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Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable is a book by Seth Godin. It says making a great product is the sure way to success..

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  • 1. by Balaji Abirami Dhivakar Manikandan Saravanakumar Shaik Reyasudeen

2. What is Purple Cow ?? Why Purple Cow ??? Stop advertising and start innovating Big companies scared companies Geffen Moores Crossing the Chasm Idea virus Challenges 3. TV commercials are the most effective selling medium ever devised. Television enabled mass marketing of a product. 4. TV industry is fading along with other print media. Millions are spent to revive TV ads, but the game rules have changed. The old rule : Create safe, ordinary products and combine them with great marketing. The new rule : Create remarkable products that the right people seek out. 5. A brand (or a new product offering) is nothing more than an idea Idea viruses Ideas that spreads Sneezers Key Spreading agents of idea viruses 6. Find the Right Sneezers Early Adopters influence the rest of the curve 7. Being safe is risky Boring always leads to failure Mass Marketing Mass Products KRISPY KREMES Secret Recipe Boring Products Scary Budget 8. Opposite of Remarkable is very good. Remarkable Product Milk the Cow for everything its worth Invent a new Purple Cow Satisfy existing customer base with remarkable product CURAD : Cutting into Bandage Market 9. Go for the Edges Coffee Day and Virgin Airlines A script for the sneezers to use when they talk with their friends. Tiffanys Blue Box 10. Get Permission from the people you impressed the first time. Work with Sneezers Productize your services, servicize your products. Reinvest. Do it again. 11. Think Small Stay Open Explore the limits Unconventional Attitude 12. Think Different Be Different Be Remarkable REMARKAB LE UNIQUE DIFFERENT