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  1. 1. NEW STORE SHOPWORX With each store introduced, every brand shares more ideas with it's customers. At Retails, we specialize to bring the brick- and-mortar brand stores to life, right from their conceptual stages. We not only plan - design technical HVAC, MEP drawings & specs, but also execute store layouts & interiors along with custom produced premium furniture, xture & graphics that fully express & complement the brands personality - communicating & enabling customers to interact with ease before they buy. Retails, with over 10+ years of experience & having worked across product-market segments & store formats have become sensitive to the operational realities, seeing things as a whole & the science behind retail and customer service.
  2. 2. REVAMP SHOPWORX Brands and there concepts never stand still - always evolving, continuously updating their retail environment, looking to reinvent themselves to ramp up their foot trafc. We at Retails, help refresh their identities and store environments in a new and exciting way. With an assortment of trendy style & utility furniture, inspiring head-to toe looks and in-store graphics ensure brands to attract their customers in a all new avtar.
  3. 3. SHOP IN SHOP SHOPWORX "Every Brands tells their own stories", with the Multi Brand Outlets and the tough competition to alure customers, brands are investing in more & more in unique ways to reinforce the brand personality "in a way that the customers would love to discover." We at Retails, design and create premium Shop-in-Shop concept - furniture and xtures with ultra chic nishes "to stand out from the crowd".
  4. 4. FLOOR DISPLAY UNITS SEASONALROLLOUT Be it product launches, seasonal messages, promotional activities or increasing customer engagement and in-store shopping experience , we at Retails understand them all. We design and manufacture oor standing display and POSM for brands to sell in a more impactful way. Putting their products on display in a more quick & effective way to gain attention, easily enabling customer interaction. A wide range of customisation - both in design and productions can be envisaged for all kinds of products, with a variety of material possibilities - all inhouse.
  5. 5. COUNTER-TOPDISPLAYUNITS SEASONALROLLOUT Compelling counter top displays/ dispensers, generally located at the checkout area or other locations where the purchase decision is made and are quite attractive, meet the branding initiatives and increase brand visibility. Offering compelling designs, rapid prototyping and diverse fabrication options, we at Retails, offer fully range solutions. Providing durable, unique and custom look with size possibilities and expertise to handle large-scale production and rollouts PAN India.
  6. 6. WINDOWCAMPAIGNS SEASONALROLLOUT Nobody wishes to enter a dull and monotonous store. As the customers need something unique that attracts and pulls them towards that store every season. At Retails, we understand, with every window campaign activated it helps exposure, engagement and enhances passerby trafc to drive store performance. We have expertise in designing, manufacturing and executing Seasonal Window Campaign displays with multiple - material and processes across PAN India.
  7. 7. CUSTOMISED SIGNAGES PUBLICBOSTERS Outdoor signage is arguably the most important kind in physical retail because it's what gets customers in the door, the largest hurdle to beginning a relationship. We at Retails, believe quality signage is an easy and effective way to communicate with customers and increase brand awareness, resulting in improved retail sales. We conceptualise, execute & install high end customised Signages, Sign xtures and ttings with the capacity to produce in all possible materials.
  8. 8. KIOSKS PUBLICBOSTERS Placing kiosks at strategic locations not only capture the "the passer-by-often impulse buyers" but also to enhance the consumer shopping experience. At Retail, we plan and design kiosks to help play a vital role in retail expansion with cost-effective solutions to expand reach, generate more sales and improve brand loyality. Our execution puts the merchandising and display comes to 'life' helping to reach out and grab the customer's attention in the busy environment. We offer multi material fabrication & PAN india installations. Manned & Unmanned Kiosks in the segments of - Food & Beverage, Electronics & Gadgets ( Mobiles/ accessories/
  9. 9. MODULAR DISPLAYS PUBLICBOSTERS Modular display systems at Retails features a mix of unique & creative design ideas, excellent craftsmanship of many materials & processes and fabulous storage & display solutions aiming to maximize valuable spaces yet being customised. The latest modular display systems at Retails offer contemporary in design, size variants, materials and styles, apart from being convenient to ship. Allowing to create unique and modern brand personalities that perfectly suits large and small spaces.
  10. 10. FABRIC PRINTS PRINTWORX Fabrix by Retails, is a revolutionary concept that adds a new dimension to Indoor prints & installation industry. Its not only easy & elegant but also offer hassle free no tool required installation system - where prints can be changed and used over and over again without any techncal assistance or tools. Special framing and fabrics that offer borderless edges and fully wrinkle free print solutions. Available in multiple sizes and nishes, both in aluminum & wood. Fabric prints on these special frames offers hassle free no tool required.
  11. 11. INSTORE PRINTS PRINTWORX As we understand visual branding plays an important role in the retails environment and throughout the marketing communications in the stores. "For cost effective & impactful graphic print solutions", we at Retails help to develop a cohesive brand message across all instore points of interaction.
  12. 12. PRINTHOLDERS PRINTWORX Acrylic & sunboard customised solutions are designed and fabricated in a variety of shapes, styles & sizes in order to showcase your products & appeal to your customers. At Retails, we provide innovative ..custom yet affordable and eye-catching sollutions for signs, graphics & print holders offering a convenient, effective way for directions, communications and motivation for your audience, using a variety of fabrication materials. POS signs, Promotion Tables, Poster systems, Banner stands, POP UP displays, Leaet dispensers, Acrylic displays, Motion displays, Poster Frames and Stands, Price System Signs,etc. we do them all.