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description is a comprehensive guide to restaurants in India. Reserve restaurants online quickly, easily and Save on your entire bill

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About Dinetonite A comprehensive restaurant guide in India that helps connect restaurants to new and existing customers

Enable customers to make restaurant bookings quickly & easily

Enable restaurants to increase exposure which in turn increases revenue

Excellent dining discounts to customers

Replaces Pen and Paper booking system of restaurants. How it Works ?Sign up to create your account and user profile

Browse or search for your favorite restaurants listed within our network

View and review the lists of restaurants profiles and websites to make an informed choice

Select time, number of guests and make reservation to the restaurant of your Choice

Receive an email and mobile confirmation to ensure your reservation is not lost. Customer Benefits

Unlimited Savings

No Pre-payment required

Immediate Usage

New Restaurant Experiences

Flexibility and Convenience Restaurateur Benefits

Increased Business

No Brand Dilution

High Profitability

New Customers


Increased Staff Morale

Larger Average Check Size Restaurants by :


Restaurant Name

Cuisine table at your favorite restaurant in much easy way

Reserve at your convenience

Get e-mail & mobile confirmation of your reservation

Make huge savings Easy booking service

Happy ClientsAnd many more