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Canapés, Canapés Recipes and Canapés Foods are served by Rhubarb Food Design. Canapés caterers from London catering company serve delicious canapés foods and recipes which are loved by all

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5 - 25 Burr Road London SW18 4SQ T: 020 8812 3200 F: 020 8812 3201 info@rhubarb.net www.rhubarb.net

A little bit about rhubarbrhubarb food design has been creating delicious food for a wide range of clients for over 12 years. We aim to be deliciously different both vibrant and dynamic, we have built ourselves a reputation for being innovative as well as exceptional. We always strive to create and present the finest quality food, food that is exquisite to taste as well as fabulous to look at. At rhubarb we like to take an event and transform it into a flawless food occasion, regardless of its size. Our resident chefs devise seasonal menu portfolios that use only the finest, freshest, and often organic, produce. As well as the food and the drink, we make sure we always work with likeminded companies who provide only the very best marquees, lighting, floristry, music and entertainment. We also like to think that we fulfil our clients requirements beyond their expectations. Our team of 47 highly experienced professionals ensure that every aspect of every event is tailormade. As well as being assigned a party planner to manage your event from start to finish, you can discuss your ideas for menus, decor and drinks directly with the rhubarb team. For those who want a truly unique occasion, a bespoke menu service is available, where chefs will create one-off menus specifically for a client. As we work in all sectors private, celebrity and corporate an intimate dinner party at a clients home is just as important to us as a film premiere reception for 2000. As accredited caterers at many of the countrys most sought-after venues, from royal palaces and stately homes, to art galleries or film studios,

5 - 25 Burr Road London SW18 4SQ T: 020 8812 3200 F: 020 8812 3201 info@rhubarb.net www.rhubarb.net

A little bit about rhubarbrhubarb food design will always source a setting that provides the perfect backdrop for your occasion. We now have a fixed contract with the Royal Ascot Racing Club. rhubarb at the races guarantees you the finest bespoke dining at the UKs most spectacular racecourse. And our onboard catering operation for the Silver Fleet rhubarb on the river brings our quality and style to the luxury superyacht. Thames dining at its absolute best. Royal Festival Hall, Sothebys, Syon Park, The British Museum, The Earth Galleries, Victoria and Albert Museum, Westway Studios, Wrotham Park, and many more Should you require a more extensive list of the other wonderful venues that we are able to cater at, please contact us directly.

Corporate clientsUBS, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, JP Morgan, Purdue, Mikimoto, Allen and Overy, Arthur Anderson, Barclays, BP Amoco, British Aerospace, British Gas, Cantor Fitzgerald, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Herms, HSBC, IMG Barings, KPMG, Louis Vuitton, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ralph Lauren, Royal Bank of Scotland, Slaughter and May, Theo Fennell, Versace and many more

VenuesBanqueting House, Design Museum, Dover Street Arts Club, Gibson Hall, Hampton Court Palace, Imperial War Museum, London Planetarium, Madame Tussauds, National Theatre, Natural History Museum, Royal Academy, Royal College of Music,

5 - 25 Burr Road London SW18 4SQ T: 020 8812 3200 F: 020 8812 3201 info@rhubarb.net www.rhubarb.net

2005 Rowan Atkinsons surprise 50th Birthday 8th January 2005 Pride & Prejudice Premier 5th September 2005 Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire premier 6th November 2005 Beckhams party Christening of Romeo & Brooklyn 31st December 2005 Gosford Park film premier About a Boy film premier James Bond Die Another Day film premier Bombay Dreams film premier Phantom of the Opera film premier Elton John White Tie & Tiara Ball 2005 Chinawhites Rock the Polo at Guards Polo Club 2005 Elton John & David Furnish Wedding 21st December 2005

2006 FA Cup Final May 2006 ARK The Largest Charity Event 5th May 2006 Princes Trust Concert at Tower of London 20th May 2006 Elton John White Tie & Tiara Ball 2006 Chinawhites Rock the Polo at Guards Polo Club 30th July 2006 Ashley Cole & Cheryl Tweedys wedding at Wrotham Park 15th July 2006 James Bond Casino Royale film premier 14th November 2006 2007 Liz Hurley wedding 30th March 2007 Comic Relief after party 16th March 2007 ARK The Largest Charity Event fund raiser 11th May 2007 BAFTA TV Awards May 2007 Hugh Lauries Birthday party 11th June 2007 Elton John White tie and Tiara ball 28th June 2007 Michael Caines daughter, Natashas wedding to Michael Hall 13th October 2007 The Golden Compass film premier 27th November 2007 GSP / Princes Trust Invest in Futures Gala Evening 27th November 2007 Anthony Hopkins 70th Birthday Party, December 2007

2008 Colin Montgomery wedding, Loch Lomond, April 2008 Sex and the City after party 12th May 2008 Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly wedding 17th May 2008 Elton John White Tie & Tiara Ball 26th June 2008 Chinawhite Rock the Polo at Guards Polo Club 2008 James Bond Quantum of Solace film premier 29th October 2008

Olympics & World Cup Consultancy Consultancy at Summer Olympics in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City 2002 Rugby World Cup 2003 Consultancy at the Olympic Games in Beijing (London House) and London 2012

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5 - 25 Burr Road London SW18 4SQ T: 020 8812 3200 F: 020 8812 3201 info@rhubarb.net www.rhubarb.net

rhubarbs 2009 Canap CollectionPaella croquetta with squid and chorizo and a spicy tomato sauce to dip Roasted Gressingham duck with sweet and sour cherries Smoked eel, pea pancake, horseradish crme frache and watercress Foie gras mousseline with a ball of granny smith sorbet on a crisp crote Ogen melon with creamy mascarpone in a parma ham cone (Maximum of 200 guests) Courgette ribbons scented with basil and pecorino in a crisp onion bread croustade Cornish crab and mango salad in an apple wafer cup (Maximum of 200 guests) Pressed Provenal vegetable and goats cheese terrine on a crisp ficelle Pear and prosciutto wrap with torta di gorgonzola and wild rocket Spicy Goan crab salad with mango chutney on a mini poori

Served hot

Served warm Served cold

5 - 25 Burr Road London SW18 4SQ T: 020 8812 3200 F: 020 8812 3201 info@rhubarb.net www.rhubarb.net

rhubarbs 2009 Canap Collection

Smoked salmon, cucumber jelly and horseradish in a baby beetroot cup Scottish scallop with creamed and truffled cabbage on an elegant white teardrop spoon rhubarbs fillet of beef fork canaps with two toppings: Sauce gribiche and truffled dressing

5 - 25 Burr Road London SW18 4SQ T: 020 8812 3200 F: 020 8812 3201 info@rhubarb.net www.rhubarb.net

rhubarbs 2009 Canap CollectionBest of British Canaps 2009Bullshots served in shot glasses with very thin cheese straws

Served hot

Chicken and poultry canapsJasmine honey roasted breast of quail on a potato rsti with rose petal jelly and crispy leeks Roast Suffolk chicken in a tiny Jersey Royal bound with a chicken jus, bread sauce and crisp Ayrshire bacon and sage Roasted breast of Gressingham duck on a potato rsti with rose petal jelly and crisp leeks

Served hot

Red Meat, Game and Pork CanapsFillet of Highgrove lamb marinated in shallots and honey, roasted pink and served on branches of rosemary rhubarbs Classic Steak Sandwich A substantial open sandwich of sirloin of beef, sun blushed tomato, mustard leaves, grain mustard and creamy mayonnaise on toasted focaccia bread

Served hot

Cumberland sausages with a tomato and herb chutney

5 - 25 Burr Road London SW18 4SQ T: 020 8812 3200 F: 020 8812 3201 info@rhubarb.net www.rhubarb.net

rhubarbs 2009 Canap CollectionBangers & Mash Cumberland sausages with a creamed shallot scented potato mousseline Lamb sausages with a port & thyme relish Mini Jersey Royal filled with roast Old Gloucester pork belly, pork jus and apple sauce, crisp sage and deep fried pancetta Mini Shepherds Pie Lamb with sweet potato in a crisp pastry shell Roast Tamworth pork belly on a potato cake with apple sauce Seared Scottish sirloin of beef on a rosemary branch marinated in tomato and thyme and served with apple cider hollandaise Roast 28 day aged sirloin of Scottish beef in a tiny Yorkshire pudding with watercress and horseradish sauce Ham hock croquetta with English pea pure to dip Pheasant, venison and quail croquettes with a Cumberland sauce dip Roasted fillet of venison on a potato fondant with rowanberry jelly

5 - 25 Burr Road London SW18 4SQ T: 020 8812 3200 F: 020 8812 3201 info@rhubarb.net www.rhubarb.net

rhubarbs 2009 Canap CollectionIrish spiced beef with watercress and horseradish scented crme frache on a potato cake Little Egg and Bacon Pies Poached quails egg and smoked bacon in a filo basket with hollandaise and black pepper Roasted fillet of beef au poivre, pea cake, mustard dressing and aoli Chargrilled loin of Balmoral venison brushed with redcurrant jelly, pickled red cabbage and orange relish on toasted brioche Carpaccio of Scottish beef with rocket and mascarpone served on a crote drizzled with truffle dressing and parmesan shavings Potted rabbit with pickled walnuts and onion jam on a crote

Served warm

Served cold

Fish and Shellfish CanapsEnglish Mini Fish and Chips Breaded sole, scampi and chips with tartare sauce Mini fish pies with bass, cod, salmon & prawn and gently grilled fennel mash

Served hot