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  • Adam & Kim Bonus moved from Colorado to Texas in 2007 to

    attend Dallas Theological Seminary. During their

    time here Adam served as Assistant Pastor of Chapel in the Woods Bible Church for three years, discipling young adults and overseeing

    church outreach. Since then Adam has taught an

    Adult Bible Class at Grace Bible Church. Adam will gradu-

    ate in May 2013 (ThM, Cross-Cul-tural Ministry). Both Adam and Kim desire to bring the gospel to unbelievers, and see Washington as a particularly strategic loca-tion for ministry. It is with great joy that they have chosen to partner with Jacob & Beth.

    Jacob & Beth Morris moved from Washington state to Texas in 2009 to attend Dallas Theo-logical Seminary. During their time here Jacob served as director of the small groups ministry at New Life Fellowship. He also led a Spiritual For-mation group for other Dallas Seminary students. Jacob will graduate in May 2013 with a Masters of Theol-ogy degree (ThM, Historical The-ology). Both Jacob and Beth have seen the need for churches in the Tri-Cities area of Washington, and have sensed the Lord calling them to this important work. It is with great joy and enthusiasm that they look forward to planting a church in their home state.

    our team

    The Morris FamilyJacob, Beth, Jessa, Miley, Lincoln

    The Bonus FamilyAdam, Kim, Emily, Nathan, Abby

  • a new church for washington

    We are partnering together to establish a church in Wash-ington state aimed at reaching families and communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In June 2013, Jacob & Beth Morris and Adam & Kim Bonus will move their families to the Tri-Cities area to engage in this work. Starting a new church is a daunting task. With only 19 percent of the population of Washington regularly attending religious services, it is one of the three most unchurched states in the nation. Those who do attend church are usually from the older generations. Young and growing fami-lies typically have no church involvment. The people of Washington state desperately need godly fellowship and community. While our education at Dallas Theological Seminary has equipped us to boldly proclaim the gospel, it is only the Lord who can change the hearts of men and women, boys and girls. Were relying upon the Lord to bring results. From start to finish, this is an act of faith.



    To reach young families

    in Tri-Cities Washington

    Visit us online at reliancefellowship.


    Photo used with permission, Flight Reflections by John Clement

  • endorsements

    As I have observed Adam Bonus and his family, I have become convinced that God has great plans for them. Their training, character, skills, and vision point to a great future of service for Christ.I believe deeply that the church must be involved in reaching the unreached around the world--the Great Commission requires it. Too often American churches have sent missionaries abroad but have neglected the unreached communities at home. Thats why todays church planting movement is vital to the future of our nation, as well as required by the Great Commission itself.

    Pastor Andy WilemanLead Pastor, Grace Bible Church, Dallas, TX

    I am excited for the work of God in the life of Ja-cob Morris and the ministry of Reliance Fellow-ship. Jacob is a spiritually passionate leader who is committed to seeing people experience a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. He will provide

    sound biblical teaching, visionary leadership, and pastoral care to the members of Reliance Fellow-ship. With his wife Beth walking by his side, Ja-cob and Reliance Fellowship will faithfully serve the families of Richland, Washington.

    Dr. Maurice PughSenior Pastor, New Life Fellowship, Arlington, TX

    Over the last four years I have had the plea-sure to walk alongside Jacob as we worked to-gether on our Master of Theology degree at Dal-las Seminary. We met when he was assigned to be the leader of the Spiritual Formation Group in which I was placed. His leadership skills and pastoral heart were obvious from day one. When he informed me that he would be church plant-ing upon graduation, I immediately knew that this was a man, a ministry, and a family that our

    church looks to support. Without hesitation, the church I pastor (South Pointe Church, Abilene, Tx.) jumped on board the Reliance Fellowship bandwagon. If I know one man who can and will make a difference in the lives of people in Tri Cit-ies, Washinton, it is Jacob Morris. We are both proud and honored to be part of this church plant and I am excited to see how God uses this man and his family to make a difference.

    Pastor Trace MichaelsLead preaching and teaching elder, South Pointe Church, Abilene, TX

  • demographics & trends

    Photo used with permission, Cable Bridge by John Clement

    The Tri-Cities are Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick. They are neighboring cities on the Colombia River in southeastern Washington.

    The Tri-Cities have a combined population of over 300,000 people. The population of the Tri-Cities area is expected to grow rapidly in the

    coming years, increasing by as much as 100,000 over the next decade. The number of families in Richland has increased by 17% in the past two

    years, mostly due to financially motivated migration to the area. Adults in this area have a high level of education, with approximately 70%

    holding white-collar jobs. The average household income is over $80,000, increasing the likelihood

    that a self-supporting church could be established in a brief time. Only 2 out of 10 people attend church, while more than 50% of the popula-

    tion considers themselves spiritual.


    One of Americas top 10 fastest growing

    housing markets


    Expected to grow by 35% over the next

    ten years

  • our strategy

    Jacob Morris will serve as Lead Pastor, with responsibility for preaching, over-seeing the Sunday morning worship service, and providing direction for the church staff. He will also be a de facto member of the Board of Elders, with the Elders functioning as a safeguard to limit and correct Jacob if necessary. Jacobs passion is to see unchurched families experience new life through Jesus Christ.

    Adam Bonus will serve as Adult Discipleship Pastor, with responsibility for over-seeing the process of assimilation and discipleship. He will be in charge of de-veloping and appointing leaders for the various Bible Studies and Life Groups. Adams passion is to see believers come to a place of maturity in their walk with Christ, and to demonstrate this through service and evangelism.

    What does it mean to live the Christian life well? Many believers today struggle to answer this question. Our philosophy of ministry at Reliance Fellow-ship is that every member of the church should clearly understand what is expected of them. We are asking people to take intentional steps toward becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ. And those who desire membership in the church should demonstrate that they are actually doing those things.This means carefully defining our identity from

    the very beginning. Every prospective member will be given a clear understanding of what it means to join Reliance. Its a call to discipleship. At Reliance Fellowship, the call to discipleship will be explained as follows: Disciples are those who embrace the truth of

    the gospel Disciples are those who grow through re-

    maining in Christ Disciples are those who express their faith

    through service and evangelism

    Our goal is to make disciples. We want to see lives transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ. We want to see a community of believers demonstrating love for one another in tangible ways. We want to see Gods people reaching out to un-believers in mercy and kindness. But this type of vitality in a church rarely exists apart from intentional, strategic efforts from the leaders of the church. The following page of-fers a brief look at how the future ministries of Reliance Fellowship have been grouped around three essential aspects of the Christian life: embracing the gospel, remaining in fellowship with Christ, and expressing our faith.

  • Embracing the Gospel - Worship

    We envision a church experience on Sundays in which people of different backgrounds, both saved and unsaved, are given the opportunity to embrace Christ. We desire to be a church in which believers embrace Christ through meaningful worship and a growing appreciation for the implications of the gospel. We also desire a place where our unsaved guests can experience and ultimately embrace Christ for the first time.

    To accomplish this, our Sunday morning services will be gospel-centered. Just as the entire Bible points to Gods amazing grace, so will we. We will create an en-vironment where distractions are removed and the gospel is given priority. Gospel driven preaching Creative worship experience Enthusiastic kids ministry A strong culture of volun-


    Remaining in Christ - Discipleship

    We envision people being devel-oped to maturity in our church. Jesus showed us the key to liv-ing the Christian life when He said, I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you; you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

    Our discipleship process will in-clude two primary components. Grapple Bible studies will

    meet after hours in a lo-cal coffee shop to study the Scriptures and wrestle with the difficult questions.

    Life Groups will meet for the purpose of leading small communities of believers through a process of inten-tional growth in Christ.

    The purpose of these groups is not to simply hang out or eve