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This investment firm is one of the best values in the financial sector


  • RCS Capital Corporation: An Investment Firm With 27% Upside Potential
  • Who is RCS Capital? Retail advice Wholesale distribution Investment management Investment banking Research RCS is a full-service investment firm with operations in: Source: company
  • RCS focuses on individual retail investors The companys mission is to protect, support, grow and maximize value for its advisors and clients
  • Retail Advice RCS has the second largest retail financial advisor network in the U.S. Over 9,000 representatives and advisors in all 50 states
  • Investment research Subsidiary SK Research provides broker-dealers and advisors with analytical resources needed to evaluate investments Services include Due diligence services Research publications Training and education for financial advisors
  • Wholesale distribution Through RC Securities and soon-to-be- acquired SC Distributors, the company distributes alternative investment offerings The company is the number one non- traded platform of equity offerings in the market 34% market share
  • Types of investments offered by RC Capital Public, non-traded Business Development Company Business Development Corporation of America (BDCA), which has produced 31% total return over the past two years Income funds (ARC) REITS, like New York City REIT Many others, listed on RCSs website
  • Investment Management Subsidiary Hatteras Funds provides unique alternative investment funds such as Hedged Strategies Managed futures Debt/equity Venture capital funds
  • Investment Banking and Capital Markets RCS is one of the only investment banks focused on the underserved alternative investment sector The company advised on $35 of capital markets and M&A activity in 2013 and YTD 2014 and more than $10 billion in debt markets transactions
  • Why do analysts like RCS? New products RCS had a record quarter for new products in Q1 with the introduction of four new investment products $6.3 billion in new equity distributions Acquisitions improve efficiency The company plans to integrate its six retail advice platforms, which will improve the efficiency of operations
  • A good value! RCS trades for just 12 times 2014s projected earnings of $1.79 per share Industry average is 18.2 times earnings The consensus calls for earnings to grow by more than 50% by 2016
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