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  • When and who must take rasayanas?

    Time of administration of Rasayana

    Action mechanism of Rasayanas in human body

    Extraordinary role of Rasayana in Treatment

    Rasayanas must be diligently taken once you are between 32-35yrs of age, by all, irrespective of gender, lifestyle or disease. This will help maintain health and prevent any extraordinary ailments. It does much more than what a nutraceutic or a health drink can do. Age and health appropriate Rasayana can be prescribed for all. However, it must be remembered that Rasayanas give better results when taken after special purificatory therapies. If not, it is useless, especially for people over 18yrs of age.

    Rasayana drugs act at the sub-cellular and genetic level to perform the following:

    Neutraceutical action - Nourishes and maintains cell lifeRegenerative action - Encourages the growth of healthy new cellsImmuno-modulatory action - Prevents recurrent infection, clearing the damaged cellsAntioxidant action - Eliminates the toxic metabolites and pollutants. All the Rasayana drugs have anti-oxidant propertiesAntimutagenic action Antimutagenic action Acts against mutagens by preventing the cells and genes from attacking and helps in repairing the DNA nicks and breaksAdaptogenic - Maintains the balance between mind and body

    All Rasayana formulations have two common properties, they are Srothosodhana and Deepana. Meaning, they normalise the functioning of all the body channels absolutely essential to convey the nutrients to each and every cell. Also they improve and maintain digestion and cellular metabolism.Rasayanas stabilises the three doshas of the body as well as correct the structural deformity of the tissues there by normalising their function. Theystrengthen the cell and thereby prevent the instinct for recurrence.Prevent early ageing process -- Rasayana drugs act deeper than the level of purificatory Prevent early ageing process -- Rasayana drugs act deeper than the level of purificatory therapies, hence in deep - rooted diseases, treatment with Rasayana is ideal. As ageing is a chronic degenerative and deep seated problem, Rasayana is the way to go.Prevent secondary diseases-- Even the so-called incurable diseases, respond well to Rasayana Prevent secondary diseases-- Even the so-called incurable diseases, respond well to Rasayana therapy Whether it isexcessive cell death happening in AIDS, neuro degenerative diseases, stroke and myocardial infarction or undue survival of cells as in many auto immune conditions and cancer, Rasayanas help in normalising the programmed cell death (delicate, controlled elimination of cells) thereby preventing the above clinical conditions.Scientifically prescribed and wise usage of Rasayanas, provide a graceful life and slow down Scientifically prescribed and wise usage of Rasayanas, provide a graceful life and slow down ageing. Rasayanas cure and prevent diseases of this generation and on a longer regular usage prevents the same disease in the coming generations too. Regular long-term usage of Rasayanas purifies your cells and genes.

    Rasayanas can be administered once or twice a day by giving a slight modification in the quantity of food taken by one. (based on the lifestyle)


    Guduchi satwa


    Amla fruit


    Lasuna rasayana

    Bhallataka rasayana

    Thippali rasayana

    Narasimha rasayana

    Brahmi rasayana

    Benefits & Indications

    Immunomodulatory antioxidant, for liver health and preventing Autoimmune disorders

    For sensory organs especially vision promoting

    Nutritive antioxidant

    Adaptogenic antioxidant

    Curative, in neurological disorders including MNDs

    Initial stage of malignancy, prevent secondaries

    Some cases of Rheumatoid arthritis, Bronchial asthma

    In some chronic cases of Diabetes Mellitus

    Inproves vitality, specially indicated for athletes

    For children to improve the brain functions and coordination

    Shilajit rasayana

    The desire to live as long as it is humanly possible has been ingrained in man even from Vedic times.

    That which is the best means of keeping the tissue elements of the body in excellent condition is a Rasayana.

    Healthy long life, good memory, great intelligence, youthfulness, glowing complexion and colour, good voice, increase of strength of the body and wellness of sense organs, speech perfection, vigour, brilliance and vitality are some known benefits of Rasayana therapy.

    Rasayana can be a single drug or a formulation, which even upon a longer intake is safe and is conducive to health.

    Rasayanas can be used as preventive medicine, or to cure some deep seated chronic disease. There are special rasayanas to attain some specific benefits like improving the muscle mass, skin health, for hair, for vision etc. There are also occupational related rasayanas- for atheletes, teachers, drivers, etc