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Quick and Easy Tips for Social Media. Check out the following links. http://www.writeawriting.com/social-media/social-media-presence/ http://www.writeawriting.com/social-media/how-to-set-social-media-marketing-goals-that-help-conversions/ http://www.writeawriting.com/career/career-in-social-media

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2. 2 TABLE OF CONTENT Manage Social Media Presence For Your Business Like A Pro by Abdullah Saqib.......................................3 How To Set Social Media Marketing Goals That Help Conversions by Ali Waqas........................................8 Aspiring For A Career In Social Media Marketing? Here Is How You Get Started by Ali Waqas ...............12 3. 3 MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE FOR YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A PRO Over the past few years, social media has grown both in terms of the application as well as usage. It has successfully become a part of daily routine for all segments of the society, professionals and youth alike. It may have started as a fulfillment of mans need to connect but as the global population started making their presence felt virtually on social media platforms, the concept of ecommerce and online marketing went to the next level. The viral experience and the trending reality were evident in the Arab Spring as well as the Occupy movements (to name a few). Now, social media is integrated with every part of our daily routines. SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE AS AN ESSENTIAL ELEMENT FOR BUSINESSES A more useful aspect for businesses is the ability to create their brand or product image in a manner such that the user base starts seeing the brand as a person and begins interacting with it. The people to people connection has now been successfully transformed to include the business to consumer relationship at a much personal level, thus, increasing interactivity as well as activity. Imagine two individuals interacting with the other. This interaction is dependent both on the availability of the other individual as well as the response time. If a question gets answered with delay, the interest in the conversation significantly declines and so the interaction dies down. Now, viewing your company or even you as an individual interacting with a huge audience, a moment of delay or unavailability can have an adverse effect on the connectivity with the target 4. 4 individuals. So, when youre away and busy at a meeting, leisure trip or on the move, you must ensure that your absence is left unnoticed by your followers. Achieving this requires an analytic solution-oriented study (a solution that reverberates with the relationship between you or your brand and the end-user, may it be another business or a consumer) of the tools out there, that can help you manage social media, on the go. In this post, we examine the social media platforms, their popularity, penetration and application while providing you with all that is necessary to maintain its use, wherever needed. THE STATE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Before we actually present the steps that will enable you to manage social media, on the go, it is essential to analyze the social media industry and the popularity of various platforms. Facebook: On the surface, Facebook is a community-oriented place of interaction where all forms of content can be shared and discussed on walls, timelines, albums, groups and pages. Twitter: Twitter, on the other hand, gives more importance to whats being talked about the topic or the hash tag and associates the influencer-follower relationship with the relevant topic presenting whats trending to the user. Linkedin, Pinterest and Others: LinkedIn is the professionals hub while Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and the like focus on media (videos and photos) to create awareness and value for the user. And What About G+: Yes, we missed out Google+ as it is a combination of everything incorporated in circles but the most significant penetration it has had is in the blogger community. 5. 5 A LATEST TAKE ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA INDUSTRY Figure 1: Figure 1: The following info graphic is based on the latest Social Media Marketing Industry Report and gives an overview of the most popular social media platforms with respect to the value theyre delivering. According to July 2013 stats and Top Ten Reviews, the top 5 social media platforms with respect to their user base, is as follows: 1. Facebook (1.15 billion users) 2. Twitter (554 million users) 3. Google Plus (343 million users) 4. LinkedIn (225 million users) 5. YouTube (800 million daily unique visits) 6. 6 It is always best to plan out your social media activity such that it is consistent and value-driven to ensure consistent impact and an interactive relationship with the target market. These three simple yet powerful steps will definitely enable you to manage social media, on the go, and create an even more impact for the better. 1. INTEGRATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS It is common to have multiple social media accounts with similar content being broadcasted in order to ensure convenience and scale for the end-user. This is why websites and blogs have profile badges for a huge range of platforms including but not restricted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest and even more depending on the interest level from the business end. With this context, it is quite obvious that updating each account separately would waste a lot of precious time and effort. In order to avoid this, you can easily integrate your social media accounts and manage them from a single interface. Using such a tool would allow you to keep track of activity, content and analytics from a single unified interface and this is exactly what is driving large scale business entities social media marketing strategy. Try using Hootsuite which is the most popular social media management utility and is available both as a web application and a smartphone app. Tweetdeck is also a free useful alternative. 2. SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS AND UPDATES Rather than updating content on a daily basis, it is highly recommended to plan out and devise a content strategy that can be scaled over time. A content repository can then be used to fill in gaps, where you or your team is unavailable (i.e. focused on other more important things). Streamlining content can give you the freedom to achieve much more. This is why Facebook boasts an Activity Log feature that can allow you to schedule posts and statuses over time giving you the advantage of maintaining a base activity for your social media presence. 7. 7 Social media management tools allow you to schedule posts, tweets or updates across platforms and this is where you can easily earn the extra mile. 3. MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR SMARTPHONE As the smart phone penetration increases worldwide coupled with high speed mobile internet, you can easily keep track of online activity on the go. So, when youre travelling or commuting, you can simply manage social media as well as fulfilling the need for killing time in a very useful way. 8. 8 HOW TO SET SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING GOALS THAT HELP CONVERSIONS There are over 1 Billion Social Media users throughout the globe with virtually unlimited interests. The main reason for using social media by these folks is to connect with folks they know and in some cases; they dont. Today every business, looking for a boost in its reach and profits, has a social media presence. Why is this so? Well, social media is about discussions and connections! And since word of mouth still the most dependable passive marketing tactic, hence brands ensure to engage people in discussion and create a positive impact. This positive impact, created by brands on their social media properties, helps create awareness about their products and services. And awareness about a product or service basically leads to conversions! But before you can grow large on social media; youll need some goals and a plan. Social media marketing goal setting and object determination is something that you need to kick- start your brands online engagement. We have seen countless businesses failing due to the lack of planning. Social media marketing requires short-term, medium-term and long-haul goals settings and objective planning in order to be successful. It is important to see your social media marketing objective as your ordinary marketing efforts that usually require rigorous planning. From Mercedes Benz to Wall Mart and your next door sandwich shop; every brand is trying its best to enhance profits from their social media efforts and conversations. These brands arent doing it without a proper plan. And their vision and social media goals lay the foundations of 9. 9 their unprecedented success over the social media. Remember that if your goals are smart; you are going to perform smarter with your product or services on the social media. BEFORE YOU GO ON TO PLANNING AND OBJECTIVE SETTING FOR YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS, READ THIS ONE! To start any social media brand related activity, you first need to ensure that you arent scared of it at all. This might sound a bit stupid, but the reality is that there are many brands which fail to launch their social media activities due to the Fear Factor. The fear of being unsuccessful, the scary and concentrated competition and the timidity in starting it up contribute to the social media fear factor. Remember that every brand, big or small, started off with 0 twitter followers and Facebook likes; you arent any different. Beating competition and creating your own unique selling proposition is the easiest to create! Why? Because social media isnt about selling, in fact, it is about connecting with your prospect, customers and cold / hot leads in real time. Usually, your social media success depends on your ability to connect and converse. If you talk and write better, youll have better returns! Defining and Developing your Social Media goals / Objectives: SMART GOALS: Once you have kicked out the social networking / media fear factor, the next step is fairly basic: defining and drafting your social media objectives. This is very important as we dont want you to launch your brand on social media without being considerate about your expected outcomes. 10. 10 Social media, like any other marketing medium, requires your objectiv