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When Katie starts to receive valentine’s gifts in her locker two weeks before Valentine’s Day, and her school’s annual sweetheart dance she can’t help but wonder who her secret admirer is. She and her best friend Beth become convinced they are from Katie’s crush and decide to investigate. Is it the dreamy Nick Mitchell finally noticing her? Or is someone else leaving the sweet declarations of love? Can the girls find out in time to get Katie to the dance with her secret admirer? Or is the whole thing just a Valentine’s Day prank? Join Katie and Beth as they try to track down a serious of sweet clues leading to her secret admirer.

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  • 2. 5. Planning the Dance and a Makeover Beth and Katie slogged through their last classand headed to the gym. Inside the four other decorationscommittee members were chatting and lounging onbleachers as Sarah Jane their class president triedfrantically to calm everyone down. The Sweetheartdance was always hosted by the junior class and theticket money was put into the class treasury to help thempay for their senior prom next year. In addition to the ticket sales they also soldcookies and brownies at a concession table as well aspunch and soda, the success of this dance, as well as acouple other key events determined if their class wouldhave to use the gym for senior prom or be able to afforda more opulent setting like a hotel ballroom. Theprevious seniors had held the dance at a downtown hoteland it was so elegant they were working to use thatlocation themselves next year. Finally everyone settled down and Sarah Janehanded out a do list for the dance, everyone began togroan. Sidney Cohen a tall blonde who led the girlsbasketball team was the first to voice an opinion. Weseriously have to make 500 glitter hearts? Isnt that alittle Beth chimed in. Insane? 2
  • 3. Sarah Jane sighed. We have to transform thisshe gestured around the gym in disdain, into a magicalsetting for romance. So we will do all the tasks in pairs.500 cardboard glitter hearts to hang from the ceiling,whoever does that could also make the red and pinkcrepe paper chains. Well take it. Beth said holding up Katieshand. Katie gave Beth a worried look, and Bethmumbled. I scanned the list trust me this is what wewant. Thats wonderful Beth and Katie; Ill have abox of supplies ready for you tomorrow morning. Nowthe next thing is we need someone to build, pain andpaper Mache the four columns that will go in the photoarea, as well as volunteers to make the paper roses. Katie smiled; they really were getting the bestdeal the rest of the assignments were large heavy things,or tedious time wasters. Sometimes Beth really was thegenius she thought she was. Eventually all the tasks were assigned and theyagreed to meet again the following Wednesday. Bethand Katie rushed out before they could be cornered byMadame President and shanghaied into something else. Beth turned to Katie You ready to hit the mall? Sure Mom gave me a prepaid visa card to geteverything I need. Cool mine too, and Ive got extra from work. 3
  • 4. My grandma also slipped me some cash forjeweler, so we should be pretty set. All right! Beth said. Lets go get glam! The girls caught the bus to the mall and wentstraight to the food court; they ordered smoothies atOrange Julius and contemplated where to go first. I still really think we should get our hair done,just a couple highlights and a trim? Katie was apprehensive, Maybe. Lets find adress first then do the hair. Your on! The girls headed into a popular junior clothingstore and began rummaging for dresses. Beth held out abright orange sheath dress with one shoulder that lookedway too short. Katie shook her head. Its too orange? Beth nodded then grabbed a red strapless bubbledress that perfectly complimented her green eyes andpale skin. Ooh I love that one, try it on. Ok what about this one for you? The dress was a high necked a line with a fit andflare shape, the back however was a gorgeous seethrough lace halter, it brought out Katies delicatecoloring and looked great with her eyes. 4
  • 5. The girls went into the dressing room and cameout to show each other their choices. Beths red dress hugged her curves and gave hera bit of a retro Betty Boop vibe that they agreed wasperfect for the Sweetheart dance. Katies dress was aperfect fit and the combination of a tea length skirt andsee through back was awesome on her thin boyishframe. Hey that dress makes you look like you havesome girl curves. Beth said. I love it! Then sold. How are we doing on cash? Our dresses are on sale, so I have plenty left forshoes, I have a white beaded handbag left over from lastyears Easter dance, and Ill just borrow a pair of pearlearrings from mom. Ive got a black bag and heels, Im going to getsome dangly earrings and long satin gloves and thenplenty of money left for hair. Download Remembering Valentine eBook now at: 5