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Transcript of Reclaiming Mobile Audio

  • 1. Reclaiming mobile audioactive learner-gatherersacross the formal-informal continuum
    Andrew Middleton
    Sheffield Hallam University
    (cc) shadowtheG 2009

2. reconsider mobile audio for learning
6 Scenarios
Discussion and conclusions
(cc) skippyjon-2 2008
3. Dead-time learning
does it work?
Are you receiving me?
(cc) Pink Sherbet Photography 2006
4. Deal (2007) points out that when students listen to lecture recordings they tend to do so using a PC, and usually at home.
(cc) williambrawley 2009
5. The conversation continues
You can use it anytime, anywhere said Cebeci and Tekdal (2006)
But can students concentrate? asked Salmon and Nie (2008)
Teachers can do so much more with this suggested Bell (2007)
And so can students, wherever they are I said
(cc) scrappy annie-2010/jenny downing 2010
6. Receivers?
7. ...or Gatherers?
Audio innovation:

  • Active?

8. Authentic and meaningful? 9. Extended Learning Environment?(not supplemental) 10. Beyond formal and traditional academic environments and methods? 11. Revealing and Opportunist? 12. Part of an engaginglearner-centred curriculum?