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A new store plan is a retail outlet plan which is a classic juice shop for the health conscious and fruit lovers.

Transcript of Retail managemnet system-New store idea

  • More and More people are striving to lead healthier lifestyles A juice bar that serves customers fresh- squeezed fruit juice drinks and smoothies is a fantastic new business enterprise to put into action. To boost sales and profits, additional items such as sandwiches, salads and healthy snacks can also be added to the menu..
  • Customer relationship Assuring quality Cash payment if we dont have their wish fruit with us Naturally raised fruits. Value added Channels Social media- Facebook, YouTube, Google AdWords Advertisement- Universities, radios, signs/ displays, posters Customers Health conscious Working class Youth & kids Adequate stock Owed farms/sourcing Order completion Delivery Key activities Key partners Local farmers Ice-cream importers Media channels Key resources Trained manpower Storage facility Timely service Revenue Pay per order Extra charge/demand Familiar + outlandish juice Cost steamsValue proposition Fixed- warehouse, employee, transport, Maintenance Variable-seasonal fruits
  • Health conscious In India people have become health conscious and try relying on healthy food and drinks to stay fettle & fit, Such cognizant people intake healthy drinks more than twice a day Working class More than 76% of working people feel stressed at work so to remain energetic & avoid health issues they prefer health drinks Young people & kids This section counts for more population in India. Young people are educated about healthy life and kids require more of healthy diet at their growing age S E G M E N T A T I O N
  • Typically our target market consist of- Youth & kids- age- 8 to 20 years Working class- age- 25 to 45 years Health conscious-age- 20 t0 30 years Targeting Positioning Our brand name yummy days defines our positioning well. Other differentiating factor is that we provide all familiar and outlandish juices also we provide the juice our customers want within the 24 hours
  • Sourcing Souring of local fruits Sourcing of outlandish fruits Stocking Stocking in a warehouse having cold storage facility to maintain freshness of fruits Packaging Cardboard packaging of fruits from warehouse to outlet Exotic packaging of variety of shapes for take away Order Customers can order through phone Mobile app Website Delivery Fast delivery in cool storage to keep them fresh Vans will be used
  • JUICES INDORE Yummy days Product Depending on the glass size small/medium/big we will be serving. - Our product portfolio consist of fresh fruit juices & milk shakes both having Indian and exotic flavor Price small-80 - medium-150 - large-250( rest depends upon the seasonal fruits) location we will have our retail store at Indore Promotion organizing events at festivals and -online promotions( fb/website/google) - organizing best juice making competition & offering hamper prizes 80-250 & above IMC
  • Rs.80 Rs. 150 Rs. 250 Rs. 300 Rs. 190 Rs. 150 INDORE PRODUCT PRICE
  • High quality nutrition Premium prices Food Service is genuine & caring - designed to maximize the guest appeal and to create life time guests Variety of juices Completely exotic environment High cost for the imported fruits Seasonal fruits are expensive to get throughout the year Initial money to invest in R&D is limited Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 35% annually. People have become health conscious Consumers are ready to pay higher price Increased standard of living and affordability, Franchise Need for better lifestyle Existing retail outlets/mature players Indian economic conditions Competitors OPPORTUNITY THREATS STRENGTH WEAKNESS