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  • Protecting what matters most


  • 2 | G P S H E R O E S Q U I C K S T A R T G U I D E

    A Little HistoryI got my start in the GPS Industry in 2001 as a sales rep for a pioneer start-up in GPS Fleet Monitoring. The company was based in the San Francisco Bay area. I was based in Arizona, and was tasked to sell the solution to local pest control, plumbing, towing, air conditioning companies and many other trades (back then there were no consumer offerings for children, teen drivers, seniors, etc. like GPS Heroes has today). I had no experience in GPS monitoring and no history working with fleet owners, but it did not take long for me to realize that I had stumbled upon an amazing technology that every fleet really needed.

    Over the next three years, I made a great living and earned many promotions to executive sales management roles. Then I was recruited by a competitor and did it all over again. During my sixth year in the industry, I published my book Ready, Set, Sell! – How to Get From Zero to Sales Hero in 90 Days. Publishing that book was a big item on my Bucket List, and it changed my future – unexpectedly! For over two decades I had used the methods and tactics in my book to build highly successful sales teams for several ventures for myself and my employers, and I had always wanted to share my system with the world. To my delight the book was endorsed by some of the most well known sales and personal development trainers including Brian Tracy and Jeffrey Gitomer. Ready, Set, Sell! became a #1 Best-Seller at Amazon.com – I was so proud!

    However, the celebration ended abruptly when I was informed by my then employer that my book was a “conflict of interest” and my employment was terminated! Over-night I went from being a successful executive with an impressive income to a “famous author” with no income. And if that was not tough enough, it was now 2008 - and suddenly the economy came to a screeching halt. I don’t have to tell you what that recession did to our country – I’m sure you have your own story. In fact, most of the population is still trying to recover from what became the worst economic meltdown we have seen since the 1930’s.

    My wife Rachel was scared and my two young kids (then 10 and 12) wanted to eat, so I had to think and act fast. While my book was opening lots of doors and opportunities,

    Don Mastrangelo

    IntroductionAre you looking for a great opportunity? The GPS Tracking industry is a huge and untapped market. Over the next few years GPS Heroes will help countless consumers and fleet owners “Protect What Matters Most,” and as an Independent GPS Monitoring Consultant you can reap the financial rewards. You don’t need experience – just a positive attitude, genuine enthusiasm and a willingness to follow our proven plan. We can’t do it without you – so are you ready to get started? Great! Just a few years ago I went from Zero to GPS Hero in 90 days – now it’s your turn (and it will be much easier for you than it was for me) . . .

  • | 3Protecting what matters most

    I needed to replace my lost income in a hurry. So, I opened my own GPS enterprise and put the Ready, Set, Sell! methodology to work for myself again, helping fleet owners to reduce overtime, reduce miles driven on their vehicles and increase the number of stops, jobs or deliveries made by their drivers. Within 90 days, I had already helped dozens of customers and had created tremendous momentum. Over the past six years – despite the recession – we have built an amazing and successful enterprise with thousands of happy, loyal customers spread across every state in the nation. Enhancing our success working with fleet owners, we have added products for consumers to protect and monitor children, teen drivers, seniors and outdoor enthusiasts.

    As we grew, we learned that the formula for winning and keeping our customers was simple – provide a world-class solution through personal, one-on-one, local support. We are the only industry leader to offer cutting edge consumer and fleet GPS monitor-ing solutions exclusively through a local distributor network. And after twelve years in the industry, we have only scratched the surface. The consumer markets are wide open with virtually no competitors. As for fleets – today only 14% have a GPS system – the rest are just waiting for the right GPS Monitoring Consultant to show up!

    What Does it Take to Be a GPS Hero?> Possess an Entrepreneur vs. Employee mindset> Professional Appearance> Positive Attitude> Genuine Enthusiasm> Sincere Desire to Earn a Strong Six Figure Income> Invest $500-$1000 in your GPS Heroes business> Attend our Two Day Training Intensive at our Murrieta, CA HQ.> Devote at least 20-40 hours per week visitinglocalfleetcompanies.> Follow our proven plan to Get From Zero to GPS Hero in 90 Days!

    If this sounds like you,enroll today!

    Start Your Journey From Zero ToGPS Hero In The Next 90 Minutes. . .

    > Proven Sales & Marketing Plan

    > Industry Leading Training & Support

    > A Solution Every Fleet Needs

  • 4 | G P S H E R O E S Q U I C K S T A R T G U I D E

    How Much Can I Earn?Our compensation plan has no limits - you can earn as much as you like by continuing to help more fleet customers benefit from our service! We want our Consultants to earn a strong six figure income, and those who follow our proven plan have the best chance to succeed. Our compensation plan has two phases. In Phase One you will earn up to $35.00 for every new device sold and up to $10.50 per unit each month as your custom-ers pay their monthly service fees:

    Phase Two: Once you have succeeded in building your own GPS Heroes business you may have the opportunity to significantly increase your income through our Bonus, Mentoring and Partnership programs!

    *PV = Personal Sales Volume

    Protecting what matters most


  • | 5Protecting what matters most

    Enroll and Order Your Entrepreneur Kit The Entrepreneur Kit ($299.85) includes everything you need to master our program and demonstrate it to your prospects:

    > (2) Plug-n-Play Demo Devices > (1) Personal Monitor Demo Package; > (1) iPhone or Droid Demo License> Book - Ready, Set, Sell! by Don Mastrangelo> Downloadable sales materials and tools> Tuition to our Two Day Training Intensive*> Virtual Business Center> Replicated Website> Much More!

    *Airfare and Hotel not included.

    There will also be a recurring charge of $99.75/month (commissionable to you) for your Virtual Business Center and monitoring of your demo devices that begins 30-days from your enrollment date.

    Congratulations, you have just started a businesswith a six figure income - and your overhead isless than $100 per month!

    Everything You Need to Master

    Our Program and Demonstrate it to

    Your Prospects is in Our Entrepreneur Kit

    Training Included!Your Entrepreneur Kit includes

    tuition for one person to attend our Two Day Training Intensive

    at our Murrieta Headquarters!

  • 6 | G P S H E R O E S Q U I C K S T A R T G U I D E

    What To Do In The Next 90 Minutes!Once enrolled, take a moment to review your Virtual Business Center. Here you will be able to review your orders, sales volume, customers and their orders, run reports, get the latest news and access sales materials.

    First, go to YOUR website at www.gpsheroes.org/xxxx (replace “xxxx” with your distributor number). In the upper right hand corner of your website you will see your contact information. Update your contact info by logging in to your Virtual Business Center and click on “edit profile”.

    Note the phone number that appears on your replicated site is the “Home” phone number in your profile. Be sure to enter your preferred phone number in this field. The “Replicated Site” field allows you to use a word or phrase in lieu of your distributor number. For example, if your distributor number is 1287, and you prefer to use gpsheroes.org/kathy rather than gpsheroes.org/1287 enter “kathy” in the Replicated Site field. If the phrase “kathy” is already taken by another distributor the system will prompt you to choose a different phrase. Note, if you do choose to use a phrase gpsheroes.org/yourdistribu-tornumber will also direct visitors to your website.

    Next, you can upload your photo (or logo). Just click the “Edit My Picture” link and browse to your preferred image. Images must have dimensions of 150px (W) x 150px (H) or smaller and be in either JPG or GIF format. Maximum file size is 150kb.

  • | 7Protecting what matters most


    Simply Fill In, Save, and Print As


    Business Cards, Brochures & CollateralWe have created a library of sales tools for you to use in the field and electronically. All can be personalized with your contact information. There are two options – Print on Demand (instant) and Professional (3-5 day delivery). To access either option click the “Resources” tab while logged in to your Virtual Business Center.

    Print-on-DemandTemplates for temporary business cards, brochures and various flyers are available in PDF form for immediate download. Each is easily personalized by inserting your name, phone, email and replicated site address in the fields provided. Simply save and print as needed! For Print-On-Demand business cards you can purchase perforated business card blanks at OfficeMax, Staples, Amazon, etc. Print-On-Demand is perfect for small quantities and a great way to get started; however, we highly recommend using our professional printed materials, especially for business cards andtri-fold brochures.

  • 8 | G P S H E R O E S Q U I C K S T A R T G U I D E

    Professional PrintingWe have teamed up with an excellent professional printer to produce first quality business cards and brochures for you at amazing prices! Business cards are full color, two sided and laminated and cost less than $25.00 for a minimum order, and our beautiful tri-fold brochures are perfect for handing out while prospecting, at meetings, parties, trade shows and events. Tri-fold brochures also make great direct mailers. We highly suggest ordering professionally printed business cards and brochures! To place your order, visit your Virtual Business Center and choose “Resources”. Click “Order Business Cards and Brochures”, personalize your collateral and submit your order. You will have beautiful, professionally printed materials delivered to you within a few days!

    Logo Apparel, Trade Show Supplies, Promotional Products, and more are available for purchase.

    Visit Your Virtual Business Center!

  • 9 | G P S H E R O E S Q U I C K S T A R T G U I D E

    You Did It! – See You at HQ!In less than the time it takes to watch a movie you have started a business. You have your own personalized GPS Heroes website. You have ordered business cards, brochures and flyers. Today you have taken your first step towards your financial freedom. Your next step is to attend our next Two Day Training Intensive at our Murrieta, California Headquarters! Your tuition ($499.00 Value!) was included with your Entrepreneur Kit and includes lunch both days - your only costs are transportation, hotel and dinners!

    Here’s what you’ll learn:> History of the GPS Tracking Industry > Why 86% of fleets still do not have a GPS Tracking system> How YOU can be the PRO who earns their business! > Learn and Master the GPS Heroes Application> Personal, Plug n’ Play or Pro? Learning the devices. > The Ultimate Customer Profile - Who to Call On?> Competition - who they are and how to beat them? > GPS Heroes Features, Advantages and Benefits> How to Present, Demo and CLOSE! > Pricing Plans and Options> Don’s Ten Secrets to Success > Maximize Your Earnings with the GPS Heroes Compensation Plan> How to Get From Zero to GPS Hero in 90 Days! > Much, much more!

    Once enrolled, contact Lori Lopez at (800) 688-0999 ext. 705 or [email protected] to RSVP for the next session:

    August 20-21, 2014September 24-25, 2014

    October 29-30, 2014November 19-20, 2014