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Returning Home A photo essay by David G. Sherburne All photos are copyright protected (C) 2008 Music -MushroomS ParK Composed, produced and arranged by Xavier Régent - All Rights Reserved (C) ELKYSIA

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Returning Home

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  • 1. Returning HomeA photo essay by David G. SherburneAll photos are copyright protected (C) 2008Music -MushroomS ParK Composed, produced and arranged by Xavier Rgent - All Rights Reserved (C) ELKYSIA

2. Each year Canada Geese return to the northernUS and Canada to begin the annual ritual offinding a suitable site to raise anothergeneration of goslingsThis signals the retreat of winter and the emergence of springThese black and white images attempt to capture beauty of these animals and the annual ritual of Returning Home 3. Returning HomePhotography and slide show produced byDavid G. Sherburne Contact Me to comment orpurchase any of these printsFor more unique Photography Special thanks to Annie