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2. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?1#1:1 Large Size Fits All SME:If you are an SME, with 10+ employees,you can join Purple Cow, be part of a biggergroup, and be treated like a large company. (Unlike most HMO plans)You can enjoy the same toys as the Big Boys 3. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow? 2#2: 2 Ways to Access Healthcare:you can see an HMO doctor for free,or your own doctor for reimbursement at the HMO rate each time you avail.(Unlike most HMO plans)You can see your own doctor, cheaper 4. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 3 #3:3 Major Emp. Benefits in 1 Package: you get Life, Personal Accident & Health (medical HMO, dental HMO, opt. APE, opt. Reimbursement) all in 1 package. (Unlike most HMO plans)You get all the Employee Benefits you will ever need 5. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 4 #4:4 Modes of Payment: you can choose from annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly modes of payment to suit your cash flow or budget.(Unlike most HMO plans)You can pay Annual (60%), S.A. (5%), Qtr. (30%) or Mo. (5%) 6. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow? 5#5: Up to 5 R&B x 3 MBL Choices each:you can choose up to 5 SME Room & Board categories x 3 Maximum Benefit Limitseach to suit your wants, needs or budget. (Unlike most HMO plans)You can try new combinations to see if they are sulit 7. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow?6 #6: 100% Pre-Existing Conditions:you get 100% Pre-Existing Conditions coverage, up to MBL, for cancer,hypertension, diabetes, asthma, etc.(Unlike most HMO plans)You are covered for dreaded & non-dreaded diseases 8. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?7#7: 100% Congenital Conditions:you get 100% Congenital Conditionscoverage, up to MBL, for mitral valve pro-lapse, rheumatic heart disease, hernia, etc.You are covered for most HMO plans) since birth (Unlike medical conditions 9. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?8#8: Benefits on Top of Philhealth:your HMO limits are on top of Philhealth, so you wont need as much MBL. YourBenefits = Philhealth + MBL, not just MBL.(Unlike most HMO plans)You get full HMO benefits on top of Philhealth benefits 10. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 9 #9: Pooled Employee Utilization: your Employee utilization is pooledtogether with the employee utilizationof all other groups, to spread your risk. (Unlike most HMO plans)Stick with the Herd: theres safety in numbers 11. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 10 #10: Separate Dependent Utilization:your Employee and Dependent utilizationare separate, so you wont have to worryabout Dependents affecting your rates. (Unlike most HMO plans)You can provide voluntary Dependent coverage w/o fear 12. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?11#11:Life Insurance:your Life insurance benefit = 5x MBL. Twist: if you dont die, but youretotally and permanently disabled, TPDI = 5x MBL.You can get 1 (Unlikeworth of income replacementyears all HMO plans) 13. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 12 #12: Accidental Death Insurance (PA): your Accidental Death benefit = 5x MBL. Twist: if you dont die by accident, but byMurder, you get 5x MBL.(Unlike all HMO plans)You can get another years worth of income replacement 14. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 13 #13: Disability Insurance (PA): your Disability benefit = __% of 5x MBL. Twist: if you dont get disabled by accident, but by Assault, you get __% of 5x MBL.You can get up to 1 years worth plans)(Unlike all HMO of income replacement 15. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow? 14#14: Medical HMO: you can get inpatient, outpatient and emergency treatment from 21,519 doctors, 352 hospitals, and 358 clinics nationwide. (unlike some HMO plans)You can go to MMC/ SLMC/ CSMC/ AHMC/ TMC/ Healthway 16. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?15#15: Dental HMO:you can get 1 permanent filling, 2 oralprophylaxes, and 8 other benefits from 775 dentists and 645 clinics nationwide. (Unlike most HMO plans)You can go to SM/ Market2/ Festival/ Robinsons/ Shangrila/ ATC 17. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 16 #16:Optional Annual Physical Exam:you can customize your APE and request a designated or mobile clinic from GRA; or you can get a Basic 5 APE nationwide. (Unlike most HMO plans)You can decide if you want an APE, and if so, what kind 18. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow?17 #17: Optional Reimbursement Plan:you can get reimbursed up to an aggregate limit of 1/10th your MBL forPrescribed Medicines, Dental & Vision.(Unlike all HMO plans)You can get the best perks of medical insurance as well 19. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?18#18:Same Benefits for Dependents:Dependents can get the same benefits,terms and conditions as Employees (as well as the same costs in 2011). (Unlike most, if not all HMO plans) Your Dependents are treated like Employees 20. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow? 19#19:The Price is Right: Purple Cow rates are lowest where theymatter the most: in the 2 lowest categories, where you enroll up to 99% of your staff.(Unlike most HMO plans) You get the greater good for the greater number 21. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow? 20#20: The Design is Right: Purple Cow provides medical necessity,not luxury. Savings from excess R&B/MBLare reallocated to benefits of greater use.(Unlike most HMO plans)R&B/MBL combinations are good up to 99% of the time 22. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow? 21#21: The Perfect Insurer: you get the biggest name in group life andmedical, and the only insurance company inthe PH today that offers an HMO-type plan. (Unlike all insurance companies) You can get the best of both worlds from ALGA 23. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow?22 #22:The Perfect Broker: you get to retain the services of the #1 Filipino, family-owned, full-line insurance brokerage in the PH today.(Unlike most brokers)You can outsource EB and other insurance lines to GRA 24. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow? 23#23:Buy Now, Pay Later:you can sign up today, get covered right away, and pay later when GRA bills you (during your EB orientation, at the earliest).Sign up today and take advantageplans) float tomorrow(Unlike some HMO of the 25. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?24#24: Easy Sign Up:1) Email the completed Masterlist;2) Fax the signed Endorsement;3) Fax the signed Letter of Guarantee. (Unlike some HMO plans)You can download all 3 forms from our website 26. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow?25 #25:Utilization Reports:you get a detailed, user-friendly report that gives you insights into your owngroups utilization patterns, once a year.(Unlike some HMO plans)You will learn even more about your own company 27. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 26 #26: Group Renewal Rates: you get a group renewal rate increaseor decrease at the start of every year, so you can plan accordingly.(Unlike most HMO plans) Renewals will become as smooth as clockwork 28. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?27#27: Group Experience Refund: you get to share in the excess, if any, ofthe groups favorable utilization experience:((premiums x 60%) (YTD + IBNR claims)) x 50% = Exp. Refund (Unlike most HMO plans)Good experience refund formulas keep Suppliers honest 29. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow? 28#28:Everyone Wins: Your Company wins; Purple Cows clients win; The SME Nation wins. (Unlike most HMO plans)Everybody loves a Winner 30. Purple Cow 2011Why Purple Cow?29#29: Non-Employees can Win, too:you can even cover agents, associations,and multi-purpose cooperatives, as long ascertain selection & payment criteria are met.You can get Employee Benefits plans)(Unlike most HMO for Non-Employees 31. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 30 #30:Virgins can Win Even More: you get a 1st year Virgin promo rateif your company has never hadgroup insurance or HMO before.(Unlike all HMO plans)You can renew at the prevailing Non-Virgin rates in 2012 32. Purple Cow 2011 Why Purple Cow? 31 #31:Large Companies can do a TPA:if you become a Large Company, you canself-insure as a stand-alone account, usingthe same Purple Cow schedule of benefits. (Unlike all TPA plans)You can switch from insured to self-insured plans easily 33. For more information, please visit www.purplecow.ph, or contact Tom Gotuaco via email or mobile phone.