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  • Reciprocating Compressors

    T H O M A S S E NC O M P R E S S I O N

    S Y S T E M S





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  • 2Design &Engineering

    Passion f

    Research & Development

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  • 3m o r e t h a n o n e h u n d r e d y e a r s o f

    Manufacturing& Testing

    Re-rating &Rebuilding

    Installation& Servicing

    n for Compression

    Our founder, Mr Thomassen, first started producing

    internal combustion engines more than a hundred

    years ago. He soon extended his activities to

    include the design and manufacture of reciprocating

    compressors. What began as a small, local company

    has grown into a major international compressor

    supplier, capable of providing world-wide sales and

    service support.

    Our customers, who are located around the globe,

    are engaged in the oil, gas, chemical and refining

    industries. Exports currently account for more

    than 80% of sales.

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  • Thomassen has an esta-

    blished reputation for

    providing quality, tailor-

    made compression solu-

    tions to the oil, gas,

    chemical and refining

    industries. Our in-depth

    knowledge of field pro-

    cesses and compressor-related systems enables us to

    design, install, maintain and repair all types of recipro-

    cating and other compression systems. Moreover, our

    broad experience enables us to meet the most

    stringent requirements.

    R e c i p r o c a t i n g c o m p r e s s o r s .

    Thomassens heavy-duty reciprocating compressors

    have the following design features:

    Rigid construction.

    Easy access, facilitating maintenance.

    Horizontally opposed and balanced cylinder design,

    resulting in smooth, vibration-free operation.

    Hydraulic crosshead-to-piston rod and piston

    rod-to-piston connections.

    Adjustable crosshead shoes, which are

    flat-faced for shimming.

    Open type piston- and rider rings for easy


    Pressure relief on rider rings to ensure longer life.

    Rolled threads on all high tensile material bolting.

    Ample valve cross-section and special gas

    passages within the cylinders, resulting in a

    minimum pressure drop, low power consumption

    and low operating costs.

    With frame sizes up to 25,800 kW, the Thomassen

    C-series reciprocating compressor can accommodate

    up to 6 compression cylinders. All components, inclu-

    ding the crankcase, crankshaft, bearings, crosshead

    body etc., have been designed for maximum strength

    and durability.

    Our Free Floating Piston, which, as its name suggests,

    floats on process gas, enables us to provide custo-

    mers requiring non-lubricated compression with a first

    class solution. We also manufacture compression sys-

    tems capable of:

    processing corrosive gasses, including HCL,

    wet C02, SO2 and H2S;

    enduring high operating pressures, up to 600 bars;

    running with suction temperatures below 100oC.

    One of the advantages of a reciprocating compressor

    is that loss-free capacity control can be realised in

    order to:

    keep energy costs low with varying demand;

    keep process conditions stable with

    varying demand;

    start the compressor completely or partly


    Compressors can have stepped or stepless capacity

    control and may be operated manually and/or automa-


    When you specify and buy Thomassen compressors,

    you are assured of the very latest engineering techno-

    logy and the finest construction available in reciproca-

    ting machinery.

    Q u a l i t y c o m p r e s s i o n

    A Model C-25.2

    compressor for use

    in a gas depletion

    plant of N.A.M. in the

    northern part of

    The Netherlands


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  • The outstanding dependability and low maintenance of

    Thomassen compressors has been demonstrated by

    the many systems currently in service around the



    A Diesel Hydro

    De-Sulphuriser (DHDS)

    plant using two model

    C-25.4 hydrogen compres-

    sors. Shell Fredericia.


    A Model C-85.6 compres-

    sor jointly developed by

    Thomassen and Mitsui

    Engineering and Shipbuil-

    ding. The unit shown here

    is one of three supplied

    to a hydrocracking plant

    in Indonesia. Each unit

    compresses hydrogen

    from 14.5 to 197.4 bara

    (in three stages) at a rate

    of 56,265 Nm3/hr.


    Two Model C-45.6

    compressors used in

    a reformer unit.

    The 5.5 mW compressors

    were supplied - via

    Kvearner - to BP

    Kwinana, Australia.




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  • D e s i g n & E n g i n e e r i n g .

    The fact that we have our own manufacturing capability

    allows us to put Thomassen quality at the heart of your

    installation. Our technical specifications - which meet or

    exceed API and ISO - reflect the strict requirements of

    the major oil and chemical companies. We have a strong

    design philosophy and engage in fundamental research

    and testing, including improved simulation techniques

    that are confirmed by strain-gauge measurements of

    dynamically loaded components. All components we

    develop and design are subjected to rigorous static and

    dynamic tests on Thomassens in-house heavy-duty

    compressor. Moreover, the experience we gain in the

    field continually helps us to improve our systems.

    T o r s i o n a l v i b r a t i o n a n a l y s i s .

    With the increasing application of large, variable speed

    compressors, the rotating system must be studied in

    detail to determine its torsional behaviour during start-

    up and over a wide range of operating speeds and

    conditions. As part of this process, it is essential that

    the components and oscillating torque in the system

    can be described as accurately as possible. Thomas-

    sens computer model precisely simulates the real sys-

    tem by including moments of inertia that are variable

    and crank angle-dependent. The model also enables

    the influence of individual sources of damping to be



    Design &Engineering

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  • 7F i n i t e E l e m e n t A n a l y s i s .

    Thomassen has its own in-house finite element model-

    ling (FEM) facilities. It is particularly important that

    heavy-duty compressor components are designed as

    efficiently as possible. Optimisation of designs will

    reduce weight and result in lower free forces and

    moments. The use of FEM calculations ensures that

    designs have excellent characteristics in terms of

    strength, rigidity and reliability.

    B e a r i n g S i m u l a t i o n p r o g r a m .

    Rod loads in reciprocating compressors are time-

    dependent, and differ for all bearings due to the sum-

    mation of gas- and oscillating component inertia for-

    ces. We have developed a simulation program for a

    dynamically loaded bearing, enabling us to analyse its

    behaviour under severe and variable operating condi-

    tions. This program makes it possible to predict the

    influence of various parameters such as load, load

    reversal, speed, bearing clearance, oil temperature, oil

    viscosity, etc.

    C A D D e s i g n .

    We make extensive use of solid modelling techniques

    when designing compression installations. The above

    picture shows a CAD model of a compressor installed

    at Petrogal in Portugal.

    Our proactive approach to Design & Engineering has

    resulted in major improvements in uptime and reliabili-

    ty. Our current target is to ensure that our reciproca-

    ting compressors can run continuously for a period of

    three years. And, as a result of tests run under real

    process conditions on our own test compressor, we

    anticipate even higher standards in the near future.

    Digital image of a 2-cylinder compressor.

    Model illustrating the deflection of a

    segment of a double-acting compressor

    piston with preloaded piston rod.

    The loading included different gas

    pressures on both sides of the piston as

    well as transient thermal conditions.












    Disp Res

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  • 81. Crankcase / oilsump

    2. Crankshaft with integral forged drive flange

    3. Main bearing

    4. Connecting rod

    5. Crosshead

    6. Adjustable, replaceable crosshead shoes

    7. Piston rod with hydraulic connections

    8. Partition cover with oil and gas seal

    9. Double compartment partition cover with gas seal

    10. Crosshead guide / Distance piece

    11. Cooling water jacket

    12. Stuffingbox

    13. Replaceable dry type cylinder liner

    14. Valves

    15. Forged steel cylinder

    16. Piston with PTFE rider- and piston rings

    17. Pneumatic valve actuator

    18. Multi-valve type cast cylinder

    19. Cylind