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Radiata Stories: Recruiting Guide by wrp103 Version 4.9, Last Updated 2008-02-17 View/Download Original File Hosted by GameFAQs Return to Radiata Stories (PS2) FAQs & Guides Liked this FAQ? Click here to recommend this item to other users.

[top] Radiata Stories Detailed Checklist Version 4.9 2006-2008 by Bill Pringle, all rights reserved. In addition to being a FAQ/Walkthrough, the purpose of this document is to help you determine how best to recruit people for the RPG video game *Radiata Stories* by Square -Enix. If you aren't familiar with t he game, it is a combination of Final Fantasy, Zelda, Suikoden, and a few other games. What makes this game so neat is the large number and variety of characters that can be recruited. Pre-Split Human Path Non-Human Path Groups Post-Game Misc [toc] Table of Contents * Introduction o Purpose o Game Play / Battles o Leveling Up o Skills o Weapons o Radiata Knight Overview o Theater Vancoor Overview o Recruitment Requirements o Initial Party * Before the Split o Friends List Created o Initial Friends List o First Missions o Jack's Promotion o Large Man in Vancoor Square o Ridley's Birthday Party o Jack's Choice - Human or Non -Human Path * Human Path o Meeting at Castle o Leave for Wind Valley o Wind Valley o Duel Gawain o Meet with Dynas o Meet Genius in the Sewers o Ganz's Letter o Fight at Lupus Gate o End of the World * Non-Human Path o Meeting with Parsec o Goblin Haven o First Fight with Gawain o Defeat Gawain o Escort Gawain to Fort Helencia o Fight Elwen o Cross and the Fire Dragon o End of the World * Post Game

* Members of Each Group o Theater Vancoor o Olacion Order o Vareth Institute o Void Community o Non-Guild Humans o Non-Humans * Miscellaneous o Easter Eggs and Silly Things o Fireworks Date o Gotchas o External Resources o Thanks / Credits o Version History Top of Page [intro] Introduction * * * * * * * * * Purpose Game Play / Battles Leveling Up Skills Weapons Radiata Knight Overview Theater Vancoor Overview Recruitment Requirements Initial Party

This page can be found in two forms: an HTML (web) page at http://BillPringle.com/games/radiata_checklist.html, and as a text file on http://www.gamefaqs.com/. The HTML page will probably be updated more often, and tend to be the latest version. The HTML web page will include hyperlinks, so you can click on a link to find the appropriate section. The text file was created by the FireFox browser, which inserts hyper-links inside angle brackets (). To find that location with a text editor , use the search feature to find the target name in square brackets ([like -this]). The link inside angle brackets will always start with a pound sign (#), indicating that the target is on the current page. The square brackets won't have that pound sign. Fo r example, to find the target of link , search for [intro]. If you are going to have an electronic copy of this FAQ, I recommend that you get the HTML version instead of the text file. Not all details of recruitment are included, but enough to hel p you plan who to recruit and when. For a more detailed description of how to recruit a specific character, I had recommended that you use the web site http://www.divinemight.com/rs_recruitment/index.php/Main_Page. This wiki seemd to have gone away, which is a shame. As a result, I have taken the contents of this FAQ as the basis of a walkthrough at Strategy Wiki , a side project of wikipedia . (If you aren't familiar with Wikipedia, you should be.) If you find any problems and/or have any questions, you can e -mail me at wrp103@gmail.com . Make sure you have "Radiata Stories" in the subject. I get a lot of spam, and will delete things without looking at them if I don't recognize the sender and the subject line doesn't stand out as legit (for example, a message

with a subject of "a question" will probably get deleted without me looking at it.) Top of Page [purpose] Purpose Although you can use this document as a walk through, that isn't its main purpose. The game is pretty good at telling you what you can/should do next, so a traditional walk through is less important. If you are ever in doubt, pres s R1 to bring up the map. You will see a green swirl where you should be headed. There are several places in the game where if you try to go into an area you shouldn't, Jack will make a comment and retreat. The hard (and most enjoyable) part of the game is recruiting characters. There are a number of resources that will tell you how to recruit a given character, but not so many that will tell you when and why you should recruit them. I also recommend that you buy the Official Strategy Guide, since they have some good maps, plus complete bestiary statistics. There are, however, a number of errors in that guide, and I will point out the ones I've noticed. I have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but there are times that you need to know something else will be happening later. I don't explain the content of cut scenes, which should reduce spoilers a bit. Actually, the game is relatively easy to follow. If you ever get stuck, hold down R1 to see the map. Your current destination will be shown with a swirl . If there aren't any swirls, then you probably need to sleep or enter your house to progress the game. For each phase of the game, I will tell you what missions you will have, with a comment on what you will get from each mission. I will not give you step by step instructions because, frankly, you probably don't need them. The game is pretty good at making sure you are doing what you should be doing. For example, when you are on your first few missions, if you try to turn away from the path to your destin ation, the leader of the group will stop you and tell you that is not the way. If there are some optional side quests, I will mention them and give you enough information to succeed with those quests. One of the things I enjoy about this game is the sense of discovery as I wander around the world. Even though I had the official strategy guide, I didn't bother with all the items that could be found, etc. Take time to explore each area of the world. Talk to everyone you see. Kick everything available looking for items. Try every door and see what's behind it. An RPG is like a fine meal: the goal should be to enjoy the game, not see how fast you can finish it. I do give you detailed step by step instructions for the final dungeon of the game, since the map in the official strategy guide is confusing and has errors, and I haven't seen an accurate map of that area that was generally available. Top of Page [gameplay] Game Play / Battles A word of warning: avoid button mashing. If you are the kind of person

that keeps mashing the "X" button during a battle, get out of that habit. The problem is that each time you click the button, it queues an attack. If you kill an enemy and there are still attacks queued, the target of the remaining attacks is th e next one in the list of monsters. That might be the one right next to you, or it could be the one clear across the battle field. If you think you are close to killing an enemy, click the "X" button and wait to see what happens. If it drops, approach the next closest enemy and press "X" again. That way, you can concentrate on the enemies you want to defeat next, and avoid running clear across the field, past a bunch of enemies, to get somebody over in a corner that you hadn't even noticed, let alone was in terested in. ;^) You will sometimes see one of the enemies with what looks like lightning bolts over them. This indicates that they are calling for more help. If they succeed, another enemy will appear and join in the fight. Since each enemies gets you a certain amount of experience, you might want to give them time to call somebody before you take them out. The game has its own internal time system, which is roughly one hour of game time every minute of real time. This means that a new day starts every 24 minutes, or about once every half hour. The day is divided into day and night, with day running from 6AM to 6PM, and night from 6PM to 6AM of the following day. You need to pay attention to the time of day for a number of reasons. Each character has thei r own schedule which doesn't vary from day to day, until they are in your current party, or if they are involved in a current mission. Some character recruitment can only occur during specific time periods (such as when they are in their room, or at some o ther location). Some characters behave differently or have different abilities, depending on the time of day. For example, those who have either the King of Day or King of Night skills. One of the more interesting characters is Cornelia / Rachel, who transforms between a little girl and a young woman. If she is in your party, she will change appearances and fighting styles, depending on the time of day or night. Her name on the friends list is always where Cornelia should appear, but is listed as Rache l during her transformation. There are also times when, if you enter your house between a certain time period, it will cause an event to trigger, which will progress the game. By avoiding your house except late at night / early in the morning, you can avo id triggering these events, allowing you to do things like level up and recruit people until you are ready for the next stage of the game. (And, when you are in your house, don't sleep, or that will also trigger an event.) Monsters regenerate at midnight. Other things reset at midnight as well, such as who you have dueled, and some recruitments require things happening on different days. You can use this to your advantage sometimes. For example, if you need to talk to or duel someone on two different days, you can do it just before midnight, wait a minute or two until after midnight, and then do it again. If you clear out an are