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Review Week1. Week2 Outline. Basic Architecture – BUS. Basic Architecture: Personal Computer. Memory bus. VESA PCI EISA ISA Bus USB. Microprocessor. Memory. Graphic Card. Northbridge. Memory. USB. PCI/PCIe. IDE/Parallel ATA. Southbridge. Ethernet. Serial ATA. Figure 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Review Week1FZR Rev1.0*UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13

  • Week2 OutlineBasic Architecture BUS

    FZR Rev1.0*UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13

  • Basic Architecture: Personal ComputerMemory busVESA PCI EISAISABusUSBFZR Rev1.0*UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13

  • Basic Architecture: Personal Computer (cont.)FZR Rev1.0UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13*

  • Basic Architecture: BusNote that Pentium system bus architecture is more complex that this.FZR Rev1.0*UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13

  • Basic Architecture: Bus (cont.)Address:If I/O, a value between 0000H and FFFFH is issued.If memory, it depends on the architecture:20-bits (8086/8088)24-bits (80286/80386SX)25-bits (80386SL/SLC/EX)32-bits (80386DX/80486/Pentium)36-bits (Pentium Pro/II/III)Data:8-bits (8088)16-bits (8086/80286/80386SX/SL/SLC/EX)32-bits (80386DX/80486/Pentium)64-bits (Pentium/Pro/II/III)Control:Most systems have at least 4 control bus connections (active low).MRDC (Memory Read Control), MWRC, IORC (I/O Read Control), IOWCFZR Rev1.0*UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13

  • Basic Architecture: Bus StandardsISA (Industry Standard Architecture): 8 MHz8-bit (8086/8088)16-bit (80286-Pentium)EISA: 8 MHz32-bit (older 386 and 486 machines).PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect): 33 MHz32-bit or 64-bit (Pentiums)New: PCI Express and PCI-X 533 MTSVESA (Video Electronic Standards Association): Runs at processor speed.32-bit or 64-bit (Pentiums) Only disk and video. Competes with the PCI but is not popularFZR Rev1.0*UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13

  • Basic Architecture: Bus Standard (cont.)USB (Universal Serial Bus): 1.5 Mbps,12 Mbps, 480 Mbps and now 5Gbps.Newest systems.Serial connection to microprocessor.For keyboards, the mouse, modems and sound cards.To reduce system cost through fewer wires.AGP (Advanced Graphics Port): 66MHzNewest systems.Fast parallel connection: Across 64-bits for 533MB/sec.For video cards.To accommodate the new DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) players. Latest AGP 3.0 with peak bandwidth of 2.1GB/s.FZR Rev1.0*UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13

  • Inside your iPhone

  • ECC3105 Assignment 1 (Deadline: 26/09/2012, 0900hr)Task:Based on the given picture, please label the components appropriately.Give the definition of Moores Law and its relation to our course. Some says Moores Law will get to an end. Name the reasons why Moores Law will end?Please give at least 3 answers for each question:Why do we need to learn about microprocessors.What do you aspect to learn from microprocessor course.FZR Rev1.0*UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13

  • PC platformConnector for peripheralsCPUNorthbridge (w/ heat sink)20-pin ATX power connectorRAM memory slotFDD connectorAGP SlotCMOS battery backupIDE connector (2x)BIOS chipSouthbridgePCI slot PCI-express slotFZR Rev1.0UPM ECC3105 S1-12/13*