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What can we learn from Steve Jobs. Here are some quotes from his life which give an insight to how to be a better person. Watch presentation being delivered

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  • 1. Remembering Steve Jobs(Lessons learned from his life) by @Geekaholic & @Chanux)
  • 2. He was a geek
  • 3. He was an artist
  • 4. He was a showman
  • 5. He was ... Enthusiastic Charismatic Private Secretive Ruthless Perfectionist
  • 6. He was iConic
  • 7. inspirational
  • 8. Connecting the dots can onlybe done looking back. Believing the dots will somehow connect to follow your dreams.
  • 9. If you do something and itssuccessful you should move onand do the next thing without lingering on too much
  • 10. The rst thing I did when I gotback to Apple was to get rid of old stuff by donating it to Stanford.
  • 11. Remembering I will be deadsoon was the best way I knewof not to fall in to the trap of think you have something to loose.
  • 12. inuential
  • 13. Steve was able to score somememory chips from intel - Woz
  • 14. Do you want to sell sugar andwater for the rest of your lifeor do you want to change the world!
  • 15. Convince record labels at a time of high music piracy 0.99 Music Store
  • 16. You worry about the network, well worry about the phone
  • 17. insight
  • 18. People who are serious about software should do their own hardware - Alan Kay
  • 19. Its not the customers job to know what they want
  • 20. Focusing is not about saying yes its about saying no.
  • 21. Were the biggest startup on the Planet
  • 22. Do you know how manycommittees we have at Apple? 0!
  • 23. You have to be run by ideas nothierarchy, the best ideas have to win or great people wont stay
  • 24. The way we have succeeded is by choosing which horses to ride very carefully.
  • 25. Good artists copy. Great artists steal! - Van Gogh
  • 26. iValues
  • 27. Insanely great!
  • 28. Well, you know, I dont think interms of market shares, I thinkin terms of us making the best personal computers in the world...
  • 29. You cant con people in thisbusiness. The products speak for themselves
  • 30. Real artists ship!
  • 31. Being the richest man in thecemetery doesnt matter to me...
  • 32. One more thing
  • 33. Stay hungry. Stay foolish