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Rage of Bahamut: The Essential GuidePublication date February 2013 Co-Author: Jack Kieffer, Founder Cool Gizmo Toys http://www.coolgizmotoys.com Co-Author: Lucarda, Founder Misfit Gamers and Rage of Bahamut Guide (dot) Blogspot http://www.misfitgamers.com and http://rageofbahamutguide.blogspot.com Published by: Cool Gizmo Toys and Misfit Gamers Version 1.0 Copyright 2013 All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without prior written consent from the publisher, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. You may store the pdf on your computer and backups. You may print one copy of this book for your own personal use. Disclaimer: The information contained in this book is based on the authors experience, knowledge and opinions. The authors will not be held liable for the use or misuse of the information in this book. Rage of Bahamut: The Essential Guide is not affiliated with any game producer or publisher. This product is not an official guide. The copyright to Rage of Bahamut belongs to DeNA and (C)Cygames, inc.


Table of ContentsCredits and Copyright_______ 2 A word from Jack & Lucarda_ 4 Ch 1: Choosing a realm_____ 5 Ch 2: Items______________ 10 Ch 3: Distributing attribute points______________ 12 Ch 4: Enhancement and evolution___________ 17 Ch 5: 4-6 vs. 4-7__________ 22 Ch 6: Lingo of R.O.B._______ 27 Ch 7: Battles & Quests____ 29 Ch 8: Orders_____________ 31

Ch 9: Card values________ 34 Ch 10: Trading___________ 37 Ch 11: Building your deck___39 Ch 12: Noteworthy cards___45 Ch 13: How to generate Holy Powder__________ 47 Ch 14: Maximizing card skill combinations______ 53 Ch 15: Best defense decks_ 58 Ch 16: Best offense decks__ 67 Ch 17: Best balanced decks 76 Ch 18: Events___________ 79

Ch 19: Holy Wars: Ranking_ 82 Ch 20: Holy Wars: Skills____ 84 Ch 21: Holy Wars: Tips for leaders___________ 88 Ch 22: Holy Wars: Prep is key______________ 94 Ch 23: Holy Wars: My strategy_______ 96 Ch 24: Building a strong order____________ 98 Ch 25: Miscellaneous tips _104


A Word from Jack and LucardaIf you bought this eBook, its likely that you are one of two things. You are either new to R.O.B. or You are tired of relying on paid card packs and uninterested Order members to help you build your deck. In this guide, well go through all of the most important basics in Rage of Bahamut, such as choosing a realm, moving up the ladder of card rarities, and succeeding in events, but well also give you special tips that will put you above the rest. Youll learn how to generate HP so that you can buy that SR card that youve always wanted. Youll learn how to build a top Order from scratch, assign and use the different Holy Wars positions correctly, and much more. Well outline the best decks in the game for each of the realms at each of the different player levels, so that the information can help everyone from a strong player to a first-timer. Are you ready to stop being pushed around and to start being one of the high rankers that you have always envied? All right. Lets get started.


Chapter 1 Choosing a realm

Chapter 1Choosing A RealmChoosing a Realm is the first major decision that a player has to make in Rage of Bahamut, and it is a decision that holds a lot of long-term weight. Because of this, it can be a very difficult choice to make. Players are given vague descriptions of the realms, which are less than helpful, and are not provided a list of the advantages or disadvantages of any of the three realms (God, Demon, and Man). From a power standpoint, no realm is better than any of the others until later in the game, but it is important to make sure that youre made aware of the long term benefits that each realm provides. Additionally, the Rage of Bahamut developers are always adding new cards to the game, creating a dynamic balance of power between the realms. When picking a realm, its important to base your decision upon criteria that stays relatively constant over long periods of time. There are two criteria on which you should base your realm choice: Card Art: Choosing a realm that has card art you enjoy is important. This is a trading card game, and players should enjoy the art styles of the cards in their primary and secondary decks. Think of Rage of Bahamut cards


Chapter 1 Choosing a realm

as trading cards as opposed to pieces of code that have very little real world value. (In fact, if you choose to sell them, they are worth just as much as real trading cards, if not more in some cases.) Card Pricing: The popularity of a realm plays a significant role in trading card games. A lot of new players assume that the most popular realm is the best option and then opt to join that realm. This is actually the opposite of what you should do in Rage of Bahamut, as card prices are dictated by supply and demand. Because of this, you will want to pick the least popular realm in order to ensure lower card prices.

Man RealmThe Man Realm consists of cards that are based on human figures. This realm has the highest number of male cards in the game and the least amount of titillation, to the joy of some and the dismay of others. Due to the more modest card art, the Man Realm is the least popular of the three available choices. Some of the most powerful cards in the game, both defensively and offensively, belong to the Man Realm. As a result, its popularity has slightly increased, but it still retains the least expensive cards in terms of bang for your buck. While the Man Realm does have slightly weaker offensive and defensive skills at the top levels, this really has no effect in practice. Players will never be able to obtain all of the best cards available, due to the constant addition of more powerful cards by the developers, meaning that players will always be in a state of almost at the top.


Chapter 1 Choosing a realm

Because no one will be able to build the quintessential deck, players in the Man Realm will always be able to obtain newer, more powerful cards quickly due to lower costs. This means that the Man Realm should have a higher percentage of top players. Having said that, the top Demon Realm account would most likely be able to take down the top Man Realm player.

Demon RealmThe Demon Realm consists of monsters and scantily clad demons, providing much more titillation than the other two realms. (Again, to the dismay of some and the giggly joy of others.) This is the realm where cat-girl, dragon, and succubus cards can be found. It is also the realm where players can enjoy demonically inspired cards such as Satan and Bahamut, a couple of the games most powerful cards. Having the most provocative designs quickly made the Demon Realm the most popular, resulting in high card prices and a difficult path for new players to traverse. Keep in mind that the Demon Realm has the most powerful attack cards and possesses some of the best skills in terms of boosting attack or decreasing enemy defense. There are cards within the Demon Realm that do have high defense, but they pale in comparison to those of either of the other two realms. Having the highest attack power out of the three realms gives Demon decks the ability to power through defense leaders in Holy Wars, which could be considered an important factor.


Chapter 1 Choosing a realm

Unfortunately for the authors of this eBook, who both have Demon Realm accounts, the disadvantage of high card prices far outweighs the advantage of high attack stats. As the game progresses, the God Realm cards are showing only a slight difference in attack capability, but a big substantial difference in price.

God RealmThe God Realm is the second most popular realm in Rage of Bahamut. Its card art is heavily populated with pictures of ancient gods, something that everyone except Latin and Greek scholars find interesting, the latter of whom complain about gender discrepancies. (Hermes happens to be a female in Rage of Bahamut.) Cards like Odin and Shenlong are dominating and artistic, while cards like Haniel and Cassiopeia offer more stimulating images. In terms of how the realms popularity has affected its value, God cards have interesting pricing. Although the realm has some overpriced cards, they also have some of the least expensive cards, meaning that the God Realm suffers from some of the largest disparities in card pricing and power. The bottom line for the God Realm is that its cards have the best defense stats in the game. Because of this, God cards can be used to create a very powerful defensive deck early on in the game. Furthermore, later in the game, they have the strongest defense and follow that up with solid offensive cards, second only to those of the Demons Realm.


Chapter 1 Choosing a realm

I believe that the defensive advantage that the God Realm offers far outweighs the fact that there are fewer viable offensive cards than in the Demon Realm. As far as endgame viability, it should be the most powerful alignment. Suggestion: I would advise players to choose either the Man Realm or the God Realm, and would urge them to avoid the Demon Realm. High card prices make the Demon Realm exceedingly difficult to do well in.

Make sure that youre aware of the long-term benefits that each realm provides.


Chapter 2 Items

Chapter 2ItemsThroughout Rage of Bahamut, at all levels of gameplay, items play a vital role in your success. Whether it is quest events, raid boss events, or holy war events, you will need items to succeed. Heres a guide to all the items that youll need in order to rise to the top. Cure Water: Fully Restores Stamina Obtained from: Boss, Shop/Moba Coins, Gem Exchange, Events Holy Powder: Fully Restor