Rehoboth Presbyterian Church

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Transcript of Rehoboth Presbyterian Church

  • 1. The sign of Rehoboth Presbyterian Church.

2. Front porch of Rehoboth Presbyterian Church 3. Plaque on glass top desk that Allie and his brother, Scott, donated in memory of their mother, Mary Scott Clayton. 4. Stained glass window depicting the former church. 5. Stained glass on the door of the Choir Room. 6. Sanctuary from the point of view of the pulpit. 7. The stained glass windows, which are located in the sanctuary. 8. The original pulpit where Rev. Clayton gave his sermons. 9. The foyer that separates the old church from the new addition. The Christian Education Building was dedicated on May 16th, 1971. It now holds offices, the fellowship hall, and classrooms. 10. The left side of the church. The old church ends at the stained glass and the Christian Education Building continues to the left. 11. The large front door. The design of the door allows a casket and its pallbearers to pass through unobstructed. 12. The doorway to the front porch. 13. The stone plaque taken from the former church and installed in the front porch. It reads Rehoboth Presbyterian Church 1871.