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  • Resident Engineer Large Bridges

    The Role The Resident Engineer is responsible for the activities and efficiency of his staff for the satisfactory prosecution of the work under his supervision. He has the responsibility to build and maintain an organization that can effectively provide the necessary staking, testing and inspection to ensure the project is constructed according to the plans and specifications.

    The site is located in Southern Africa. Resident Engineer reports to the Senior Resident Engineer.

    Specific Tasks ⁄ Ensure the Contractor’s compliance with the Contract Documents. ⁄ Inspect all workmanship and material. ⁄ Coordinate the supply of vertical and hori- zontal controls for the Contractor. ⁄ Make layout checks on lines and grades. ⁄ Maintain all file records on designated forms. These records include all reports on work force, equipment, progress, safety, etc. ⁄ Review and approve the Contractor’s shop drawings. ⁄ Resident Engineer is responsible for the Contract and is not to relieve the Contractor of his responsibilities without Client’s authoriza- tion. ⁄ Resident Engineer is responsible for the final materials submittals and review, which shall be forwarded to the Department with recom- mendations for final approval. ⁄ Check and certify progress payments to the Contractor. ⁄ Check personnel, equipment and material costs for all Variation Orders and Change Or- ders required under the terms of the Contract.

    ⁄ Review requests for additional compensa- tion and time extensions. ⁄ Prepare Change Orders for all ‘Additional’ and ‘New’ works. ⁄ Preparation of the Monthly Report. ⁄ Inspect safety conditions and inform the Contractor of construction safety violations and follow up action to be taken. ⁄ Attend all meetings, and prepare written minutes for distribution. ⁄ Review, update, monitor and report on the Contractor’s work schedules ⁄ Provide all photographs before, during, and after construction necessary to provide adequate documentation of changes in site and adjacent structures. ⁄ Approve all restoration or final clean-up work. ⁄ Review and make recommendations on Contractor’s claims. ⁄ Provide a “punch list” and final inspection. ⁄ Check and approve “as-built” drawings submitted by the Contractor and maintain a status log.

    Requirements Candidate must have/be: ⁄ Degree in Civil Engineering ⁄ At least 15 years of experience in construc- tion supervision of major bridges of which there must be at least one 500 m long PC girder bridge. ⁄ Strong experience as a resident engineer on major bridges, ⁄ Proven effective capacity to supervise engineers and construction staffs ⁄ Willing to render regular overtime work

    The company operates in four principal lines of business:

    / the transportation sector (including bridges, tunnels and railways)

    / the building and industrial sector (general design and management as well as specialized technological expertise)

    / the development sector (from research and development to feasibility and environmental studies, financial engineering, to development aid)

    / the structural health identification (BRIMOS®) and Life Cycle Engineering

    Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH

    VCE is a well known engineering consultancy with extensive knowledge on major bridge projects. VCE provides technical and management solutions to federal, regional and local government agencies as well as private industries worldwide.

    Mr. Johann Kremser VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH Hadikgasse 60, 1140 Wien