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  • Pure carb
    • What is carb.
    • There Two types of Carb.
    • Simple carbohydrates . Complex Carbohyrates .
    • Simple carbohydrates are found in natural and processed sugar and are quickly absorbed into the body for use as energy .
    • Complex carbohydrates make up the bulk of the bodies energy source. Complex carbohydrates come in foods such as wheat, brown rice,potatoes, bread and oatmeal. Complex carbohydrates take muchlongerfor the body to turn into energy but this energy is long lasting.
    • Complex carbohydrates are known as "good carbs" because they give you
    • long lasting energy to work harder and feel better throughout the day.
    • The Role of Carb . When Exercising
    • Carbohydrates provide energy in the form of glycogen, which is stored in the liver and muscles. When you workout, especially for long periods of time (45 minutes or longer), you deplete your glycogen stores (your energy stores). When this happens you lose steam during your workout and it can result in cells and muscle tissue being damaged and the immune system being stressed.
  • Why best our carb
    • Our carbohydrate supplement does not contain any fat or protein. It is pure carbohydrate in the form of maltodextrin .
    • Maltodextrin is the ideal carbohydrate for fast energy increase, glycogen replenishment and carbohydrate loading, as it has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 100 which is as high as that of glucose.
    • Maltodextrim is also the last carbohydrate to be converted into fat, once digested by the body. This fact alone makes it the ideal dieting carbohydrate.
    • Maltodextrin also gives you as much energy as glucose without making you fat! As such, it can be used on a fat loss diet, so a 'dieter' will not feel lethargic.
  • Maltodextrin
    • The priorities for nutrition during long rides, runs, walks, or triathlons are water, calories, and sodium.
    • For events under an hour, no special nutrition may be needed. For most events over an hour, concern yourself mainly with fluids and calories. For long-distance events that last most of a day or longer, sodium must also be considered.
  • Why Maltodextrins
    • Maltodextrins are the fuel of choice for aerobic endurance athletes. They are:
    • Caloric
    • Carbohydrate
    • Low osmolarity (particle concentration)
    • Less likely to cause GI distress
    • Minimal tasteuse flavoring of choice
    • Inexpensive
  • Function Of Carbohydrate.
    • Rapidly increased insulin levels
    • Replenishes the liver and muscles with glycogen
    • Shuttles amino acids into muscles
    • Starts anabolism of the muscle
    • Negates the release of cortisol (the catabolic
    • stress hormone that increases muscle breakdown)
  • Benefits of Carb
    • . Carb loading helps athletes to avoid "hitting the wall.
    • . High carb regimen yields greatest benefits for endurance athletes. These athletes include long-distance swimmers, cross-country skiers, soccer players, long-distance runners (especially marathoners),, triathletes and, among others, long-distance bicyclists.
    • .
    • Rapid absorption
    • .
    • To make up the bulk of the bodies energy source .
    • .
    • Transports nutrients quickly into the bloodstream.
    • .
    • After workout carb helps to repair ,rebuild and crying out for energy
    • . insulin spike post workout
  • Direction
    • When Use the crab
    • . For Loading.
    • . For Gaining.
    • . For Lean Mass.
    • Consume 1 to 2 scoops of Pure Crab during your workout to help shuttle nutrients into the muscle and sustain energy levels.
    • Consume 1 to 2 scoops of Pure Carb immediately after your workout to facilitate quick recovery from your intense workout .
  • For Loading Period
    • Here we will go over how to SUPER SATURATE you muscle tissue and liver with glycogen to give you PHENOMENAL energy, strength and stamina!
    • Marathon, triathlon, running, football game, basketball, soccer, cross country skiing, hockey, Body building.
  • For Gaining
    • . Immediate After Workout .
    • . Morning Breakfast .
    • Using Direction. (1 or 2 Scoops)
    • After Having the Shake along with (milk or juice) GainingProduct (maxx mass & xtremgainer ) and carb
  • For Lean Mass
    • .Immediate After Workout .
    • . Morning Breakfast .
    • Using Direction. (1 or 2 Scoops)
    • After Having the Shake along with (milk or juice) Protein Product (Pure whey & ultra whey ) and carb
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