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  • Phone/fax: +40 21 232 90 12, +40 21 232 90

  • 5WHO WE AREThe Real Estate Company

    Founded in 1993 and constantly growing its reputation throughout its 20 years of activity, Regatta is one of the most reliable Romanian brands and the most appreciated real estate brand of the Romanian industry. Today, its name is synonymous with leadership, professionalism and the highest standards.

    For over 20 years now, Regatta has been The Real Estate Company, and our value was recognized not only through various awards, but most importantly, through our results and the satisfaction of our customers.

  • 7WHAT WE STAND FORbringing people closer to who their goals

    For over 20 years, we have been here to help people fulfill their dreams.

    We believe in authentic values, smart investments and commitment to meeting all your needs.

    We stand for expertise, professionalism, and hard work.

    We value responsibility, excellence, and continuous improvement.

    With each successful transaction, we do our best to bring you closer to your goals. In other words, we are here to Open Your Future!

  • 9To us, real estate is, first of all, about people. About the joy on their faces when stepping into their brand new home, about their excitement when seeing a new land on which they know they will build their dreams, about their enthusiasm when opening the door to their brand new office for their business.

    We dont just sell houses or lands. We dont just rent office buildings. We help people make their dreams come through. This is exactly what weve been doing for the past 20 years! And were committed to doing this for the next 20 years, as well, following our true guiding principle: from real estate to real values.

    OUR MISSIONreal estate, real values

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    To be on top is a challenge. Our journey and our company development have been possible only together with our team, partners and customers. We are constantly committed to keep the high standards which turned us into the leaders of the real estate market

    Eduard Uzunov, President and Founder of Regatta Company

    OUR LEADERSHIPevery day, committed to excellence

    It takes a lot of hardwork, experience and determination to become the number one expert in your field. But we did it. We know leadership comes with a great responsibility, not only to our customers, collaborators and partners, but also to ourselves. Thats why, every day we are committed to excellence.

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    We Open Your Future!

    Due to our high expertise, we operate on all segments of the real-estate market with a relevant portfolio of clients and strong experience. Perfectly integrated in the economic environment and connected to the realities of the market, specializing and extending the array of services from brokerage to consultancy, evaluations, property & facility management and most recently, design, art & architecture came as a logical step to a professional approach, client oriented. We offer complete and integrated services for any type of property and customer request at the highest standards, anything from strategic planning or financial and crediting aspects to marketing, promotion and asset portfolio administration.

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    REAL ESTATE SERVICES:residential (sale, rent)office (sale, rent)foreclosurerelocationproject & investmentscommercial & industrial

    FINANCIAL SERVICES:evaluationsfeasibility studiesinvestments & crediting



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    Residential Department(properties for sale or rent)

    Leaders of the Romanian real estate market, with the strongest and the most extended portfolio consisting of the widest range of properties, suitable for any transaction, be it buying, selling or renting.

    Professional team of experts with over 20 years in the real estate field, assisting you you each step of the way, from finding and choosing the right offer to making the right decision, according to your goals and expectations.

    Throughout our long activity, we have been involved in some of the most important real estate projects in Romania, some of them being exclusively represented by Regatta.

    Exquisite properties, such as: old architectural villas, large buildings with big lands surfaces, 3-4 bedrooms villas, apartments in classic villas, apartments in new private blocks of flats

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    through the Office Department

    offers spaces of the highest standard quality, in the best business and financial interest areas in Bucharest, with easy access towards residential areas

    focus on the North area of Bucharest and the brand new business centre of the Capital, represented by Floreasca - Barbu Vacarescu area

    spaces between 150 and 10.000 sqm, with adequate conditions for its clients and all the facilities required by the companies

    professional team of experts with over 20 years in the real estate field, assisting you you each step of the way, from finding and choosing the right offer to making the right decision, according to your goals and expectations.

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    Rental & Relocation Services


    Analyzing the specific needs, identifying the best locations according to the tenants requests

    Visiting the properties with our professional agents with our cars

    The consultancy / mediation if its required, to finalize the lease contract

    Assistance for a better accommodation in the city and area, including assistance for kindergarten and school

    Education: Kindergarten and school prospecting along with the expat to help him to decide which is the best option for the education of his/her children.

    City tour for the company expats / Occupier with our guide by our car


    Permanent telephone assistance for the companys expats after the relocation. This service ensures a real support and provides a much better accommodation for foreigners. Assistance for the luggage transportation.

    Property management: Utilities payment for the rented properties;

    Regatta Exclusive Client:

    Assistance and discounts from our partners :

    - Furniture Mobexpert, Rovere Mobili

    - Carpets Galeria Buhara

    - Gifts Azay

    - Rent a car Budget

    - Audio / Video - Bang-Olufsen

    - Restaurants: Isoleta, Casa Di David from Herastrau Area, Nordului Street

    - Art Artmark, Uzunov-Rotenberg Art Gallery

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    through our Projects & Investments Department

    one of the most complex activities of our company

    we provide business and solution ideas to the most important developers on the market, purchasing lands in order to make an investment on the real estate market.

    permanently concerned in offering solutions regarding leasing or settlement options for acquisitions of real estate premises.

    specialised team of professionals who facilitate clients access to real estate financial solutions offered by developers and banks, such as feasibility studies, investments and crediting lines.

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    Commercial & Industrial Department

    commercial spaces for shops, showrooms, restaurants, financial activities in the best locations of Bucharest inside the main commercial centers and the most frequented areas of the Capital

    warehouses, both inside of industrial parks and central / downtown Bucharest area

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    through our Valuation Department:

    one of the departments with a continuously growing market, by means of the cooperation with important banks and financial institutions in the country and abroad, Romanian and foreign real estate developers and individuals

    an important associate member of the National Association of Romanian Valuators (ANEVAR), collaborating now with important banks, leasing companies and other important financial organisations, such as: PIRAEUS BANK ROMANIA S.A., LEUMI BANK ROMANIA S.A., BANK OF CYPRUS, NBG LEASING IFN SA, PIRAEUS LEASING, CYPRUS LEASING

    professional team with the experience and the logistics necessary to ensure the successful execution of reports and studies for any type of real estate.

    services: real estate valuation and re-evaluation, from lands to retail spaces/ shopping centers and residential real estates

    facts & figures: we have completed reports for all kinds of properties, with values comprised between Euro 100,000 and Euro 47,000,000.

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    REGATTA SPECIALthrough the Foreclosure

    DepartmentProperty & Facility management

    Over the past year, properties subject to foreclosure have known an increased interest on the Romanian real estate market. The main advantage of this type of operations: a financial one, the competitive price of the properties. The main disadvantage: foreclosed offers are actually pretty hard to find. Thats why we created Regattas Foreclosure Department: to help you identify the exact properties suitable for you and assist you through the entire process, from understanding and negotiating those offers in the pre-foreclosure stage to attending public auctions and finally owning the new aimed property.

    highly efficient administration of the properties, office spaces and real estate investments

    full package of property & facility management services, according to the area of activity and the destination of properties

    highly trained team of experts, specialised in this field

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    Architecture & Interior