Quantity surveying -scope and purpose


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Transcript of Quantity surveying -scope and purpose

Page 1: Quantity surveying -scope and purpose


by Abhijeet B. Bhosale (Roll no:14)

Page 2: Quantity surveying -scope and purpose

Quantity Surveying Objective• GENERAL OBJECTIVES:

1 . To appreciate the place of quantitative assessment in every field of

the construction industry.

2. To attain the highest possible accuracy in quantitative problem

solving .

3. To be better understand the mode of site development and excavation.

4. To evaluate the material content of reinforced concrete structures.

Page 3: Quantity surveying -scope and purpose


1 - Mensuration ReviewCalculate the area and volume of any figure comprised of a combination of various shapes .

To calculate earth quantities

2. Basic Contract DocumentDescribe the objectives of a specification and the general conditions to a contract.

3. Method of MeasurementDefine the order and accuracy of dimensions normally used

Page 4: Quantity surveying -scope and purpose

List the inclusions and exclusions allowed for in computing building areas and volume

4.Site Works:Take off and bill

1. the quantities for the clearing and grubbing of a

new site.

2. the drainage work for a typical home.

3. a section of roadway and sidewalk.

Page 5: Quantity surveying -scope and purpose

Scope of Quantity surveying• Estimating and cost advice

• Receiving instruction from the Employer and advising on various courses of action and procedures to suit the particular requirements of the Project.

• Providing financial design criteria advice.

• Documentation and procurement• Compilation of documentation, and management of the procurement processes

• Contract administration• Examining and reporting on tender offers for subcontracts, including financial comparisons with

budget.• Preparing schedules of predicted cash flows.

Page 6: Quantity surveying -scope and purpose

• Final account Preparation, measurement of all final quantities, and evaluation of the final account as submitted by the contractor

 • Supplementary Services

Financial viability studies, and other pre-design phase studies involving economic investigations and appraisals of a project.