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Bringing RaceDayTogether

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RACEDAYGOFamily of Race Day offerings for Race Directors and TimersVery Low Cost/FreeOpen Platform

Plug and Play – use components you wantTiming systemsRegistration IntegrationResults IntegrationBranded separately from RunSignUp to encourage broad adoption

Includes The Race Director PCRaceDayScoring is the Cloud version of The Race Director PC

RaceJoy is part of our RaceDayGo offering, but is branded and marketed separately


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RunSignUp Bib # Options Assign as people register Assign in Bulk Manually Assign Dynamic Assignment with RD

Check-In and RD SignUp Apps Team Bib Assignment Import from spreadsheet Import from Race Director PC

or RunScore


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Set Up CorralsConfigure with Time, Size or a combinationCorrals can have 1 or more Events in eachParticipants can enter either Estimated

Time or Specify CorralSet Minimum and Maximum TimesAsk for Verification Information for Elite

RunnersImport ParticipantsCorral Assignment: Bulk with assignment order of Registration

Date or Estimated Finish Time At Registration Runner Selection CSV Upload Set Default Corrals for unspecifiedTools for Corral Time or Size Estimation

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Three OptionsWeb – for instant database syncing when there is fast, reliable InternetChrome App – OffLine AutoSync Mode with Label and Receipt PrintingApple & Android App – OffLine AutoSync Mode


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Auto-Sync with Offline modeFast Local Searching & Check-InDynamic Bib AssignmentWaiver Check-InBar Code Reader SupportLabel & Receipt PrintersCustomize Check-In DataLinked Registration for fast family check-

inTeam Check-InTeam Bib AssignmentReporting per Check-In StationSave to USB for emergency sync with

Scoring SoftwareFree and Open

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Enable Mobile Phone, Web and/or Native App Kiosk Registration on Race Day

Race Director and RunScore can download the new entries incrementally

No more data entry and paperTake cash and/or credit cardsUse as Results Kiosk after the


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Native Apple and Android App coming in Summer 2016PCI Compliant Encrypted Credit Card SwipeOff-Line AutoSync ModeCustomizable Fast Check-In OptionsIncluding Bib Assignment


“I used the kiosks at a small race this past weekend too. First time using it, everything went great. After walking the volunteers through a couple of registrations they picked it up easily, super easy to use.”

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One of the Two (along with RunScore) market dominating Scoring platforms

Over 500 Timers use The Race Director to time, score and manage thousands of races with over 11,000,000 finishers per year.

Works with all chip timing systems and many Registration platforms

Supports Road Race, Triathlon, Relay, Team, Lap, XC, Cycling and more

Merged with RunSignUp in January, 2015RaceDayGo Tight IntegrationRaceDayScoring is the Next Generation of The Race Director PC


“I am very happy to merge our business with RunSignUp. This combination provides a stable place to continue to support and enhance The Race Director in an open fashion. RunSignUp shares a similar vision for open platforms that are inclusive. I am particularly excited to begin work on a Next-Generation platform with the RunSignUp team.” – ROGER BRADSHAW, THE RACE DIRECTOR FOUNDER

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The Next Generation of The Race DirectorTimers can use either with other parts of the RDGo PlatformCompatibility - Import The Race Director Race Files into

RDScoringOver time will incorporate all The Race Director functionalityEase of use with single Database in the Cloud

Real-Time ResultsEdit results onceRemote Administration


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New Dashboard for TimersList of the races they have timing or partner or race director access toThe “Go Race Day” Menu itemsInclude RaceJoy Menu

Re-Label “Go Race Day” Menu items and pages with new RaceDayX names and logos

The Race Director License Management tied to DashboardCombined Pricing

Multiple Subscription levels like RDPC does today, but be a bit higher priced and it includes RDPC and X Results and Notifications and Photos Credits


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“My husband, son and a friend were able to track my whole race from home and from two different states!! Thanks RaceJoy!!!”


Transform the phone into a tracking deviceReal-time tracking on the course mapTrack up to 20 people at a timeReceive Mile Splits and AlertsParticipants Cheer Runners during the raceSeven hour battery life2016 RaceDay Go Features

RD Results in RaceJoyGPS Splits in RD Results


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Easy, Open Results Upload from The Race Director, RunScore, Agee, CSV, HTML or APISimple collaboration between Race Directors and TimersFull searchable Results Display• Individual Results, including custom URL and QR Code for bib printing• Customize column order and content• Splits and Triathlon support• Auto-pace and Age % calculations• Finisher Certificate• Video Results• Mobile Results• Kiosk Results• Custom Bib & QR Code• Notification and Runner Tracking• Quick Widget for embedding searchable results on any website• Free TXT of results if registration done on RunSignUp and inexpensive TXT and free

email notifications for other races

“We added video to two of our results pages from the weekend: super easy to set up on the RSU end (YouTube is another story), and a huge hit with the masses. THANK YOU for making this feature available. It's something I didn't know I would ever use, but greatly appreciate you all thinking outside the typical registration/results box to provide what I consider the leading product in the marketplace. Kudos.”


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“Just uploaded my first set of results. Oh my goodness! How easy!!!! I usually put off uploading results to our previous registration site because it was so difficult. Thank you for making this simple.”

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NOTIFICATIONSRunner, Friends and Family can register for free notification

when results are postedRegistration PathTrack a RunnerTXT, Email or RaceJoy (soon)


“The one thing that makes me most confident about the folks from RunSignUp is that their hearts are in the right place. They've never failed to correct unforeseen issues, and they've done so in a timely fashion. I stake my business on them.”

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FINISHER CERTIFICATESelect from our standard

TemplatesUpload your Own Background

ImageAdd TextAdd Custom Fields• Name• Time• Place• Pace• Etc.


“Just wanted to say thank you for doing a kick ass job with results and certificates. Finally figured out how to quickly upload results from RD to RSU and stoked how easy it was.”

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RUNSCORE RESULTSRunScore Results works for any RunScore

race• Without any changes, post results online• Uses existing listing files for printing

results to put those fields online and make them searchable

• Add TXT and Email results messaging• Add YouTube Video to results• Embed results easily on multiple sites with

WidgetRaceDay Results Integration• Also works with any RunSignUp Race• Bi-directional syncing of participant data –

make changes in either RaceDay Results or RunScore and those changes are synced to the other system

• Can share Results Credits with RunScore Results

“RunScore Results is the result of a tight integration between RunScore and RunSignup Results, but allows RunScore users to use RunScore Results for any race and completely controlled from RunScore. RunScore Results is an integral part of RunScore.” ALAN JONES, RUNSCORE FOUNDER 21

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MarathonGuide, etc.


RD Photos Storage

TaggingTime Offset,

Manual, Crowdsourcing, Google Vision,

Mechanical Turk


Configure, Price, Authorize

MetaDataRace, Date,

Location, Time, Bib, etc.

RaceDay GoParticipant Info,


Photo ViewingGalleries

WatermarkingTXT and EmailSocial SharingResults Links Profile Photos


SponsorPay @ SignUpPay after race3rd Party Pay

High ResNon-



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For Timers, Multi-City Race Series and large Running Sites like RunningintheUSA.org and Road Runners Club of America

Enables multi-level access and control of races

Multiple Races and Race Directors Create Race Templates for

consistency and ease of useFoundation of Multi-City Race

Series Solution








Race …





“Playmakers uses RunSignUp for our community online calendar. We have 100's of events add their information to the community calendar on our website seamlessly with little involvement from the store. It has saves us 50+ hours a year in managing our calendar and continually updating everything. We also use RunSignUp for our store events. We host upwards of 20 events a year. Some of those we charge an entry fee and most of free volunteer events. RunSignUp works equally well for both of them but our biggest advantage has some through donations. Our old platform did not accept donations, we have now collected $1000's of dollars by simply turning on donations for all of our events with a little information for about our foundation.”

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PRICINGService Timer Fee RSU SignUp Other

SignUpThe Race Director

$495 – 1st Year$150.yr – Normal$300.yr – Commercial$600/yr - Extended

RD Bibs Free Free Free

RD Corrals Free Free Free

RD SignUp Free. Optional Swiper $40

Free. Optional Swiper $40


RD Check-In Free Free Free

RD Scoring Included in The Race Director Commercial and Extended


RD Results Can purchase on Timer Account

Unlimited Results, # of Paid Registrants = # of free TXT Messages. Pay for overage.

See Results and TXT Credit Plans

RD Photos Can purchase on Timer Account


RaceJoy See RaceJoy Website + $0.25 processing fee for less than 10K, +$0.50 above. Or Buy-out.


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RD RESULTS PRICINGIncremental pricing for Results Posting and TXT Notifications

– Race or Timer


Results Posted


10,000 $9950,000 $250100,000 $450250,000 $1,000500,000 $2,0001,000,000 $3,000

TXT Notifications


500 $1251,000 $2502,500 $5005,000 $75010,000 $1,30020,000 $2,40050,000 $5,500100,000 $10,000