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Restore Protect Oak Harbor Public Schools Educating Every Student for SUCCESS

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Restore Protect. Oak Harbor Public Schools Educating Every Student for SUCCESS. New Resources for Success. Increased levy for 2014-17 Additional s tate f unds (due to the “ McCleary decision”) Some restoration of federal cuts (sequestration) Strong fund balance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Restore Protect

Oak Harbor Public SchoolsEducating Every Student for SUCCESS1Increased levy for 2014-17Additional state funds (due to the McCleary decision)Some restoration of federal cuts (sequestration)Strong fund balanceRevenues more certain than in the pastEnrollment growth after years of declineAfter 6 years of cuts, focus on restoration

New Resources for Success

Moving from good to greatIncreasing student successPredicted enrollment growth of 600 to 900 students over next 5 yearsOvercoming scarcity mentalityUnfunded and underfunded state and federal mandatesProgram implementation

Challenges for 2014 & Beyond

Levies are collected on calendar yearsWe collect half of the new levy amount in 2013-14; full levy amount in 2014-15

Half of New Levy in 2013-14Sept. 13Jan. 14 Sept. 14 Jan. 152013-14 School Year2014-15 School YearNew Levy Yr. 1Prior LevyNew Levy Yr. 2Half of new levy amount in 2013-14Allowed only some of the restorations in 2013-14 and the remaining in 2014-15

20 Teachers7 IAs2 Business/HR Positions4 Computer Techs Staff Development2.5 Maintenance Staff & SuppliesComputers & Technology Equipment 6 Custodial, Clerical Positions & Supplies Some Building & Library Budgets (School Supplies)Ongoing from Prior LevyLevy Commitments Met in 2013-14(from guide sent to voters)All commitments from prior levy Fully Restored Middle school day (6 teachers) 7 half-days (covered by state restoration), also restored lost days/hours for classified staff Half-day Kindergarten Support staff positions (3 custodians, 1 grounds, 1 maintenance, 1 clerical) MS/HS activity bus and tutoring Some assistant coaches All middle school athletics Tech staff (1 position) Tech replacement (additional $250,000) Protected athletics & activities (restored budgets & stipends)

Levy Commitments Met in 2013-14(from guide sent to voters)Partially Restored Curriculum replacement (added $300,000 - half restored) Major repairs and replacement (added $300,000 - half restored) Supplies and Equipment (added $75,000 half restored; all building budgets restored) Instructional Assistants (13 positions: library, ISS, SPED, office; restored lost hours) Certificated Staff (6 middle school for added time, 3 counselors, two .5 MS CTE teachers) SPED, Health, & Safety (1 psychologist, part-time nurse, part-time resource teacher, part-time SLP & SLP assistant, PD funds)

Levy Commitments Remaining for 2014-15(from guide sent to voters) Certificated staff (additional 4 to 8 positions) SPED, Health & Safety (additional $120,000) Major repairs and replacement (additional $300,000) Full curriculum replacement (additional $300,000) Supplies and equipment (additional $75,000) Instructional Assistants (TBD) Athletics, Music, Tutoring & Activities (additional $500,000)

Additional Levy



Impact Aid

Sequester Restoration

Fund Balance

Net Revenue+ $1,800,000

+ $ 300,000

+ $ 950,000 +/- $250,000

- $ 30,000

+ $ 280,000

+ $ 500,000 + $3,800,000

2014-15 Revenue ImpactsNote: Excludes planned reduction of DoDEA grants = -$800,000, since this is offset by expenditure reductionsMaxed out levy match? Navy population slightly down despite future projection of growth. Where did the additional fund balance come from?9Net Revenue

Contract Commitments


Mandated Staffing*

Balance Available For Levy Restore Commitments & other enhancements

+ $3,800,000



- $1,100,000


2014-15 NEW Expenditure Impacts*State K-1 Class Size Reduction, ELL, Federally Restored Title I & SPED,Teachers & IAs for Additional Enrollment2.5 days? Built a contingency fund for sequestration and enrollment hedge.102013-14 +$2,500,000Protect & Restore with New Levy$ 600,000

$ 450,000

$ 420,000

$ 450,000

$ 380,000

$ 200,000

Learning TimeMiddle School Day -day KClsroom/SupportClass Size, Counselors, IAs, Support Staff, Supplies, etc.Texts & Tech

MaintenanceIncl. Grounds, Custodians, Maj. Projects, ClericalHealth/SafetyIncl. SPEDAthl & ActivitiesIncl. Tutor Bus2014-15 +$1,800,000$ 0 $600K total

$ 350,000 $800K Total

$ 480,000 $900K Total$ 350,000 $800K total

$ 120,000 $500K Total$ 500,000 $700K TotalTotal +$4,300,000Big bump in levy match.11Net Revenue

Contract Commitments


Mandated Staffing

Balance Available For Levy Restore Commitments & other enhancementsLevy Commitments

Remaining for other needs

+ $3,800,000



- $1,100,000


- $1,800,000 $550,000

2014-15 NEW Expenditure Impacts

Principles & Priorities1. Address needs expressed during the levy Restorations may be in new and better ways, but should match stated goals and categories 13

Principles & Priorities2. Support academic success Measured by district goalsElementary reading & math proficiency Middle school and high school grades On-time graduation ratesPrepare for Common Core State Standards and new assessments14

Principles & Priorities3. Support successful and effective extended learning opportunities Could include: Extracurricular learning opportunities (enrichment) ActivitiesAthletics Curricular field tripsAll promote positive physical, social, and mental health. 15

Principles & Priorities4. Remove barriers to effective teaching and learningFacility, material, & equipment needs, technology, time, training, transportation, etc. Increase efficiency, remove (or centralize) administrative tasks from classrooms/schoolsTimely, relevant communication and training for staff and parentsNot nickel-and-dime our families or staff for things we can easily provide centrallyEnsure teacher/administrator success in the new evaluation systemOut of pocket expenses by teachers for basic supplies.16

Principles & Priorities5. Prepare for more students 600 to 900FTE of additional students are possible over the next 5 years Needs include space (facilities), communication, staff, materials, and equipment


Principles & Priorities6. Reshape our districts image Improve perceptions of new and current parents, students, staff, job applicants, & community. Update electronic resources & toolsUpdate/improve facilitiesUpdate/improve communications

Move us from good to great; develop district loyalty; make our district attractive to new families and staff.Develop district loyaltyworking conditions, attractive wage and benefits, diversity182014-15 Restore/Add* - proposed Class Size Teachers (incl. restoring some lost elective programs) Secondary-Level Remedial/Intervention Services (teachers and IAs) Elementary Librarian(s) Elementary after-school programs (remedial & enrichment), tutor/activity bus MS Activities Additional SPED staff Additional nursing services

Continues*Using levy plus additional funds8 additional teachers.192014-15 Restore/Add* - proposed

Full Curriculum Adoption Continue/Expand Professional Development (incl. classified & certified, new & current staff) MS Library IAs Program Support Staff Additional Technology Upgrades Building Budget Enhancements Major Capital Projects (including portables as needed), Equipment & Vehicle Replacement

*Using levy plus additional funds3 to 4 portables for next year--$450K.20Reflection and Feedback

Gather in small groups (no more than 6) Identify one person as the note-taker Discussion Time (10-15 minutes): Have the right restorations/additions been identified for next year? If not, what should be added/removed?What other feedback or considerations would you like to provide on the budget and budget priorities?Share out with the whole group (1-2 minutes per group)

Restore Protect

Oak Harbor Public SchoolsEducating Every Student for SUCCESS22