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Transcript of Rajkot Municipal Corporation

DIREC- 2010, New DelhiDate October 27 2010

Lies in the Western part of India Total Area 196024 Sq Km Has Coastline of 1644 Km 66% area is rocky Capital: Gandhinagar Total Population: 60 Million

Location : 20.18N & 70.51E Heart of Saurashtra region Area : 104.86 Sq.Kms

Population : 10,02,000 (2001) Climate Rain fall : Max.43.5 degree : Min. 24.2 degree : Avg. 500 mm

City wards : 23

Source : GEDA

Unit Solar Energy Biomas Wind Energy Tidal Energy kWh/m2/day days/year Mt/year MW MW MW

India 2.5-5.75 200-300 450 17000 20000 16000

Gujarat 5.75 300 24 900 5000 9900

Source : GEDA

Project Partners:Leicester Gaia Rajkot UK Portugal India

To develop an appropriate framework to undertake renewable energy initiatives. To promote sustainable development through partnerships, citizens involvement and local businesses. To reduce energy related negative environmental impacts through good practices, developing awareness on alternative routes and promoting energy efficiency.

First Renewable Energy Workshop-Leicester Second Workshop - Gaia - Portugal Identification and selection of Technology Project Participants at Rajkot Publication of IEC Material Workshop at Rajkot Exhibition at Rajkot




Sustainable Energy Workshop at RMC, Rajkot


Targeting General Awareness and popularization Developed in vernacular medium Three sets Developed and publishedRenewable energy sources switch on for better tomorrow Electricity- points to ponder Punah Prapya - Urja Strotra - Literature in Gujarati

ENTHUSE tool kit translated to Gujarati

Outcomes :Identified various renewable energy technologies and comparative potential with respect to other Development of a common understanding on the project Future action plan prepared

Large public attention Large number of school children attended Good media coverage Potential identified for renewable energy application Good business for the participants too Public made aware of development control regulation-GDCR Provision

Energy Park at RacecoursePermanent Exhibition of appliances based on Non-Conventional Energy Sources Information Center for Documentation and Dissemination of Renewable energy Energy education / communication for Publications, Films & audio visual Aids, Exhibitions and demonstrations, Awareness Programs Workshop & Seminars Capacity building Center Training Center to ensure Energy Efficient Operation, Maintenance and Management of RE Resources To create an Energy Literate Citizenry of making wide Energy Choices Promotion of use of RE thro Private Sector & Community Participation Fostering Energy Literacy.


Use of Solar Energy in Rajkot Utility Instrument

No. in Rajkot as on March-200320100 Aprox. 6300 Aprox. 16000 Aprox. 50 150 02 60 45 15 02

DomesticCooking Lighting Heating Appliances Lifting Device Commercial / Industrial Hotel Drying / Dewatering Direct sun drying for Papad etc. Hospital / Clinic etc. Lifting Device Automatic timer for Streetlighting Solar Cooker Lamp Water heater / Room Heater Water Lift Pump Water heater / Room Heater Dryers Dryers Water heater / Room Heater Pumps Timers

Rajkot Urban Development Authority has revised its Building Bye Laws-General Development Control Regulations act (GDCR) in 2004 and included a clause for mandatory provision of Solar Assisted water heating System: Clause No 17.22, Page No 101/102:

New Building in the following categories in which there is a system or installation to supplying hot water shall be built unless the system or installation is also having an auxiliary solar assisted water heating system : a) Hospitals and Nursing Homes b) Hotels, Lodges and Guests Houses c) Hostels of Schools, Colleges , Training Centers d) Barracks of armed forces, paramilitary forces and police e) Individual residential buildings having more that 150 Sq mt plinth area. f) Functional Buildings of Railway station and Airport like waiting rooms , retiring rooms, rest rooms, inspection bungalows and catering units g) Community Centers, Banquet Halls, Barat Ghars, Kalyan mandaps and buildings for similar use.

Building clean and Efficient Cities under Asia Pacific Partnership (APP) Program funded by United States Department of State MoU between RMC, ICLEI and NIUA RMC to promote larger uptake of clean development measures and technologies Developing Green house Gas and energy use baseline for the cities Organize series of National and International workshops Setting benchmark for energy consumption and carbon emission in the city NIUA shall provide advisory and dissemination support

CDIA- Cities development Initiatives for Asia Rajkot has been identified for in-depth study of urban transportation system in the city International Consultant appointed by CDIAADB for Rajkot Suggestions would be implemented by RMC , the grant or loan may be arranged by CDIA-ADB for up gradation of the services

RajkotRajkot- Identified as Solar City by Government of India Solar City

1. Selection of Rajkot as Solar City by Government of IndiaEfforts for city to be sustainable and environment friendly Energy use to be reduce by 10% in coming five years Draft Master Plan Ready More than 16000 Solar thermal systems installed in the city

2. Rebate in property tax for the users of Solar water heating system 3. Provision of 10 kWp Solar Grid connect system in west zone office building of RMC. Procedure for installation of 50 kwp system is in progress. 4. Installation of 200 solar street lights in the city (in Gardens)

5. Mandatory provision of Waste water recycling and reuse in new development coming up in the city to help to solve water problem in the city to some extent 6. Development of GIS for Rajkot Municipal Corporation 7 . Pre-feasibility study of mass urban transport system for Rajkot city by ADBCDIA. Consultant appointed by ADB Fees of 1.50 Cr. paid by ADB to the Consultant for Pre-feasibility study of Urban mass transport system 8. Selection of Rajkot for Urban climate project by US department of State and British Consulate. 9 Development of Gas based crematorium at Rajkot , sponsored by GSPC and Government of Gujarat. Design by College of Architecture is in progress. 10. Draft report for greening guide lines for the city and Green Buildings norms under Urban Climate Project.

Projection for energy demand and supply for 10 yearsSector wise and Total

Energy base line & GHG emissionsResidential, Commercial/ Industrial, Institutional, Municipal Services

Energy Planning (Sector-wise)Resources Options for energy savings & demand reduction Supply side option based on renewable Techno-economic of energy conservation and renewable energy measures

Institutional structure (Solar city cell, Solar city stakeholder committee, ) Policy and regulatory measures Awareness and capacity building Annual Action Plans Budgetary estimates and potential sources of funding from respective sources (both public and private)