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  • SECURITY GATE SOLUTIONS RETAIL STOREFRONT PROTECTION. Security Gates For Retail Storefronts Whether your retail store faces a street or is located inside of a shopping mall, Quantum has products to help you keep your employees, inventory, and customers safe from after-hours intruders. Retail security gates roll back during the day, but deter thieves at night. Quantum Security products may lower insurance rates for your retail store Our easy locking system allows you to control access with your existing store keys.
  • MOBILE SECURITY BARRIERS Mobile or portable scissor style gates are powder coated steel tubing, that are riveted back to back and are attached to end channels, and expands when opened and closed. The folding gates are mounted to 22 steel base trolley with two heavy duty casters for stable and ease of mobility. No restrictions or limitations to the span that these mobile units can secure. Small individual portable units can open from 14 to 120, each unit can be easily joined together to unlimited lengths. Slam Locks or l206 locking posts may be used to separate the units from each other to allow for access as well as ease of mobility and storage.
  • SHIPPING DOOR SECURITY GATES PROTECT YOUR FACILITY AND YOUR EMPLOYEES SAFE AND SECURE VENTILATION. Because our Tubular steel lattice security gate is designed to make your facilities more secure and still allow frequent easy access to those who need it. They fold back easily and out of the way when people and equipment need to pass, but provide a lockable barrier when closed. The entrances need to be secured to provide an additional layer of protection against a break in attempts, when the warehouse or plant is closed for business. Our "Safety Yellow Security Gates" protect the shipping area during daily operation against unwanted intruders while the bay doors are open for ventilation, as well as providing a barrier to prevent accidental falls from elevated loading docks.
  • SPECIFICATIONS 18 GA. x cold rolled tubular steel. 16 GA. end channels. Aircraft quality rivets. Powder coated finish: white, gray, black or safety yellow. Unique tamperproof SLAM LOCK, attaches to the gate, no more losing pad locks. Non marking leading edge caster. Gate closes to 15% of its opening size. Folds away when not in use. Can be keyed alike. Can be used for almost any application. Quick delivery. Info @quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 (844 MYGATES)