Retirement Village Staging

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Retirement Village Staging Deb Goetz, President Studio 5-d, LLC -Distinctive Interior Design P.O. Box 13682 Milwaukee, WI 53213 [email protected] Phone: (262)902-0985 Fax: (262)721-0798 Present s

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Staging a retirement village residential unit.

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  • 1. Presents
    Retirement Village Staging
    Deb Goetz, President
    Studio 5-d, LLC -Distinctive Interior Design
    P.O. Box 13682
    Milwaukee, WI53213
    [email protected]
    Phone: (262)902-0985
    Fax: (262)721-0798

2. Staging Statistics
According to the Real Estate Staging Association
In 2009, staged homes sold 78% faster than vacant homes
The Number One factor that can push the SOLD price to the top of the Sold price range is indisputably staging
Staging is no longer a nice to have- it is mandatory to maximize equity and makes good business sense for Realtors, homeowners and prospective buyers.
3. Within seconds of walking into a homeprospective buyers form an impression and know whether they want to buy the house or not. ~Sandy Dixon, Interior Arrangements, Inc.
4. Home staging is a unique design to sell technique using furnishings, artwork and accessories to create a visual experience and a feeling of emotional warmth that will appeal to the widest range of people.
The Studio 5-d Advantage
5. EmotionsSell!!
Set the Scene~
Get the Sale
6. Staging ~ Harwood Place, Milwaukee, WI2 Bedroom UnitOctober, 2009
7. What a Difference a Day Makes!
8. not only furnishes units.
We Enhance them!

  • Local home staging companies charge $300 per room/per month.One year 3 rooms, equals $10,800!

10. Major furniture rental companies often charge more than that, and do NOT provide window treatments, accessories, food props, TV props, etc. 11. We own a warehouse of furniture with little or no overhead.Therefore, we can and do charge less! 12. Our team members are award-winning interior designers 13. Studio 5-d is a member of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) Compare Our Pricing.
14. Compare our Quality
Color-coordinated, trendy furnishings!

  • Lower pricing than our competitors

16. Long-term contracts available 17. 25-yrs of Award-winning interior design expertise 18. RESA Member 19. Fully staged as a lived-in home complete with food and television props 20. Convenience we do all the work!Compare our Value
21. Call us today..
Deb Goetz, President
Studio 5-d, LLC
[email protected]