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Transcript of Resilient Asset Management System - PNWS- · PDF file • Water Availability Certificate...

  • Resilient Asset Management System

    Aakavs Consulting Arnab Bhowmick

    (425) 245 -3569 [email protected]

  • • Intro

    • Portfolio

    • Solve Biz Issues in Local Govt.

    • Asset Management vs. Maintenance Management Strategies

    • Implementation Philosophy

    • Reports, KPIs, Dashboards

    • Resiliency and Field Operations

    • System Statistics

    • Demo

  • • Majority of Govt. customers including State, City, County, District, Ports, PUDs etc.

    • Big corporate clients

    • Asset Management, Document Management, IT services

    • Data & applications, Web, Mobile, Cloud

    • Extensive ESRI and Open Source knowledge

    • Trusted Systems Integrator

    • Extensive Core Expertise in GIS and IT

    • Scalable Operations

    • 24 x 7 x 365 support

  • This slide deck contains confidential information, and must not be circulated anywhere without written authorization from Aakavs Consulting.

    Predictable delivery within time and affordable costs

    Create meaningful change through innovative technology solutions

    Consultative approach – not sales people

    We work as “partners”, not “vendors”

    Extraordinary local Govt. Experience

    Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch – we create value

  • This slide deck contains confidential information, and must not be circulated anywhere without written authorization from Aakavs Consulting.

    Systems Integration

    • Platform Agnostic, services, API etc.

    • Application, Platform, Databases

    • IT Security – assessment, monitor, stop penetration

    Enterprise GIS

    • Anything geospatial

    • GIS systems, web, mobile, desktop

    • Legacy data, CAD

    •Decision support, Location based

    Mobile and Cloud

    • Apps, SaaS, hosted, installed onsite

    • Asset Management, Document Management

    • Connected, Disconnected, mobile GIS based

  • • Aktivov – Asset and Maintenance Management

    • Docterrier - Enterprise Document Management

  • • Evergreen Rural Water – classes and CEUs

    • WETRC – classes and CEUs

    • APWA WA and OR


    • WASWD

    • OR Special Districts

    • WA URISA

    • MRSC Workshops and Classes

    • AWC

  • This slide deck contains confidential information, and must not be circulated anywhere without written authorization from Aakavs Consulting.



    must GO


    Local Govt.

  • • Assets are Liabilities

    • Value realization of an asset depends on controlling or minimization of liabilities

    • Involve trade-offs between interests and priorities

    • Satisfy potential competing expectations with available funding and constraints

  • • Current State of Assets

    • Required Level of Service

    • Critical Assets to Sustain Services and Performance

    • Best O&M and CIP Investment Strategies

    • Long Term Funding Strategy

  • • Install

    • Modify

    • Repair

    • Rehabilitate

    • Replace

    • Recycle

  • • No Duplication of Effort, no multiple data entry

    • Instant Information access – field and office hot sync

    • FEMA documentation Support

    • Litigation, Lawsuit, Public Record Request Support

    • Unlimited data, storage, layers, assets, asset types, users, depts.

    • Application for Funds and Grants, CIP Plan Support

    • Fully integrated GIS on Web and Mobile devices

    • Free GIS Hosting, Backup, DR (Savings of $$$ per year)

    • Auto generate Preventative Maintenance – save litigations

    • In-built Inventory and Timesheet

    • “Bring Your Own Device” Strategy

    • Cloud SaaS – No infrastructure or IT FTE required

    • Work on Mobile Device without connectivity

    • Instant Customer update from field

    • Automated Customer Service for reported issues

    • Integration with other systems: Finance, Scada, Backflow

    • Do It Yourself training videos, reports

    • Visual Spatial Operations Dashboards with color codes

  • • Authenticated Access – One Login, AD, Separate User/ Pass encryption

    • Features and Functions exposed based on role based authentication

    • Flex Price Strategy

    • Use both ESRI or Open Source GIS - Plug n Play

    • One click Dashboards, Reports, KPIs

    • Workflow modules e.g. time card,, GIS, citizen incident report (mobile, web), ERP, pavement management, financial, accounting AR/AP, backflow, SCADA, CCTV runs etc

    • IT light, easy to rollout, user friendly, quick time to market

  • • Roll up and track costs, budget, time, labor, materials, equipments, rental etc.

    • Feed CIP plan, Federal grants, emergency funds, comprehensive plans based on justifiable numbers, not gut feeling

    • Connected vs. Disconnected

    • Asset health check – repair vs. replace – asset condition analysis

    • Improved customer perception and service

    • Lawsuits and litigations, legal enforcements • Migration of legacy data – scripts, crawlers

    • How secure is cloud? Cloud strategies…

  • • …Federated Intelligence via Web Services

    • Replicated databases • Periodically Updated • Administration Tools • History/Archiving

    • Integration • Security • Lean IT Initiatives

    Web Services

    Cell Phone

    PDA Tablet PC




    Server Cluster Blade

    Server • Faster • Multi Processors • Loosely Coupled • Connected



    Maintenance Ops


    Other Depts GIS


  • • Increases productivity and clarity – saves $$$ over time

    • Staff productivity increases, enter data day forward

    • Migrate old data into electronic system

    • Cut redundancy, paper or human dependency • Better Reports to Elected Officials and the Citizens

    • DR, Back ups, high availability – auto mode

    • Flatten out maintenance spikes for repair vs. replace

    • Total cost of ownership over time decreases • Life cycle Plans, CIP Plans for assets

    • Use analytical tools in a fast and efficient way

    • Have any and all information on your fingertips

    • Integrate other biz systems – seamless to users

    • $$$ savings on Lawsuits and Litigations

    • Mobility – access information anywhere

  • • Water Loss

    • Preventive Maintenance • Asset Life Cycles - Asset Cost Analysis

    • Benefit / Cost Analysis

    • Asset Investment Profile

    • Return on Investment

    • Inventory Turnover

    • Employee Performance

    • Operating Expense Ratio

    • Leak Adjustment Summary

    • Water Availability Certificate • Developer Extensions

    • Cost per CCF - Production

    • Water Quality Complaint History

    • Work Order Turnaround

    • Return on Equity

    • Call Resolution

    • Customer Service Performance

  • • Cloud SaaS, no local dependency

    • Field and Office operations – hot sync

    • Real Time Dashboard • Electronic data, not papers

    • Locate resources, crew - coordinate

    • Find assets - GIS layers and GPS Coordinates

    • Prompt Customer Service

    • FEMA documentation and audits - pictures, videos, forms

    • Intuitive system – new people can run without intense training

  • • Instant access to field and office data – hot sync

    • Create Assets and WO, WR, IN in the field

    • Edit Asset Attributes and Update Assets in the field

    • Turn on or off GIS layers for asset visualization

    • Assign parts, materials, labor, equipments, rentals real time

    • Update inventory real time

    • Turn colors on assets to visualize and plan what’s done vs. pending – Specially PMs

    • Assign dynamically real time

  • • Dashboard and List views in field

    • New assignments on top

    • Login based assignments – field crew only sees what’s assigned to them

    • Documentation, pictures, videos – litigation, lawsuits, legacy technical knowhow

    • Attach PDFs – SOP, Service Manuals, Checklists, Statutes, other docs

    • Track and Submit time

    • Reporting structure and time approvals remotely

    • No running between office and field

  • Next Steps

    Arnab Bhowmick Aakavs Consulting [email protected] 425.245.3569

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