Relax and De-Stress With Goodies of Oldies

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A Power Point Presentation of 14 Evergreen Oldies for Sing-Along, Relaxation and De-Stressing. Linked to the Video Oldies uploaded on YouTube. The Videos have lyrics for easy Sing-Along and for Motivational English Lessons.

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  • 1. Relax and De-Stress With Goodies of Oldies

2. Dont Worry.Be Happy. Select A Goodie Of Oldie Sing Along Merrily 3. Ricky Nelson Someday http:// =1_DdBK9LCko Click here 4. Russ Hamilton I Still Belong To You http:// =-SPOCA7BRFA Click here 5. Cliff Richard EvergreenTree http:// = yShmYAezYtE Click here 6. ElvisPresley Crying In TheChapel http:// =7bKLNPqwp5g Click here 7. The Everly Brothers http:// =4ggQbU2srGE RovingGambler Click here 8. JohnnyHorton All For TheLove Of AGirl http:// =gpUJZ92JkAY Click here 9. Johnny Tillotson Why DoI Love You So http:// =Sna7HlgOIpo Click here 10. Peter, Paul And Mary Puff The Magic Dragon http:// =sCh31dGzO9c Click here 11. Hank Locklin Please Help Me Im Falling http:// =YzBGJ9UPWj4 Click here 12. JohnnyMathis Wonderful Wonderful http:// =w88uyQAq3bY Click here 13. Jim Reeves http:// =nGDdL8b0cRU I LoveYou Because Click here 14. SlimWhitman RoseMarie http:// =45UUDRFNYL0 Click here 15. EddyArnold I Really Dont Want To Know http:// =G16BIfp6hbs Click here 16. Frankie Avalon Why http:// =CEo4aTSbvB8 Click here 17. TheEnd May You Be Restful, Joyful And Peaceful With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin