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My English presentation about Purple Cow, a book by marketing guru Seth Godin. You should read it. Check out my presentation if you're curious about it.

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  • 1.Purple Cow K.R. DrewelThe book in a nutshell

2. Contents1. What is Purple Cow?2. Who is Seth Godin?3. So what exactly is a Purple Cow?4. Why do companies need a Purple Cow?5. What are sneezers?6. What is an Otaku?7. What is the secret formula? (The magic cycle of the cow)8. Discussion 3. What is Purple Cow? Its a book about marketingwritten by Seth Godin in2002. Its about transformingyour business by beingremarkable. It still kicks ass and makessense, even though thebook is ten years old. 4. Who is Seth Godin? Bald marketing guru whomakes a lot of money bywriting these sort of books. Also a very influentialblogger (sethgodin.com) 5. So what exactly is a Purple Cow?Seth describes it as one of the newmarketing Ps:The essence of the Purple Cow isthat is must be remarkable. In fact,if remarkable started with a P, Icould probably with the cowsubterfuge, but what can you do?(pg.2)In short: A Purple Cow is a product (orsometimes service) that dares tostand out. 6. Why do companies need a Purple Cow? We all know this doesnt work anymore The media landscape is shifting. 7. Why do companies need a Purple Cow?Among the peoplewho might buy yourproduct , most willnever hear about it.There are so manyalternatives now thatpeople can no longerbe easily reached bymass mediaBottom-line Too many products Hard to stand out 8. This is veryconfusing. Not justfor consumers, butfor companies too. 9. The big question is: How cancompanies and their products be remarkable? The book covers a few steps on how to be remarkable. There are two main rules. 10. First rule: Make an awesomeproduct.This one actually makes the mostsense. Your product should alwaysbe the Purple Cow. Your marketingcould be awesome, but productshould always come first. Halfwaythrough 11. Second rule: Get people tolike your awesome product. You can do that by finding Sneezers. 12. What are sneezers? Sneezers are the key spreading agents of an ideavirus. These are experts who tell all their colleagues or friends or admirers about a new product or service on which they are a perceived authority. pg. 31 13. Theyre not always earlyadoptersEarly adopters sometimes are careful withsharing ideas. Sometimes they dont haveenough credibility. 14. So how do you create an idea that spreads?1. Dont try to make a product for everybody.2. Sneezers in markets for everybody products have too many choices.3. Create ideas that spread in a niche market. With a niche you can segment a chunk of the mainstream4. This in turn will create focused ideasLook for people withan Otaku. 15. What is an Otaku?Otaku describes somethingthats more than a hobby buta little less than an obsession.()People read Fast Companybecause they havean Otaku about business. ()Otaku, it turns out, is at theheart of the Purple Cowphenomenon.As a company you have to connect with thispeople. These are the sneezers who first Some exampleshear about your Purple Cow. They also helpto improve your product. 16. Bottom lineFind influential people to talk about your product. 17. Is there a secret formula?No. But there is somethingthat Seth calls The MagicCycle of the Cow. It consistsof 4 simple steps.1. Get permission2. Work with sneezers3. Let a different team milk4. Reinvest Almost there! 18. 1. Get permission from peopleyou impressed the first timeLet people know when youmight have another Cow.Make them feel special.2. Work with sneezersMake them sell your storyfor you. 19. 3. Let a different team milk the productLet other teams milk the cow.Do it as fast as possible. Dontbelieve your own pressreleases.4. ReinvestLaunch another Purple Cow.Fail as much as you can tolearn as much as possible.Assume that previousremarkable things wont beremarkable now. 20. That was Purple Cow in a nutshell. Please read this book. Its fun and easy to read and it will give you a lot of insights. 21. Discussion:Purple Cow is written in a very easy way. Seth Godinmakes a lot of assumptions by using his gut feeling.This is often regarded by marketers as somethingbad. What do you think?Is having a gut feeling about a product orservice a bad thing for marketers? Or is itnecessary to develop a Purple Cow?