textile designer,and Anna Casas, architect and interior design-er, two young lovers of design and fash-ion, after collaborating with other brands of childcare, they realized that market demand for textile accessories were dif-ferent from the conventional ones, so they decided to create a new and differ-ent product to meet the needs of mothers and fathers.

    Baby Reversible Blankets motifs point star, circle, moles, stripes, animals .

    Using bold colors, friendly, fun and love at first sight. Some current designs do not leave anyone indifferent. For babies with personality. Bright colors like turquoise, red, brown, grey and of course the clas-sic colors like blue and pink. All of them combined, creating a fresh color gammas and surprising.

    The main feature of the micu micu blan-kets is that they are manufactured in Barcelona, according to rigorous quality controls and a very traditional working process controlling the entire production cycle without intermediaries.

    The blankets are made with a combina-tion of organic cotton and polyester ma-terials 70% -30% of high quality. Very soft and pleasant to touch. By their actions, 90x95cms, makes th