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A sneak peek at REVOLUTIONS, a magazine for loves of cars, trains, planes, motorcycles, and pretty much anything that moves on wheels or is powered by an engine. We work closely with such top names in the industry as Steve Saleen, George Barris and Star Car Central.

Transcript of Revolutions Sneak Peek

  • REVOLUTIONSPublisher: C&T Publishing

    930 Fullerton Avenue

    Corona, CA., 92879-2515

    Editorial Director: Tom Tommy Anderson

    Editorial Director: Cynthia Cindy Nunn

    Associate Editor: Colin D. Nunn

    Associate Editor: Lidia Anderson

    Cover Designer: Cindy Nunn

    Advertising: Tom Anderson (951) 264-9563

    Production Manager: Cindy Nunn (805) 298-2266

    Owner Tom Anderson

    Owner Cynthia Nunn

    . -Pg 25 Affordable Car Ownership

    . -Pg 59 Eight Car Safety Features that Could Save Your Life

    . -Pg 50 What the Color of Your Car SaysAbout You

    . -Pg 12 New Laws Emerge as Technology Impacts Cars and Driving

    . -Pg 14 Union Pacific Big Boy 4041

    . - : PG 154 Model Trains Toys for the Big Boys

    . -Pg 66 Three Thrilling North American Train Journeys

    . - Pg 34 County of Los Angeles Fire Museum

    . -Pg 61 Electroliner Runs Again

    !The Greatest Cons On Earth

    . _Pg 36 WonderCon Anaheim 2014

    . _ Pg 149 Long Beach Comic Con

    . -PG 1 One on One with Steve Saleen

    . - Pg 5 Mustangs Across America

    . -Pg 68 A Tale of Two Knights

    . - Pg 28 Crossroads Car Show at the Benedict Castle Concours

    . - ! - &Pg 100 Its About Time Martin Sanchez HisBack to the Future Delorean

    . - Pg 135 Getting My Kicks on Route 66

    . _Pg 127 Blasts from the Past

    . - : Pg 117 Frank Mayes Three Wheeled Car

    . _ &Pg 78 Women Wheels

    . - Pg 55 Hollywood Christmas Parade with Star Car Central

    . -Pg 115 2014 Temecula Rod Run

    . - . Pg 44 Warner Bros Studio VIP Tour With&George Barris Jeff Dunham

    . - -Pg 109 21 50 to headquarters

    . _ Pg 41 Jurassic Jeep

    . -Pg 20 Nate Truman: The Man Behind Star Cars

    . - : .Pg 16 Red Tail Encounter Lt Colonel Robert Friend

    . - Pg 145 On Long Range Bomber Escort

    . - . &Pg 51 Staff Sgt Sidney Zimman The Air Battle Over Rabaul

    . - Pg 106 Chasing Reno Gold

    . -Pg 74 FlyGirl Painter Shayne Meder

    . _ Pg 123 Riverside Air Show

    . -Pg 121 Wings of Freedom Tour


  • Mustangs across America: The Takeoff by Tommy Anderson

    This past April the largest single automotive event took place inthe United States. It was a celebration of the 50th Anniversary ofthe Ford Mustang, which first debuted at the New York WorldsFair in 1964. The organization Mustangs across America

    orchestrated the 50th Anniversary Drive from Los Angeles, California to Charlotte, North Carolina. The first stop was a westernbirthday celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the drive ending at the Charlotte Motor Speedway with a 50th Birthday Celebrationhosted by the Mustang Club of America. The cruise started on April 10th, 2014 at Saleen SpeedLab in Corona, California andreached Charlotte, North Carolina on April 16th, 2014.

    I was fortunate to be invited to the private 50th Birthday Bash andthe drive launch by Steve Saleen at his headquarters in Corona,California. On Wednesday, April 9th, I arrived at the SaleenSpeedLab about 3 hours before the party was to begin. It gave mea chance to view the complex and be there for the arrival of anestimated 300 Mustangs for the evening party. While waiting forthe participants to arrive I toured the production facilities. This isthe area where a stock vehicle, which is usually a Mustang, isdelivered stock from a dealer and converted into a premiumSaleen Muscle Car. I then took a walk through the front office and

    looked at the history ofSteve Saleen and his racingcareer, the vehicles he hadcreated, and the Saleen/Allen race car in the lobby.

    Around 4PM the flow of cars began and never ended. Mustang after Mustang arrived fromall over the world. They included classic Mustangs, Saleen, Shelby, Roush, and late modelMustangs. There were Mustangs from all parts of the United States, Canada, Australia, NewZealand, England, France, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, and Germany, just to name a few. Theevening ended with around 300 Mustangs arriving at the complex with over 600 attendees.All were invited to a tour of the facility, a meal served by In N' Out Burgers, plus a meet andgreet with Steve Saleen and his family. The event was to end at 8PM but went later since itwas also a launching point for the cross country drive the next morning.

    I was back at the facility bright andearly in the morning for thevehicle line up and the start of thedrive. It was a beautiful sunny

    Southern California morning about 45 degrees with a predicted high of 95degrees. The lineup started a little after 7AM after a safety briefing wasconducted for all the drivers. It took nearly an hour to get all of thevehicles in the proper order for the launch. It took at least 45 minutes forall of the vehicles to pull out mainly because exiting the complex onto thevery busy California 91 Freeway at rush hour was a challenge. But all ofthe vehicles had safely left the area by 9AM without incident.

  • Sexy Mustang Jeff Thrower. Jt PhotoDesign.

  • Women &Wheelsby Cindy Nunn

    Recently we hosted a contest for photographers and artists entitledWomen & Wheels. We wanted a broad range of imagesencompassing women of all ages, shapes and sizes, to show thatone does not have to be a 'perfect 10' to be considered beautiful orworthy of magazine exposure.

    Right from the start we want people to see that REVOLUTIONS isnot just for men, but is also for women who enjoy the freedom andthrill of driving, whether it be a car, bicycle, tractor, motorcycle,truck, or some other vehicle powered by an engine or propelled bywheels. We allowed entrants to vote for their favorite choices, andwe also hand picked a few ourselves. So, please enjoy our selectionof...

    Earth Mothers, Sexy Sirens, Classic Beauties,Sporty Tomboys, Flirty Vixens, the Girl Next Door,

    Strong and Confident Road Warriors,

    and women who are just plain Hell on Heels!

    We love each and every one of them!

  • 1st Place Winner - Todd andCandice Dailey

    All images are gypsykissphotography

    Gypsykissphotograhpy is made up of two of us.

    Todd's Bio...

    I feel like I have always had a camera. I can remember taking snap shots with my parent's cameras when I could barely walk. Yagotta love Polaroid.

    I was always interested in photography. I took Photography classes all through Jr. and Sr. High and even decided I would go to schoolfor Commercial Photography at Hennepin Technical College. After school I ended up working for Kodak in Quality Control. I workedthere for 7 years until the lab closed. I since have worked for some other industry leading photography companies and have endedup working for the world's largest manufacturer of photofinishing equipment for nearly a decade. In one way or another, I havebeen in the photography business for almost 20 years.

    I have now decided to go back to my first love which is photography, and 3D artwork.

    Candice's Bio...

    I grew up surrounded by art and photography, my mom gave me my first camera and has always been the art force in my life. WhenI was a teenager I went to John Casablancas modeling school and learned alot about modeling, runway, hair and make-up. As I gotolder I traveled around the States and ended up in North East Texas for 18 or more years raising my daughter. I worked for GlamourShots for awhile doing hair and make-up, and also learned use of cameras.

    I have now returned to my home state of Minnesota. After returning to Minnesota I met Todd. And this is howGypsykissphotography started.....We are both Gypsies and it all started with our first kiss. We both work side by side on allphotography and artwork. We love art of any kind. This is going to be our 5th year together doing our work. We love it!!!

    We have gotten a paid cover for a book, and it has sold quite a few prints to buyers all over the world.

    Website link is

    Photo credit-Candice

    Model's info...Hair and Make-up info

    Ishtah Palmo - model

    Ishtah Palmo hair, make-up

    Ishtah is from St.Paul, Minnesota. She's 25.

    Pictures where taken at Hot Sam's Antiques Collectibles & Furniture in Lakeville, Minnesota

  • 1st Place winning image, 50's Pinup Todd & Candice Dailey.

  • Sexy Tow 2 Todd & Candice Dailey.

    Sexy Tow Todd & Candice Dailey.

  • 2nd Place Winner Barbara DudleyBarbara Is a California native who relocated ( as many others) to Beautiful Bend, Oregon. Sheis the primary counselor and owner of Awakenings Treatment Services ( a private practice foraddicts and their families). Barbara's true passion has always been photography and the'moments in Time' she is able to capture and share with others...dogs, horses, children,mothers, fathers, friends and lovers...Just about anything that sparks that special moment tolast a lifetime. Barbara is the mother to 4 grown and wonderful children ( Thank god), abeautiful retired warm blood mare, two Bernese Mountain dogs and much more...

    Her website is under