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  • 8/3/2019 Re5 Emblem 2009mar30


    B.S.A.A. Emblems (note the number of emblems in each area is visible on your

    Mission Select menu).

    B.S.A.A. emblems are easy to see (blue) if you are actively searching for them.

    Note that unlike Kill Zone 2, the emblems will reappear even if you break them.

    You save the flag of breaking/missing an emblem by appropriating a checkpoint

    or an end of area save.


    Area 1-2


    Emblem 1 of 3. Locate the building where you found the Antique Clock treasure.

    There will be two balconies, one of which has the treasure. Stand on the

    balcony that did not have the Antique Clock treasure. Stand on the empty

    balcony and turn 90 degrees right. The emblem is within the building across

    from the one you are in (in its courtyard).

    Emblem 2 of 3. After a radio transmission about Alpha team is engaging an

    unknown hostile, you will be in a multi-story building with no rooftop. At thevery top floor, there is a treasure chest with three gold bars (they are three

    separate pick-ups). Locate the water tank on the rooftop of this building for

    the emblem.

    Emblem 3 of 3. Destroy the Furnace boss and use the furnace key to get to the

    exit. This short Z-shaped tunnel has a briefcase with some ammunition. Check

    out the inaccessible area past the chain link fence next to the ammunition

    case and the emblem will be quite visible.

  • 8/3/2019 Re5 Emblem 2009mar30



    Area 2-1


    Emblem 1 of 5. At the start of this area, call up the map and locate the west

    wall of the warehouse interior. The emblem is on the wall. Also: jump in the

    hole in the palace if you go.

    Emblem 2 of 5. Cross the metal truss bridge (the one with the runaway truck)

    and look for a way check out its sides. The emblem is attached to a tarpulin

    wrapped around one of the bridge's support piers.

    Emblem 3 of 5. This emblem is on the docks. Near the gate you need to use the

    port key on, there is a green soda (or newspaper) kiosk. Look inside to locate

    the emblem on the kiosk's ceiling.

  • 8/3/2019 Re5 Emblem 2009mar30


    Emblem 4 of 5. After passing through the gate with the port key, a friendly

    chopper will appear and fire on enemies. Just past the port's locked gate, the

    first building to your right has roof access (via ladder). Get atop that

    building's rooftop. The emblem is on an adjacent building.

    Emblem 5 of 5. After passing dockside, you will be in the shanty town area. You

    must do an "assist jump" (tomoe nagae) for your A.I. partner to unlock some

    sort of path forward (if there are two active players, either character can be

    thrown across the gap). At the spot where this co-op action can be initiated,

    look at the rooftop of the building you're on and there should be an emblem

    peeking over the roof's edge. Should you encounter the chainsaw-using gaoler,

    you've gone too far ahead.


    Area 2-2


    Emblem 1 of 3. At the trainyard, you find yourself fighting dogs (needs more

  • 8/3/2019 Re5 Emblem 2009mar30


    Red Tick beer) atop some boxcars. While on the boxcars, look around for a

    power tower (a massive truss/support tower holding up industrial grade

    electrical power-lines). Should be pretty easy to make out. The emblem is

    attached to this aforementioned "power" tower. Gee, that rhymes.

    Emblem 2 of 3. In the mines, you or your partner will pick up a lantern to

    light the way forward. At the first wooden bridge, there is a waterfall

    nearby. Check out the rock facing behind the waterfall for this emblem.

    Emblem 3 of 3. As you approach the top of the strip mine, you will exit a two

    story building and fight enemies at a gun emplacement. Before going further up

    a ladder towards a mass of armed enemies, look for three ore silos (or storage

    towers) in the distance. The rectilinear building "visually below" these three

    silos has an emblem on its corner. You will require a rifle with a telescopic

    sight to hit the emblem at this extreme range. If you need distance to get the

    angle required, try standing near the rock barricade separating the first half

    of the strip mine from the second.

  • 8/3/2019 Re5 Emblem 2009mar30



    Area 3-1


    Emblem 1 of 4. At the start of this area, you will be on an airboat (air

    locomotive watercraft). There are some wooden poles carrying telegraph /

    telephone cables nearby. Follow the cables from the wooden pole nearest your

    insertion point to the next pole in the middle of the swamp. The emblem is

    attached to that pole. Use a rifle with telescopic sights, or a slightlybetter vantage point (on another island perhaps) to break this emblem,

    although you can get this emblem from the very beginning. If you have two

    players, you can have the second player shoot this

    emblem easily from the airboat.

    Emblem 2 of 4. Check the map. Travel to the northwest island and investigate

    the hut at the dock. The emblem is on its ceiling.

    Emblem 3 of 4. Check the map. Travel to the island in the center of the swamp.

    The emblem is on one of the supports of the island's only hut, but to get the

    angle of fire, you need to distance yourself (this is due to the fact most

    BioHazard characters are professional grade morons). The dock of the island is

    a good spot to pick off this emblem (it is far enough from the hut and givesyou the correct direction of fire).

  • 8/3/2019 Re5 Emblem 2009mar30


    Emblem 4 of 4. Unlock the swamp gate by collecting the stone plates in the

    swamp. Once the swamp gate is opened, go to the next map. Drop from the wooden

    pier into the water, the emblem will be on the side of the wooden pier (turn

    around after going into water). Shoot in the hole in the pier if you go.


    Area 3-2


    Emblem 1 of 2. After passing the area with the plank walkways above the

    alligator pool, you will come across a Tri-Cell campsite with two olive drab

    tents. Go behind the tents (by going through one of them), then check the

    easement between them for this emblem.

    Emblem 2 of 2. After Sheva's frined (Captain Joshua Stone - the other black

    dude) hacks the computers, you will be in the oil refinery. Fight through this

    area and trigger a cut-scene where Irving will "set you up the bomb, you have

    no chance to survive, make your time". Once this occurs, a self-destruction

  • 8/3/2019 Re5 Emblem 2009mar30


    timer will appear. When you begin the timed section, look behind your spawn

    spot for a small shack. The emblem is inside this shack.


    Area 3-3


    Emblem 1 of 1: You will be on an airboat once more and will be forced to stop

    after the first floodgate (but before the second). When you disembark theairboat, your task is to operate a switch to open the second floodgate. During

    this task, you should be able to aim towards the first floodgate to spot and

    shoot the emblem (the emblem is under the floodgate's top piece). You may

    shoot this emblem beforehand (while still aboard the airboat) but shooting

    after docking is far easier.


    Area 4-1


    Emblem 1 of 3. At the start of this area, there is a rope bridge where you

    engage the spider enemies. Clear the area and stand on the middle of the

    bridge. There are two waterfalls near the bridge, one plainly visible and asmaller one adjacent. The emblem is near the smaller of the two waterfalls.

  • 8/3/2019 Re5 Emblem 2009mar30


    Emblem 2 of 3. When you happen on the buried ancient underground Tomb Raider

    city, there is a structure in the distance that has a giant mirror/crystal

    thing (it's very luminescent). Use a rifle with telescopic sights to check

    that structure. Halfway down its height, the emblem is barely visible. If you

    went ahead and fell down the hole, you still have a chance to get this emblem.

    In the room with the flaming balls, the emblem is on the tower where the

    self-closing exit door is embedded. Check the recesses in the tower for the

    emblem - standing at the exit from the X-shaped tunnels gives you enough

    distance and angle to see the emblem.

    Emblem 3 of 3. In the maze area with the colored statues, there is an emblem in

    the wreckage above the green statue. To get it though, you want to not throw

    any of the switches (it will change the