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Transcript of READING IN MIND - LEARN · PDF fileReading in Mind Overview • An online tool to assist...


    ALDI Conference October 8, 2014

    Conference presenters: Bob Matthey, Riverside School Board

    Ginette Vincent, MELS

    Doug Clarke, MELS

  • Reading in Mind

    Aims of session

    To experience the four-step Reading in Mind process with special consideration of reading in the context of special need students.

    To recognize the importance of engagement and collaboration of school staff when promoting reading in a global context and when flexible and adaptable intervention strategies for reading.

    To understand that Reading in Mind is based on a process that identifies and implements effective reading activities (John Hattie, Visible Learning).

  • Reading in Mind Overview

    An online tool to assist Principals and teachers to make informed collaborative decisions about a reading action plan.

    An integrated survey to gage the perception of issues related to the development of reading skills.

    Online compendium of resources, strategies and tools for reflection and action for teachers, administrators, non-teaching professionals and parents.

    Designed for the English sector with differing education projects- English, Immersion, Bilingual, French Second Language

  • Reading in Mind 1. Awareness of the status of reading in the school

    2. Analysis of the current state of reading through the use of an online survey and school data

    3. Development of a reading action plan in conjunction with the MESA

    4. Monitoring and evaluation of the plan


  • Reading in Mind Levels of Reading Intervention

    UniversalGlobal Intervention

    Organization of the school and classroom, daily adapted reading, strategic and

    explicit teaching of essential skills, positive self image as a reader


    Specific Remedial action, Monitoring of students withs with identified

    difficulties, tracking of student progress

    RemedialSpecialized intervention, IEPs,

    increased collaboration of parents,

  • Video: A Validated Online Process for Building a Reading Action Plan


    Username: teacherdemo

    Password: 6222212

  • Reading in Mind Step 1- Awareness of the importance of reading

  • Activity Awareness of Reading in the School





  • Reading in Mind Step 2- Analysis

  • Reading in Mind Eight Key Elements for Success in Reading

    The Student Reader

    The Pedagogical Culture of the School

    The Teaching of Reading

    The School Library

    The School Administration

    The Family

    The Community

    Managing the Action Plan

  • Variances for Success in Reading - Visible Learning

  • Reading in Mind

    Exploring the survey

    In groups, participants will discuss the Ideal Factors for the pathways related to the

    Teaching of Reading

  • Mountainview Elementary School Riverside School Board

    Cedar Street Elementary School Riverside School Board

    Reading in Mind

    Pilot School Experiences

  • CEDAR STREETSurvey Results

    MOUNTAINVIEWSurvey Results

  • Reading in Mind Step 3- Development of the plan

  • Reading in Mind

    The Teaching of Reading

    Teaching / Learning

    Explicit teaching of cognitive and metacognitive


    Reading to learn

    Variety of textsSpecific reading


    Diversity in the reading classroom


  • Examples of links supported by Visible Learning

  • Reading in Mind

    Development of the plan

    In groups, participants will discuss

    activities related to the teaching of


  • Cedar Street Reading Action Plan

    2.0 The Pedagogical Culture of the School

    2.1 Instructional Approaches The context for this pathway is the engagement of students in the reading

    process mitigated by effective differentiated teaching practices.

    Pathway 2.1.2: Provide students with a wide variety of print, spoken, visual and media texts

    Provide opportunities through the curriculum for students to respond to

    reading at various levels. Vary the types and methods of presentation of texts and use strategies

    that will encourage readers to be as active as possible throughout

    the reading process.

  • Cedar Street- Reading Action Plan

    3.0 The Teaching of Reading

    Explicit Teaching of Cognitive, Metacognitive and Affective Strategies Students are able to decode and are learning to focus on using various comprehension strategies as they read texts. Students should also learn the skills necessary to respond to texts. The teacher models how to approach texts and emphasizes strategies to be used before, during and after reading.

    Pathway 3.2.1: Teach a variety of reading strategies explicitly and in a progressive way Implement reading strategies that will assist students to be strategic and effective readers.

    Pathway 3.2.2: Support students who are at risk or experiencing learning difficulties Use a range of reading strategies that will enhance interventions and differentiate teaching practices.

  • Cedar Street Reading Action Plan4.0 School Library

    4.4 Promoting Books and Reading in the Library School library is to support and to promote reading throughout

    the school. Furthermore, the school library is a place where

    students have an opportunity to become engaged with new

    texts/resources- digital and paper- and to exchange with others.

    The new non-digital and digital acquisitions should respond to

    the interests and needs of students and teachers.

    Pathway 4.4.3: Organize activities showing how resources in the library take into account student diversity with regard to committed readers,occasional readers and reluctant readers Promote public library reading programs.

  • Reading in Mind Step 4- Ongoing assessment of the plan

  • Contact InfoDoug Clarke, English implementation

    [email protected]

    Ginette Vincent, FSL implementation

    [email protected]

    Louise Marzinotto, MELS responsable

    [email protected]


    Username: teacherdemo

    Password: 6222212

  • Reading in Mind