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  • 1. Whats the point?We believe you can explore the offline world usingyour smartphone with the same possibilities youhave online. CLICK and

2. What we do? Image recognition for mobileWhy we do it? Because QR codes and barcodes need to beprinted and are lame. With us you dont have to print codes tomake product scan-able and recognizablewith your tablet or smartphone. 3. If you see a product and you want it you can buy it now.CLICK and watch 4. If you read about a new movie and you like it you can watch it now. CLICK and 5. Why should you care?Every mobile developer can have access to advanced image recognition engine.[..PROBLEM..][..SOLUTION..]image recognition technologyimage recognition technology is expensive to build and needs available as the API becomes a lot of time to be developed soavailable for mobile apps mobile apps developers cannotcompanies and developers.easily implement 6. Today everything is interactive!CLICK and watch 7. Use our API to get the image recognition into the life!Click: Contact: Wojciech Rutkowski Phone.: +48 791 933 611 Email: [email protected]