Relax, Recharge and Reconnect

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40 minute, Live, Online Relaxation, Focus and Listening Skills Workshops for Busy People With Coach and Meditation Instructor Andy Paice

Transcript of Relax, Recharge and Reconnect

  • 1. 40 minute, Live & Interactive Relaxation, Focus and Listening Skills Conference Calls for Busy People With Coach and Mindfulness Instructor Andy Paice

2. How often is your life like this? And this? 3. We become irritable and unavailable Our productivity and creativity diminishes. Eventually our health, relationships and work suffer 4. RELAX The call starts with guided relaxation techniques to de-stress and get comfortable in your body. 5. RECHARGE Simple guided meditations (e.g on awareness of breathing) are given to restore a sense of focus and replenishment. 6. RECONNECT Connect and get in touch with yourself Attend to aspects of yourself neglected in our fast paced lives. Develop valuable listening and empathy skills in online breakout groups. 7. The Benefits: Listening skills Increases understanding Develops empathy Improves relationships Makes you more likeable! Calmer mind Greater productivity and creativity Less stress A sense of perspective Better health Better relationships 8. Weekly 40 minute conference calls Including de-stress tips & Optional homework Interactive Q&A sessions Online Forum MP3 recording of each call Guided and facilitated by Andy Paice an experienced meditation instructor and coach