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In every First Certificate Use of English Part 3 there are ten transformation questions.

You may fill in the space with two, three, four or five words but in no circumstances is it allowed to use more. Contracted forms such as shes or isnt are regarded as two words. Words containing an apostrophe of possession, e.g. a days work, are considered to be one word. You are not allowed to alter or omit the key word You cant make any changes in the words already given Accurate spelling is essential throughout. To obtain both marks the answer must be completely correct. (most questions test more than one item of grammar and vocabulary).One mark may be given for a partially correct answer.Example: last saw him at my 21st birthday party. sinceI 21st birthday party. havent(not) seen him since

1. I dont want to watch television at the moment. rather I.television at the moment . 2. We dont visit you very often because you live so far away. nearer If .............................................................., we would visit you more often. 3. My brother is looking after the dog while were on holiday. care My brother ..the dog while were on holiday. 4. My son started working when he was sixteen. since My son he was sixteen. 5 Sheila used to drink coffee at work but she doesnt any more. up Sheila .at work 6. Ill give you a hand as soon as I can, said Lesley

me Lesley told me a hand as soon as possible. 7. You are supposed to be working not watching TV. ought You .., not watching TV 8. They will marry at five oclock. place Their wedding . at five oclock. 9. Nobody I know paints as well as Joe, than Joe ........................................................I know. 10. The headmaster dismissed five teachers, so that he could cut costs, order The headmaster dismissed five teachers .. costs. 11.John can draw animals very well. good John is very . animals. 12.The custom officer told Sally to open her case. made The customs officer .. her case. 13.I wasnt allowed to go on holiday with my friends last year. let My parents on holiday with my friends last year. 14. Osasuna definitely wont be league winner this year. chance Osasuna has got league winner this year. 15.Could I stay with you for the weekend? put Could you . for the weekend? 16.Geography doesnt interest my son. interested My son geography. 17.I sensed that somebody was following me.

I I had the feeling thatfollowed. 18. Helen advised Laura to take some days off. you Laura, if I .take some days off. 19.Because he went in for exercising, he started to jog. jogging Because he went in for exercising, he 20.This is the first time I have ridden a motorbike. used Im not ..a motorbike. 21. The shelf was so high that the children couldnt reach it. high The shelf was children to reach 22. In September there are not many tourists in town . only In September there are tourists in town 23. Although she had worked very hard, she failed the exam. spite She failed the exam, ...............................................very hard. 24. Its possible that she didnt know about the meeting. might She ......................................................................................about he meeting. 25.I did not know any of the people at the party. nobody There .at the party. 26.The association has postponed the event until October. put The event until October. 27.I couldnt understand the instructions because of the noise. difficult The noise .. the instructions. 28.These two pictures look the same to me.

tell I between these two pictures. 29. I heard you passed the FCE exam and would like to offer my congratulations. congratulate I would like to ...............................................................the F.C. exam. 30. I thought Tom might come for dinner, so I bought some more food. case I bought some more food........................................for dinner. 31.This house needs painting again. have This housepainted again. 32.Im sorry I fell asleep in class yesterday. wish I .asleep in class yesterday. 33. I was surprised to see her so suddenly. me Her sudden .by surprise. 34. I didnt realise I had offended anybody. aware I ..............................................................offended anybody. 35.Everybody says that Bruges is a very beautiful city. considered Bruges ..a very beautiful city. 36. We couldnt solve the problem. solution We were unable ........................................................................ the problem. 37.The dentist has taken out all of Rickys teeth. his Ricky .taken out. 38.We really ought to leave now, said Jane high Its ..leaving, said Jane 39.It wouldnt be a good idea to leave him alone.

better You..him alone. 40.While he was staying abroad, a lot of interesting things happened to him. his During.a lot of interesting experiences. 41.I didnt break the plate, said Mandy. denied Mandy .. the plate 42. These gloves are not mine, said Mrs Kelly. belong These gloves ,said Mrs Kelly. 43.Sue has been a teacher for 20 years. teacher Sue .20 years ago. 44. John regrets not having gone to university. I If to university, said John 45. But for the map of the town, Maria would have got lost. she Maria would have got lost a map of the town. 46.I must go to the bank now because it closes at two oclock. get The bank will have closed .. there before two oclock. 47.He was offered a job but rejected it so that he could carry on with his studies. turned He was offered a job but order to carry on with his studies. 48.Rebecca said that it wasnt worth repairing the car. point Rebecca said that ..repairing the car. 49.I dont think Bob has finished his meal yet.

is I think Bob his meal. 50. Youve stolen my tape recorder, John, said Vicky. accused Vicky ..her tape recorder. 51.You know more people than me. as I dont know .. you do 52.Only natural materials were used to build this house. using This house ..only natural materials. 53.We will be shown to our room upon our arrival at the hotel. as We will be shown to our room at the hotel. 54.My boyfriend is the only person who passed the exam. apart Nobody passed the exam. 55.The Self Access Centre was practically empty during the exam period. hardly There .the Self Access Centre during the exam period. 56.The secretarys computer hasnt worked for 2 weeks. down The secretarys computer .ago. 57.I went to the bank but it wasnt really necessary. gone I .the bank. 58. Ill have to go to the supermarket, as weve little coffee left, running Ill have to go to the supermarket as 59.They didnt give us enough time to do the job properly. little We were given .couldnt do the job properly. 60.Please dont repeat everything I say.

mind Would ..everything I say. 61.Why dont you try to find another job? she asked. look She suggested to Arnold .another job. 62.Jo didnt go to the cinema but went playing tennis instead. instead Jo went playing tennis to the cinema. 63.I dont suppose you know his name, do you? happen Do you his name? 64.In my opinion, the problem has happened for two reasons. are In my opinion, ..this problem has happened. 65.I cant believe nobody saw him. must Surely he by somebody. 66.Youre going too fast for me. keep I 67.The school caretaker locked up the school so that vandals couldnt get in. prevent The school caretaker locked up the school .in. 68.Alans children are never invited to parties because of their bad behaviour. that Alans children they are never invited to parties. 69.Older people often have difficulty working with computers. difficult Its often work with computers. 70.You wont get anywhere if you shout at him.

use Its .at him. 71.The children spent the whole afternoon watching television. but The children .television the whole afternoon. 72.The association has postponed the event until October. off The eventuntil October. 73.Almodovar has been very successful with his film Talk to her. lot Almodovar has .with his film Talk to her 74.You probably wont have any difficulty passing your oral exam. doubt I .any difficulty passing your oral exam. 75.The danger is that this building will collapse suddenly. danger The building suddenly. 76. She said she really wanted to help me to paint my bike insisted She paint my bike. 77.The younger generation used to show respect for the older generation. up The older generation used .by the younger generation. 78.I havent gone to the cinema for many years. ages Its .to the cinema. 79.When did they decide to fire the workers? he asked . wondered He . to fire the workers. 80.Im sure I put my keys on the table when I came back from school. remember I . on the table when I came back from school.

81.When should we collect the books we ordered last week?

supposed When .up the books we ordered last week. 82.English was my favourite subject at school. liked English was the .at school. 83.Getting away for some days would be good for you. get It would do you .away for some days. 84.I suggest that you allow her to phone her parents. let Why her parents. 85.Walter complained about the way he was spoken to. a Walter .. about the way he was spoken to, 86.I dont see why I should tolerate the way they treat me. put Why .the way they treat me. 87.In spite of the expense, the train is still the best way to travel. even The train is still the best way to travel, .expensive. 88.He invented an illness in order to avoid having to go to school. so He invented an illness to go to school. 89.A member of the family can collect your certificate. have You a member of the family.90. If the trousers hadnt been so expensive, Jenny would have bought them.

such They ..Jenny didnt buy them . 91.Ive never seen anyone play so skilfully before. much Ive never seen anyone play before. 92. Its likely that my parents havent heard the news yet.

unlikely My parents.the news yet. 93. I was surprised to discover that Lucy and Michael were husband an