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Paper to Radio 2013 conference, Luton July 2013

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  • 1. Its not Television, its radio with pictures Richard Berry, University of Sunderland Paper for Radio Conference 2013 Image Google Maps

2. Image: rather than replacing existing media, new media is as much about the augmentation of existing media Stephen Lax, 2009 3. Textual Information Images and Pictures 4. Extensions of brands/content Generally speaking new technologies complement the previous technology in some way and they combine deliver something interesting that wasnt there before Matthew Postgate, BBC FM&T What is Broadcasting? at TEDx Manchester, 2009 5. Recordings with added pictures that enhance radio content 6. We are bringing in new audiences and certainly a younger demographic. There is also evidence people are discovering 5 Live in this way Brett Spencer, Interactive Editor Studio Cameras fixed or added 7. .where the audience really responds is when youve got guests in the studio. Richard Bacon has Ricky Gervais in the studio and theyre both in vision, there is a huge appetite for that and the stats rocket Nigel Smith (BBC) - On BBC COP Podcast: 2011 8. demands are more complex now listeners want to interact. If there is a funny moment in the studio just listening to it means you cant appreciate it in the same way. I want listeners to be able to see it. Ben Cooper, (then) Head of Daytime at BBC Radio 1:Broadcast Magazine 2008 9. We are making visual radio, which makes the most of what we already do on air, whilst giving new young audiences the content they want on the platform they want it on.. Radio needs a visual if it's going to reach young people on their second favourite search engine, YouTube. Views of Radio 1's live lounge performances frequently outstrip the numbers that listened live (Joe Harland, Head of Interactive: BBC Radio 1: Writing in the Huffington Post: 2012) BBC 10. BBC the idea of many in the younger age group buying anything called a radio as such is laughable. So, radio will need to engage young people at a new innovative level, or face a slow but certain death Richard Rudin: Broadcasting in the 21st Century 11. Image: Radio... is far from a static concept, and the medium and its 'characteristic' attributes should not be taken for granted Freire, Anrian Moscote: 2007. The Radio Journal 12. Thanks @richardberryuk