Renaissance and Reformation

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Renaissance and Reformation. Causes of the Renaissance. Increased Trade because of the Crusades Growth of large wealthy city-states in Italy Renewed interest in classical learning Rich merchants became patrons of the arts Scientific and Technical knowledge Desire for beautiful cities. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Renaissance and Reformation

  • Renaissance and Reformation

  • Causes of the RenaissanceIncreased Trade because of the CrusadesGrowth of large wealthy city-states in ItalyRenewed interest in classical learningRich merchants became patrons of the artsScientific and Technical knowledgeDesire for beautiful cities

  • What changes in society and in cities stimulated the beginning of the Renaissance?

  • Agricultural Revolution

  • Trade Routes

  • Italian Renaissance CitiesMerchantsBankersTradersArtistsArchitectsSailors

  • What Ideas formed the foundation of the Italian Renaissance?BoccachioPetrarchDa ViniciAnatomy, Philosophy, Astronomy, Medicine, Geography, History, PoliticsCastiglione- The CourtierMachiavelli- The Prince

  • ScienceCopernicus- Sun is the center of the universeGalileo- Earth orbits around the Sun

  • Renaissance ArtMedici FamilyPerspectiveSubject matter

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Michelangelo

  • Raphael

  • Bramante

  • QuizChoose 4 Key terms and people and 1 question to answer.RenaissanceHumanismSecularBaldassare CastiglioneNiccolo MachiavelliLorenzo de MediciLeonardo Da VinciMichelangeloRaphael

    What changes in society and in cities stimulated the beginning of the Renaissance?What ideas formed the foundation of the Italian Renaissance?What contributions did artists make to the Renaissance?

  • Johannes Gutenberg

  • Desiderus ErasmusChristian HumanistChristianity stripped of rituals and politics

  • Sir Thomas MoreUtopiaSociety should be based upon ReasonCritic of the English government

  • William Shakespeare

  • Christine de PisanPoetWriterThe City of WomenDiscussed roles of women in society

  • Albrecht Durer

  • Jan van Eyck

  • Pieter Brueghel

  • QuizChoose 4 Key terms and people and 1 question.Johannes GutenbergDesiderus ErasmusSir Thomas MoreWilliam ShakespeareChristine de PisanAlbrecht DurerJan van EyckHow did the Renaissance spread to Northern Europe?What contributions did writers and philosophers make to the northern Renaissance?How did the works of northern artists differ from those of the Italian Renaissance?

  • Essential QuestionWhat were the causes and effects of the Protestant Reformation?

  • John WycliffeChurch was too Worldly and Political

  • Jan HussImmorality and Worldliness of the ChurchExcommunicated by Pope Gregory XII Arrested for heresy and burned at the stake

  • Martin Luther95 ThesesFaith aloneJesus alone head of the ChurchBible translated into German

  • Edict of WormsHoly Roman Emperor Charles VLuther is an outlawWritings of Luther condemned

  • Ulrich ZwingliSwitzerlandTheocracy

  • John CalvinPredestinationStrict Rules of conductFeasting, Dancing, Singing, Jewelry

  • John KnoxScotlandReformed ChurchPresbyterian

  • AnabaptistsBaptism of AdultsPunishable by death

  • Henry VIIIDefender of the FaithCatherine- MaryAnnulmentReformation Parliament- 1534/Act of SupremacyAnne Boleyn- ElizabethJane Seymour- Edward VI

  • Queen MaryBloody Mary

  • Elizabeth IAct of Supremacy 1559

  • QuizProtest ReformationIndulgencesMartin LutherTheocracyJohn CalvinPredestinationHenry VIIIAnnulledElizabeth IWhat was the state of Catholicism in the 1400s?How did Martin Luther challenge the Catholic Church?How did Protestantism spread?What were the effects of the Reformation in England?