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Rhino Rack USA Brochure January 2011

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    OUR STORYRhino-Rack Australia was established in 1992 to develop a lightweight Heavy Duty Roof Rack System for the Australian Market. After 17 years of leading the way downunder, Rhino-Rack expanded to the USA in 2009 with North American operations and distribution out of Denver, Colorado.

    All Rhino-Rack products and accessories are driven by market trends and designed in house by a highly experienced Engineering and Design Team using the latest 3D modelling software.

    Rhino-Rack since its inception has grown signicantly to be the Market Leader in its eld throughout the Automotive Industry both in Australia and Overseas. It is accredited to Automotive Quality Standard ISO/TS16949.

    Rhino-Rack develops Roof Racks for most Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and is highly respected in Australia, Europe and North America through its Dealer Network as a Market Leader.

    This is supported by the huge line of accessories that compliment the Roof Rack range, for example 4WD enthusiasts, contractors, sports people or those just needing the extra luggage space for that family holiday.

    Our friendly Customer Service Rhino Team are always accommodating to answer any query that you may have via email, in person, or over the phone.

    Finally, our website www.rhinorack.com is also a great place to visit for researching items such as: Comprehensive Vehicle Fitting Guide Product Range Your closest Authorised Rhino Dealer Latest news and information Installation Instructions And much more


    ROOF RACK SYSTEMS Aero & HD Crossbars 32500 Series 4SXB Series 5

    SPECIALTY RACK LINES Specialty Roof Rack Systems 6Heavy Duty Rack Line 7Aero Rack Line 8Aero & HD Accessories 9Cap/Topper Rack Line 10Contractor Ladder Racks 11 AWNINGSFoxwing Awning 12Sunseeker Awning 13 LUGGAGE CARRIERSAlloy Trays 14Pioneer Platform Racks & Side Rail Bars 15Alloy Tray & Pioneer Rack Accessories 16Luggage Bags 17Wire Mesh Baskets & Platforms 18Master Fit Roof Boxes 19

    SPORTSSki/Snowboard Carriers 20Water Sports (Canoe/Kayak) & Accessories 21Bike Racks 22Side Boat Loader 23

    42 www.rhinorack.com

  • HOW MUCH CAN THEY CARRY?This varies considerably from vehicle to vehicle, so always check the manufacturers recommended specications. Gutter Mount legs are rated to 220lbs per pair of crossbars. Removable roof rack systems to suit gutterless type vehicles are rated to 165lbs per pair of crossbars. While the Track Mount systems are rated to 220lbs per pair of crossbars, the capacity restriction is relative to the roof of the vehicle not the roof racks.

    VEHICLES WITH NO RAIN GUTTERSRhino-Rack has a permanent Track Mount system which allows for adjustable bar positioning. The Rhino-Rack Fixed Mount system is mounted in one set position and used on vehicles with limited mounting area or load positions. We have also incorporated Mont Blancs range of fully removable gutterless style end supports into our Heavy Duty range. So if your vehicle has no gutters, it shouldnt be a problem!

    CROSSBAR TYPES1. Rhino Heavy Duty Aero Bar crossbar section (RAB). Aerodynamic style bar for use with Heavy Duty style legs.

    2. Heavy Duty Rhino-Rack crossbar section (RB).

    RHINO AERO CROSSBARThe Aero Roof Rack range are ultra stylish in design and feature aerodynamically shaped bars that reduce wind noise, save your fuel bill and complement the shape and look of your vehicle.

    HEAVY DUTY CROSSBARRhino-Rack products are made of the highest quality, Australian produced materials.

    The legs are manufactured from UV stabilized glass reinforced nylon and the crossbars are extruded structural grade aluminum. All other components are stainless steel or have an anti- corrosive coating.

    LEG HEIGHT SPACERS Part# LHSPAIR & LHS2PAIR (HD)Part# LHSA1PAIR & LHSA2PAIR (Aero)These enable levelling of multiple barsystems on vehicles with a curved roof.Note: LHSPAIR/LHSA1PAIR = 3/8 in height. LHS2PAIR/LHSA2PAIR = 3/4 in height. Hardware (Bolt Supplied)

    www.rhinorack.com 3


    AERO & HD CROSSBARSRhino-Rack products are made of the highest quality, Australian produced materials. The legs are manufactured from UV stabilized glass reinforced nylon. The crossbars are extruded structural grade aluminum. All other components are stainless steel or have an anti-corrosive coating.








    Note: Rubber buffer strip supplied for all crossbars. Special lengths available to order.Finishes: Clear anodized (Silver) Powder coated (Black) SXB Only

    Available in 11, 8.25, 5.9 and 4.4 Leg

  • 4 4 www.rhinorack.com

    Apply Cover Securely Lock

    Strong, Stylish, Secure and Quick to Install!

    STEP 3STEP 2

    Tighten Fitment

    STEP 1

    Built from light weight quality Australian materials, the 2500 range is very versatile. With the right length bars and appropriate (DK) tting kit, a 2500 series roof rack can t several vehicles; including tment for a multitude of sedans, SUVs and trucks throughout North America.

    Used in conjunction with Rhino-Racks many accessories, including ski and snowboard carriers, kayak carriers, bike carriers and steel mesh baskets, the 2500 series can offer endless load

    carrying solutions to make your travel life easier. So if youre planning a quick getaway, or you simply need to utilize your vehicles space more efciently, the Rhino 2500 Custom-Fit can help you carry the load.

    Locking Hardware included with all 2500 Series systems.

    REMOVABLE ROOF RACK SYSTEM2500 SERIESThe Rhino 2500 Series product range consists of two crossbar styles: the Aero and Heavy Duty. Designed with the everyday traveller and contractor in mind, the 2500 Series range offers quick and easy installation.

    Standard Aero Crossbar

    2500 with optional HD crossbar

  • SXB SERIES RAIL MOUNT Aero Crossbars available in clear anodized (silver)

    or black nish Key locking security is standard Modern, secure design to complement any vehicle Easy installation in minutes

    CXB SERIES RAIL MOUNT Universal tting for most factory longitudinal rails. Twin bolt tightening system for maximum clamping strength and easy adjustability. Tested to AS12352000 Supplied with stainless security hardware Unique design range of leg height spacers

    www.rhinorack.com 5


    SXB SERIES SXB Aero The Rhino-Rack Aero rail mount Roof Rack System is the perfect working fashion accessory for cars and SUVs with factory elevated rails. Compatible with Rhino-Racks extensive range of sporting accessories, this rack system is perfect for the avid kayaker, biker, skier, surfer or anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.




    Rhino-Rack offers various Vehicle Specic track mount systems to provide greater exibility for your load carrying needs. Whether its your work gear or your weekend sports gear, Rhino-Rack has the specialized rack to suit your needs.

    Range Rover SportSPECIALLY EXTRUDED VEHICLE SPECIFIC TRACK MOUNT SYSTEMOur engineers have designed a specially extruded track that utilizes the factory OEM locating points in a vehicle roof. This enables the rack system to easily provide a 165lbs load rating.

    RABP - PAD MOUNTOur Pad Mount Systems integrate the sleek, stylish lines of the vehicle while still incorporating renowned Rhino-Rack strength and stability.

    Note: RCP Pad Mount System also available with HD crossbars.

    FITS MOST VEHICLES IN THIS CLASSThese special Pad Mount Systems available for Toyota 100 and 200 Series, Honda CRV, Range Rover HSE and Vogue, Subaru Legacy Wagon, Acura MDX, Suzuki Grand Vitara Wagon, Jeep Commander, Pontiac G8 and Nissan X-Trail.

    DiscoverySPECIALLY EXTRUDED VEHICLE SPECIFIC TRACK MOUNT SYSTEMOur vehicle specic Track Mount System for the Discovery 3 & 4 has been designed to give you greater exibility & strength for your load carrying needs. Our engineers have taken the time to design a specically extruded track that utilizes the factory locating points in the vehicle roof, this enables us to easily give this system a load rating of 165lbs.

    Other RSP Series Fixed Point Mounts are available for the Honda CRV, Nissan X-Trail, Range Rover, Subaru Liberty Wagon, Acura MDX, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Jeep Commander and Pontiac G8. Visit www.rhinorack.com for more details.

    PRECISION MOLDED INSERTSThese are provided to cover the pads when the crossbars are removed.



    RSPT508 shown for the Range Rover Sport




    www.rhinorack.com 7

    PAD MOUNT RCPOur Pad Mount system is currently available for Toyota 100 Series, Toyota 200 Series, Honda CRV and Nissan X-Trail and many more are always being developed.

    FIXED MOUNTStandard Fixed Mount legs. Fastened permanently in one position. Available in 2 and 3 1/4 height.

    STANDARD TRACK MOUNTTracks are permanently mounted to the vehicle roof. Crossbars can be adjusted along the tracks to accommodate your various loads. Available in 2 and 3 1/4 height.

    RAIL MOUNT CXBUniversal tting for most factory longitudinal rails. Twin bolt tightening system for maximum clampingstrength and easy adjustability.

    The Heavy Duty crossbar section (RB) is used in popular applications where strength and load carrying durability are of prime consideration. Rhino-Rack offers various leg mounts options for exible vehicle applications, including specialized tments for the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit vans.