Reasons to Buy Tanzanite Jewelry

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Reasons to Buy Tanzanite
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Buy Tanzanite




Reasons to buy

How to choose best quality tanzanite?


Member of zoisite family.

Originally dull grayish brown in hue.

Heat Treated at 500 degrees centigrade to reveal the extraordinary shades of blue.

Considered to be most beautiful gemstone found in 2000 years.

Found in just one place of earth i.e. the Merelani mines located at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Available in dark royal blue, indigo, cornflower, periwinkle or lilac and natural green shades .

Reasons to buy


Known in the world to be 1000 times rarer than diamond, tanzanite is found at just one place on earth, i.e. Tanzania. This exceptional gemstone was formed by a unique geological phenomenon and the chances of the same occurring at another place on earth are less than a million to one.


Tanzanites color palette rich with deep shades of blue and touches of violet hue is one-of-a-kind. This exotic gemstone also displays a strong amount of pleochroism, which means that different colors appear when the gemstone is viewed from different angles. The crystal structure of this unique gemstone is such that when light passes through it, it splits the rays into 2 or three with each producing a different color.

Limited Supply

As gemstone collectors predict that the supply of Tanzanite will last just another generation, the demand of this exceptional gemstone has shot up considerably. Evident with its 6.5 ranking on MOHS scale, tanzanite is a soft stone and a lot of rough of the gemstone is ruined because of its brittleness.

Birthstone and

Anniversary Stone

American Gem Trading Association added tanzanite as the birthstone for Sagittarians in the year 2002. While endowing the wearer with good luck and fortune, tanzanite crystals stimulates the higher heart and infuses divine love, which is why it is the gemstone to celebrate 24th year anniversary with.

Young Gemstone

Discovered in the year 1967, tanzanite is a fairly new gemstone known to the world. This beautiful blue stone is as rich as sapphire and yet rarer than diamond.

Develops Psychic Power

Activates Heart Chakra

Links Third Eye Chakra via Throat Chakra

Healing Properties

Infuses Divine Love

Enhances Communication

Spiritual Enlightenment

How to choose best quality tanzanite?

Tanzanites around the world are graded according to the FIVE Cs color, cut, carat, clarity and confidence. The greater the combination goes of these attributes, the rarer and higher value the tanzanite gemstone will be.