Reduce the 'Fear of Public Speaking'

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Transcript of Reduce the 'Fear of Public Speaking'

  • 1. SPEECH DELIVERY Reduce the Fear of Public Speaking REDUCING the FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING Dont completely lose the Butterflies. Get them to Fly in formation. The audience wants you to be successful. They are glad it is you and not them at the lectern.
  • 2. Prepare by Studying PREPARE by Studying and knowing your material.
  • 3. Practice - Practice - Practice PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE In front of a full length the mirror. Into a digital recorder. In a video. In front of friends and family.
  • 4. Pre-Speak Preparation PRE-SPEAK PREPARATION Having everything in place, and knowing it, is a great stress reliever
  • 5. Check Your Appearance CHECK YOUR APPEARANCE Hair combed - No food in teeth or on face. Zippers zipped - Buttons buttoned - Lint removed. Smile!
  • 6. Double Check Your Checklists DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CHECKLIST Sound System - Backup for PowerPoint - Lighting Audience Seating - Parking - Allotted Time - Introduction Water - Break Instructions for Audience - Notes
  • 7. Speech Notes Notes or Mind Map NOTES OR MIND MAP Winston Churchill always had notes just in case.
  • 8. Find Friendly Faces FIND FRIENDLY FACES Use the Lighthouse technique.
  • 9. Mental IN YOUR MINDS EYE See yourself giving a great presentation!
  • 10. Teddy Roosevelts Man in the Arena Speech MAN IN THE ARENA SPEECH - TEDDY ROOSEVELT Far better to be in the arena rather than on the sidelines watching.
  • 11. No Alcohol - Carbonated Drinks - Digestive Unfriendly Foods BEFORE SPEAKING, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK
  • 12. Deep Breathing DEEP BREATHING EXERCISES When we sigh, we exhale. Try it and feel the stress leave.
  • 13. Plenty of Rest GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP
  • 14. Meet & Greet ARRIVE EARLY - MEET & GREET Its much easier to talk to people youve already introduced yourself to and met.
  • 15. Name Tags NAME TAGS Make the Meeting & Greeting much easier Insist on the audience having them. Bring your own supply and a black Sharpie Pen.
  • 16. Isometric Exercises ISOMETRIC EXERCISES Squeezing a Stress Ball relieves stress.
  • 17. Meditation & Visualization MEDITATION & VISUALIZATION See the audience enjoying and benefiting as you present.
  • 18. Medication MEDICATION Beta blockers work. These are by prescription only.
  • 19. Speak! SPEAK! If you want to be a runner - run. If you want to be a writer - write. If you want to be a speaker - SPEAK! Youll get better and gain confidence with each presentation.
  • 20. Fred E. Miller Writer - Speaker - Coach Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Contact 314-517-8772 [email protected]