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  • 1. Remembering Names and Faces
  • 2. Lets face it: remembering names and faces isnt just an important part of being a successful social butterfly it can have a huge impact on your career as well!
  • 3. For example, lets take a look at this scenario. Youve been invited to a big networking conference for your industry and once you get there, you realize you dont know a single soul.
  • 4. After spending a few minutes by the appetizer table, you get to know a few peers who have great connections with the bigger names in your industry.
  • 5. Suddenly, your coworker arrives and walks over to join you. You greet your coworker warmly, turn to your new friends, and say
    Jim, Id like you to meeturmIm sorry, what were your names again?
    Talk about an embarrassing social faux pas!
  • 6. You dont need a professional networking coach to remind you that remembering names and faces is a crucial part of any successful career.
  • 7. No one likes being made to feel as though theyre instantly forgettable and when you forget someones name, thats how they feel.
  • 8. Its not exactly the best start to a working relationship with a new client or potential coworker, now is it?
  • 9. Remembering names and faces is also important for your personal life as well. If you truly want to impress at your next party or event, the last thing you want to do is to make people feel awkward when you forget their names.
  • 10. Luckily, you dont need a brain transplant to acquire the ability to remember names and faces. In fact, all you need are a few brain exercises that are proven to improve your memory!
  • 11. The Real Reason Why You Cant Remember Those Names
    Its easy to write this social faux pas off as the result of a poor memory. However, if you want to learn how to remember names and faces, then its time to stop putting the blame on your short term memory and start shouldering the blame yourself.
  • 12. So if your memory skills arent to blame, then what are some of the main reasons why you cant recall the name of your new business contact?
  • 13. Bad Attitude.
    Its like a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more you believe that you suffer from memory loss, the more likely it is that youll forget someones name altogether.
  • 14. But lets face it if you want to recover from this social faux pas, then youll need to take away your crutch (i.e. your poor long term memory) and start pumping yourself up with a more positive outlook.
  • 15. One important note: if you want to take away the memory excuse as a crutch, then you need to stop apologizing to new contacts about how terrible you are with names. You may feel as though youre making up for your poor memory, but trust me: youre only emphasizing your unprofessional behavior!
  • 16. Lack of Focus.
    If you continually forget new names and faces, then your memory isnt to blame; rather, its your complete lack of focus. Too often, were focused on our own selves when we meet new people.
  • 17. If youre too busy wondering how you look in your outfit or if you have any food stuck in between your teeth, then youre not giving your new contact enough focus to retain information about their name.
  • 18. Take a deep breath and let go of your insecurities. Focus completely on them youll break that nasty habit of forgetting names almost instantly!
  • 19. Information Overload.
    Sometimes the blame for forgetting names and faces isnt our fault at all; rather, its due to the fact that we were simply overloaded with too much information. If youve been introduced to a large group of people, have the person who made the introductions quietly remind you of everyones names later. That way, youll save face and impress everyone with your acute attention to detail.
  • 20. How to Increase Concentration and Improve Your Memory
    Ready to kiss that nasty habit of forgetting names and faces good-bye? Then use these tips and techniques to increase concentration and improve your memory:
  • 21. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.
    They say that the way to Carnegie Hall is practice, practice, practice and if you want to remember names and faces, then you need to repeat, repeat, repeat! When youre first introduced to someone new, make it a habit of repeating their name at least two or three times in the space of the conversation.
  • 22. For example, if youve been introduced to David, the office assistant from the Accounting Department, start out by saying: David, its a real pleasure to meet you. As you continue to talk to David, say his name a couple of more times. For example: David, I hear you can type faster than anyone in the building. Is that true?
  • 23. With this great memory technique, you wont forget a new name or face anytime soon!
  • 24. Use Descriptive Words
    This technique is an oldie, but its certainly a classic goodie: if you want to remember someones name, use a simple descriptive word that you can associate with their face. For example, if you meet a woman named Rachel who has red cheeks, you can (internally) refer to her as Rosy Rachel.
  • 25. If you meet a new acquaintance named Frank who smells of too much cologne, you can label him as Fragrant Frank. It doesnt matter if the descriptive words seem silly or childish if they help you to remember names and faces, then its worth it!
  • 26. Remember the Positive Impact.
    When you remember someones name, think about how good it makes the other person feel especially if its been some time since youve talked to them. Doesnt it make you feel great to know how happy you made someone?
  • 27. Strive to achieve this same result whenever you meet someone new. Remember, if you focus on learning their name, concentrate on connecting the name with a descriptive word and do your best to believe in yourself
  • 28. Then the ability to remember names and faces will instantly come to you!
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