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Transcript of PUSD College & Career Pathways

  • Transforming students high school experience by bringing together strong academics, demanding career education and real-world experience to help students gain an advantage in high school, college and careers.

  • Pathway Components

    Pure pathway cohorts all classes taken with other students in that pathway

    Students are part of a larger pathway family support network.

    Teachers are energized, engaged, and enthusiastic. They collaborate with their peers, interact with the larger community, and are invested in their students success.

    Schedule to allow for collaborative time for pathway teachers


    CTE certified teachers

  • Pathway Components

    Technology hardware and IT support

    Supplies and equipment

    Certification process to ensure rigorous pathways

    Work-based learning opportunities

    Cross-curricular projects

    School-level professional development

    District-level professional development opportunities

    Postsecondary and community partnerships

  • Summer Institute August 2013

  • Students in Pathways

    have stronger peer relations

    are prepared for career and a full range of postsecondary options that includes four-year college or university

    are more likely to pass the California High School Exit Exam as sophomores

    are more likely to complete the a-g requirements needed for admissions eligibility to Californias public universities

    are more likely to graduate from high school (lower drop-out rates)

  • Career Education CTE Classes

    Culinary Arts 1, 2 & 3 Health Careers 1, 2 & 3 Computer Science 1 & 2 (g)

    Law Enforcement Occupations Graphic Design (f) Printmaking Occupations (f) E-Marketing Photography (f)

    Introduction to Engineering Design (g) Engineering Design & Development (g) Principles of Engineering (g) Civil Engineering & Architecture (g) Aerospace Engineering (g) Digital Electronics (g)

    Business Mgmt/ Entrepreneurship Principles of Finance Business Economics (g) Film & Video Production 1 & 2 (f) TV & Film Script Writing (g) Animation (f) Drama Actors Studio (f)

  • California Workforce by Sector

  • Our Business and Community Partners

  • Why Pathways?

    21st Century Learning

    1. Critical Thinker Our graduates: analyze and evaluate information critically and competently propose solutions based upon studied data have the ability to quickly and easily adapt their knowledge and skills to new environments

    (cognitive flexibility) demonstrate perseverance and make sense of problems while solving them 2. Creative and Innovative Thinker Our graduates: create original work that demonstrates thoughtful and reflective approaches provide original solutions to problems, analysis, modeling, prototyping and testing use obstacles and setbacks as opportunities to learn, reflect, and improve 3. Collaborator Our graduates: share responsibility for collaborative work, and value individual contributions made by each

    team member practice interpersonal and social skills in order to build positive relationships with peers and

    adults work effectively on a diverse team build consensus while making decisions

    4. Communicator Our graduates: acquire strong multilingual verbal and written skills advocate for their future and communicate their personal value write with precision, clarity and coherence appropriate to task and audience listen effectively to decipher meaning, values, attitudes and intentions deliver information effectively in multiple formats

  • Why Pathways?

    21st Century Learning in motion!

    Rigorous inquiry-based instruction within each classroom

    Performance-based assessment within each classroom

    Rigorous career technical courses

    Authentic integration of curriculum across subjects

    Team approach: analysis of data and student work

    Systematic interventions and supports

    Meaningful work-based learning opportunities for all pathways students

  • When students love what theyre learning, they work harder, dream bigger and learn more.