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  • 1. s Are...Q uoteA Type of punctu ation, that is used for speech or sayings.

2. 1. The teacher asked the class, "Canyou count to ten?"2. "Elated is a synonym for happy,"said Lily.3. The title of my story is "Music toMy Ears." 3. 1. Punctuations must go inside the quotationmarks.ex. "I love winter break!" yelled Ben.2. Use Quotation marks to point out titles of short work, such as poems, songs, and even stories!ex. "Candy Man" is me favorite story!3. When you want to point out what someone or something is saying, or a sound, only use double quotation marks around the saying or sound.ex. "I do not like learning" mentioned Jake. 4. 4. Capitalize the first letter when its a completesentence.ex. Hannah said, "I can count to 100 really fast!"5. Periods must go at the end, but NOT inside ofthe quotation marks, unless the quote is at theend of the sentence.ex. "I like chocolate," said May."Sure," replied Jolie, "that is great."6. Quotation Marks go around the EXACT WORDSof the speaker.ex. "You rock!" exclaimed Eli. 5. Thank youto...