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Textual Analysis of Magazine PagesResearch For Media Production

Red white and black colour scheme. Red associated with authority, power, sex and danger. White contrasting with black and associated with purity, cleanliness and peace. Black contrasting with white associated with death, horror, rebellion, darkness and sex.Cheryl Cole make up matches the colour scheme of the magazine design. Also the rain is making the cover seem wet. This is also indicated through Cheryl's wet hair and her tongue licking her ring also symbolising the wetness of the cover making it sexual and adding to the theme of colour scheme.The typography on this page is simple and clear but effective for the theme of the magazine. It is bold and eye catching without being scary. This could suggest that the magazine is friendly as well as seductive.

There us no set colour scheme here which could suggest that the magazine contains a lot of different information in it appealing to as lot of audiences and does not just suggest one story on the front cover.The childish font of the text that looks as if it has coloured in by a graffiti artist of some sort gives an element of fun to the front of the magazine suggesting it is viable for all age groups. The fact Ed Sheeran is covering some of the title of the magazine suggests he is the main focus point in the magazine. As it looks like the text it supporting him in this photo it almost says that he is more worthy of space on the cover than the title of the magazine itself.Ed Sheeran holding the guitar relating to the title of the magazine Total Guitar suggests an obvious theme for the magazine appealing to audiences that are interested in music acoustic instruments.

The blue background is relating to the artist on the front cover immediately and catches the eye of the target audience and people associate the classic blue colour with young boy/men/teenager. The artist Justin Bieber fits into this category as he is a young fresh artist appealing to youth and blue reflects the same theme and sets the mood of the magazine.The contrasting colours on the front of the magazine, like the yellow, white and red also make the key information stand out. The red could represent rebellion which could link to Justins pose which portrays a rebellious attitude by holding his necklace and leaning forward. Portraying his confidence and lack of care for the norm. The yellow is a good way to make the information not related to Justin Bieber stand out such as other artists names. Yellow is commonly associated with the sun and light, so you could say that the yellow text are beams of light reaching out to people that aren't drawn by the main focus (Justin Bieber).

The main title stands out on the magazine straight away as it is the only large thing on the magazine which is red. The typography of there main logo is bold but soft which follows with Adele as she has a pale complexion but holding a bold pose and her hair contrasts being soft, big and fluffy.The plain coloured background allows us to focus on Adele and the fact she is taking up most of the cover suggests she is a big star who is important. The close up also represents a high level of beauty as she is able to take a stunning headshot.The simplicity on the cover of the magazine can suggest purity and tells the audience that the magazine contains only what they want to hear.

This is everything we would expect from a cone tents page in a music magazine. It clearly titles Contents at the top and uses bold and classic formative colours in the colour scheme . There is a large main in image off centre to the page that catches the eye and highlights the main story/focus of the magazine. We can tell the magazine is based on music as the picture relates to that genre. Also when reading the writing in bold such as , News, Rader, Live!, and Arctic Monkeys give us the impression the rest of the magazine will relate to music.They have indicated page numbers on the contents page to tell the consumer what pages to jump to for the main topics of the magazine. Advertisements have also been included on this page which is probably the best place to have it as everyone will see this page.

This isn't everything we would expect from a contents page but still has clarity and content. The white and blue symbolises the youth and basicness of the magazine and also makes the black text stand out more. The layout is modern and b

The black and white picture and typography throughout is giving off a very vintage theme to the magazine. The picture is clearly from the 1960s which we can analyse by the theme

Here we can see the main artist has been made a massive focus in photograph form and they have written the text around her .Quotes have been highlighted to draw the eye and the page has a title to sum up what the main article is about.

Here we are given an image on one page and the text/article on another, really breaking up the page.The boarder around the edge really makes the page stand out.The colour scheme matches the them of the artist and the whole page reflects the style of music genreHere they have used an interview for the artist, this seems to work effectively.We are given a close up here of Beyonc's face which is a very powerful picture and tell us what we should be focusing on for the article. I like the way this page is laid out.

On this page the have a purple gradient with white text and as the article is about the women of the year so these colours are relevant.

Thus is a very urban approach to a double page spread. The key colours are black and white. The whole page reflects the genre of musicThe image seems to be the main focus as it is extremely large and the text is made to look very small however as the human eye reads left to right we see the text before the image.